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Earth Month, Earth Day, Earth Life

Posted Apr 21 2010 9:46pm

I know some of you may gasp but “Earth Month” or “Earth Day” never seems to cross my mind. I mean, I don’t even think of it until I see it mentioned on a blog or site. Why? Because I feel like every day of my life is above and beyond respectful to Mother Earth. That might seem a little too confident, but I feel it’s true. Why? Because honoring Mother Earth is my LIFE—not just a day or month to me.

I’m very passionate about living green, preserving and replenishing our beautiful Earth, and sustainable living.

organic, heirloom garden, eco-friendly, Earth Month

“Every day is Earth Day.” –Author Unknown

How do I live green (every day)?

Well, for starters I:

  • live on an Amish farm (that my family bought from the Amish—not with the Amish like some of you have asked)
  • buy used clothes (Goodwill, yard sales, consignment shops, etc.)
  • have a 100×100 organic, heirloom garden
  • hang laundry on the line 99% of the time
  • use locally handcrafted natural and organic soap and lotion
  • support local farmers and artisans
  • compost
  • use natural remedies and medicinal herbs and plants for my health
  • travel with reusable bottles
  • don’t use chemicals to dye my hair (that I feel harm the environment AND my body/health)
  • don’t use chemicals to artificially tan myself (that I feel harm the environment AND myself)
  • use food for beauty products, such as coconut or olive oil, avocado, etc.
  • carry reusable shopping bags in the vehicle at all times (sometimes I forget to use ‘em, but most times I don’t)
  • buy natural, local, or organic as often as possible (soon I’ll be able to shop from my own yard)
  • take food and drinks with me when I go somewhere instead of purchasing food/drinks served in plastic/paper containers
  • use natural teas, tonics, and other remedies to fertilize and care for plants/trees
  • eat as much real, raw food as I possibly can—avoiding as much processed, packaged, altered food as I can
  • make my own washing detergent
  • sometimes make my own “perfume” from essential oils (Jasmine is my all-time favorite!)
  • have only eaten a teeny amount of meat in the last 5+ years
  • eat mostly a raw, vegan diet (but don’t call myself “vegan” because there’s the rare occasion I eat a farm fresh, organic egg (from my farm) or a small amount of fish
  • am a green writer (see my article just published: 5 Ways Writers Can Honor Earth Month )
  • and more


  • vehicle – and since I live in the country, I can’t “just walk to town”
  • computer/Internet
  • using too much paper (although I’ve cut back tremendously and rarely even print anything out anymore )
  • occasional use of hairspray (rarely, but I do sometimes use it)
  • buying some frozen/canned food (hopefully after this year’s garden yield, I’ll have my own food canned and dehydrated and won’t have to purchase as much)
  • etc.


To me, living as green as I possibly can, is NOT easy. I get frustrated sometimes and just wish for all the luxuries life has to offer—even if they do harm the environment! But then I step back and take a breath, and remember why I live this way; why I’m so passionate about it. And it comes to me: I want to live a self-sustainable lifestyle, not only for my own health and future, but so I can feel good about walking lightly on Mother Earth.

Am I perfect? No, but I think Mother Earth is very pleased with me. What about you? How do you live respectfully for our beautiful Earth? Do you live on a whim, or do you make each choice based on how it will affect the environment? Oh, and don’t forget to check out my eco-friendly water bottle review if you missed it.

"Treat the Earth well. It was not given to you by your parents. It was loaned to you by your children."—Kenyan Proverb


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