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Eli Lilly Pleads GUILTY: Zyprexa Is Going DOWN!

Posted Jan 18 2009 2:43am

If there is ONE THING that makes this redhead reputation of mine flare up into action it is the inhumane practice of psychiatrists dishing out drugs like candy. (Offering “help” with a knife behind their backs!)

There is good news in the world today, because the hammer came down on Eli Lilly and with a $1.42 billion dollar price tag attached to it. OUCH! Unfortunately, as FOX News reporter Douglas Kennedy reminds us, the $60+ billion they pulled in recently makes 1.42 look like a traffic ticket.

But I’ll still take the win and celebrate a victory for the good guys! A few more people will be taking the mask off their eyes about the dangers of psychiatric drugs and that means we’re just that much better to creating a civilization worth . I’ve ordered 100 copies of a DVD that shook me up recently, and as soon as it arrives, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, watch this:

Lilly Goes DOWN! But $1.42 still ain’t enough to cover the lives that have been ruined and the kids they kill.


Sending sunny thoughts anyway!


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