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Eco-Friendly Review: A Sense of Place Photography + Reusable Water Bottle

Posted Apr 20 2010 5:17pm

Disclaimer: A Sense of Place Photography provided the custom, steel water bottle (and interchangeable lids) for this review; however, I was not asked to write a favorable review in exchange for the free product(s). The following opinions are my own.

(Thank you, Katie!!)

I’m always elated when I find an email from a potential sponsor for a review . Not only  does it mean I’ll get to try out something fun, new, and share it with you, it usually means an awesome giveaway for y’all, too!  And it’s always, always a bonus when the product promotes eco-friendly living—something I’m very passionate about!

There are countless ways to live green, but a super easy habit to get in to is carrying a reusable bottle to drink out of. Whether it’s water, tea, a smoothie, juice—or even coffee—reusing the same container does not only give you green points, it’s not even a hassle.

So when I was contacted about this company and what they’re doing, I immediately responded, asking if I could review their eco-friendly, steel water bottle. When Katie answered with a yes, she told me I could choose any of her photos for my water bottle’s design. I browsed through her selection and ended up choosing this beautiful photo . Katie happily obliged. I’m overjoyed! I LOVE flowers and the Swiss Meadow scene —it’s beautiful!

“Welcome to our shop! We sell peaceful atmospheric prints from around the world. Our wish is that everyone might have a sense of place.”— A Sense of Place Photography

I could tell from corresponding with Katie that she’s a very warm, generous person, but I could never have dreamed just how much of herself she puts into her business! Before long, my package arrived and I saw for myself how much of Katie’s heart and soul is in everything she does….

samples to review





eco-friendly, reusable


About the Company

A Sense of Place Photography is owned by Katrina (Katie) and her husband. She refers to him as “the King”.  

It’s always nice to learn more about not only the company—but the people behind it. So let’s get to know them…

We take pictures; we are in love.
See profile for more selection & information. Giclee prints available in sizes 8X10 and up.
Please try our gallery view blog:
our music while you browse:

Like Our Landscape Photography? View more at . We’d be happy to create a custom listing for you! Do visit our abstract & vintage photography shops :)


Welcome to A Sense Of Place Photography
by Katrina & the King!  
Katrina likes mountains.
Katrina is not a hurricane, or a 80’s pop rock band, though Katrina likes Paleo quite a lot.
Katrina loves her husband:
Katrina is an american indie photographer, poet & songwriter. in that order.
~If you are in Norfolk, you might like to have a look on our series at 208 East Plume Street, Suite 2, inside the Walls Fine Art Gallery.

To read “The Long Story” click HERE . Or, to learn even more, click HERE .


Wait, you want to know more? Okay, okay…

Who is Katie?

Instead of writing this in my own words (like I always do!) I thought it would be way more fun – and entertaining – if I shared snippets of Katie’s About Page with you—in her words. To be even more specific, the following information is taken from The You & Me Show , by Katrina King ~ a journal on modern marriage & the mayhem of it

Q. who is me {katrina}?


A. i’m a freelance writer, photographer, actor, singer, world traveler, design-lover, napper, Christian, avid dog lover {yet only has cats}, avid NYC lover (but country bumpkin at heart) wife, and blogger. a housewife is really the last thing I ever thought I’d be and I’m still always trying to find ways to get out of it! I also do not have any obsession with cupcakes…at all. i am *always* looking for a job. i am *always* up for travel. i’ve recently been dreaming of designing clothes with photography. my dream jobs are 1. La Fuerza Bruta 2. The Ad Council 3. National Geographic 4. Writing a book*

*I actually just finished my first poetry book. You should buy it.

Here [contact seller if sold out]
exhibitionist. idealist. loves mountains.

Q. if i was an animal: A. white flamingo

And the King?

Q. who is you {the king}?

Katrina and the King

A. old fashioned lover of sailboats, poetry, Judaism, history, language, coffee & chocolate. also by far the sexiest man I have ever seen. he has magic in his hands and in his lips. he is *always* up for ice cream. he is *never* one to whine. his dream jobs are 1. circumnavigating the globe 2. designing sailboats 3.owning a ranch 4. writing a book {and if truth be told, he can sing and act better than I ever could despite all my years of training….though he’d never admit it)
internal. cynic. loves the ocean.

Q. if he was an animal: A. dodo bird

we both have sunshine love

A Sense Of Place Photography takes dreams and puts them into tiny pixels, provides professional & unique artistic documentation for your event & creates fine art for galleries and interior decorating for your home and business. Run by husband & wife photographer team, Katie & Steven King. 

-Analog & Digital, Stark & Vital, we knock your socks off. –


Pretty awesome, huh?!

