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Dr. Hal Huggins Gets to the Root of Root Canals on the TOOTH Summit

Posted Dec 17 2012 8:40am
Written by Deborah on December 17, 2012 – -

Nobody likes going to the dentist. The drills and lights and fumes and x-rays and mercury amalgams all make for a rather toxic tooth soup of trouble, and this will never be more true for you than after you listen to our interview with Dr. Hal Huggins. A maverick mind guided by intelligent curiosity, Dr. Huggins dared to challenge the standard procedure of modern dentistry, the drill and fill folly, and he is now heralded as the father of mercury free dentistry. Dr. Huggins’ degrees in dentistry and immunology, along with 50 years of research in holistic medicine, supports his abundant knowledge of the relationships between the body’s blood, minerals, teeth, organ function, mercury toxicity and bacterial infections. This interview with Dr. Huggins is loaded with renegade wisdom about how to save your teeth and restore your health and you can start to access this information below.

We had the honor of meeting up with Dr. Huggins recently as he kicked off our first ever TOOTH Summit. During 12 days we interviewed the world’s best health heroes, doctors and dentists on the subject of oral health! It was a myth-busting series of calls.

In his interview, Dr. Huggins addressed a number of hot topics including:

  • How do root canals relate to breast cancer?
  • Is cholesterol really one of the better detoxifiers in the body?
  • What mouth signs should be watched out for and used as a wakeup call to know what is going on with the rest of the body?
  • Is there a safe procedure for root canal removal?
  • How you can save thousands of dollars on dental work by spending pennies on salt and baking soda.
  • Why no dental work is better than a root canal and what to do if you’ve already had one.

Dr. Huggins takes us to the root of root canals and explain why he says: “Do not leave your health in your dentist’s hands and assume all will be fine.”

Check out this short extract of our interview with Dr. Hal Huggins:

To access the full interview sign up for our TOOTH Summit for free here. You can access the entire series of interviews with our panel of dentists doctors and health heroes for free.  It’s time for an oral health care revolution. Get started now.

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