And they’re in favor of preserving our environment…

100% recycled packaging






A Sense of Place Photography


A Sense of Place Photography, card

sweet message


attention to detail


eco-friendly water bottle lid


(I love this one ‘cause I can just loop my finger through the hole and go.)

eco-friendly water bottle lid, reusable  


reusable, eco-friendly, water bottle lid




(photo courtesy of their Etsy Shop )

  A Sense of Place business cards


eco-friendly water bottle, Easy Lunch Boxes  

reusable water bottle

green water canteen



Of course the main pro of this water bottle is that by using it, you’re helping our beautiful environment, but there are other pros as well.

A few pros are that it’s:

  • eco-friendly
  • easy to grab and go
  • easy to clean
  • beautiful and cheerful
  • fun to take with you
  • holds a variety of drinks: water, tea, smoothies, juice, coffee
  • and more!

Oh, and don’t forget it arrives in 100% recycled packaging!!


Here’s even more information from A Sense of Photography…

Be green and take your sense of place with you at the same time!
To work
To school
To play
and be hydrated with good old H20 on the way!
With buying this water-bottle, you pledge to
Say goodbye to plastic bottles that are harmful to our environment!
Our new bird on the wire water-bottle is dishwasher safe and comes with two screw-top options.
Explanation of the photos to the right:
1-Water bottle you will be receiving: Front
2-Sport’s top and back of water bottle
3-Trendy Screw Top
4-Tags, Business Cards, and sew on labels that come with your order.
5-A Sense Of Place Photography Logo
This thing is as tough as a brick, and looks great too! Be careful, soon it will want to go everywhere with you ;)
Please visit: to learn more about how being in love helps us make our art.
Please visit for our website, manifesto, and photo blog.
I love shipping overseas as well. Just quote me a price!


And the flowers make me HAPPY—they’re so cheerful!

reusable water bottle

eco-friendly, built-in



As those of you who read all (or a lot) of my reviews, you know that two of the biggest cons I look out for are cost and taste. Well, taste doesn’t apply here, but cost might (in your opinion). This bottle costs $30 but even though that might make some of you cringe, it’s still hard for me to consider it a con (and y’all know how frugal I am!) because this is an investment that you’ll enjoy over and over again. If you think about it, you spend that much on 6 lattes—and they come in throwaway cups!

The only other “con” I can come up with (and y’all know I have to find SOMETHING because cons have to be listed in reviews due to FTC rules) is the fact that you’ll have to wash it. That’s no big deal (at all) to me. But to some of you who despise washing a dish—or even using the dishwasher—you might not enjoy washing a to-go bottle.



Overall, I must give this beautiful, eco-friendly, reusable bottle – and A Sense of Photography company – an A+ because not only do the folks behind the business put their heart and soul in to everything they touch, the bottle is something that won’t harm our precious environment any more than it already has been! And that’s a HUGE plus in my book!!

If you haven’t tried a reusable bottle, I urge you to start today! Get your own HERE !!! And not only do they offer a Steel Water Bottle with an Interchangeable Top , they offer a beautiful Eco-Tote-Woman’s Sailing Bag !!

ginormous green banana juice, eco-friendly bottle, Earth Month


ginormous green banana juice, recipe


smoothie, juice, recipe




  • 1 (large) banana (frozen in chunks)
  • 2 (ginormous) handfuls spinach leaves
  • 2 tablespoons flax seed, ground
  • 2 tablespoons Nutiva hempseeds
  • 1/4 cup Greek yogurt (Vegans could substitute with nut-based or coconut yogurt—or just leave it out.)
  • 1 1/2 cups herbal tea (or any liquid you want—my tea was an herbal tea combo my mom made)


Toss everything in to your blender and process until smooth and well blended. Pour and enjoy!


It was DELISH—and it held me over extremely well. I wasn’t even the least bit hungry until after 2 p.m. in the afternoon!

I’ve also enjoyed lots of yummy water in my eco-friendly bottle. And I plan on enjoying many more to-go juices and smoothies in this beauty.

Do you carry your juices, smoothies, water, tea, coffee, etc., in a reusable bottle? Or do you always buy bottled water or other drinks that come in paper or plastic cups? Does it bother you? What about just an occasional treat—like a latte or smoothie in a to-go cup? Is that okay with you? I’m not judging here—just curious as to how you all feel about needless paper and/or plastic products. Also, do you like your smoothies super-duper thick, or runny? This smoothie is runny and that’s why I thought the name was a fun one. Of course, it isn’t technically a juice because you don’t juice bananas. ;-)

Oh, and are you wishing YOU had one of these beauties? Awesome! ‘Cause guess what’s coming up next? Yeah, you know me—a GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!

Updated to Add

The contest is live!!! You can now enter to WIN your own A Sense of Place Water Bottle !!!

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