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Detox: A Deeper Way to Jumpstart Weight Loss

Posted Jun 27 2013 8:00am

new approach to weight-loss, alternative weight-loss, holistic weight loss, natural weight loss

By Brenna Ortner

If you’re doing everything you’re ‘supposed’ to and frustrated that the weight won’t come off, it may be your body protecting itself from a toxic overload. Toxins are stored in our fat cells so that they can’t be released, causing harm to our bodies. Take charge with these quick tips to detox and not “re-tox” and see the weight fall right off.


new approach to weight-loss, alternative weight-loss, holistic weight loss, natural weight lossWe already know that large doses of toxins enter our body through our mouths, in what we eat and drink. But what about what we put on our skin and what we breathe in through our lungs?

The biggest daily dose of toxins is absorbed through our skin and lungs from our beauty regimen: shampoo, conditioner, cleansers, moisturizers, makeup, hairspray, perfume, laundry detergent – all the goodies that make us and our homes smell good. Take a look at the ingredients; do you have any idea what any of those things are? Probably not.

It can feel overwhelming to overhaul everything, so start by picking one thing to change. Almost out of your favorite household cleanser?  Try making your own with essential oils, vinegar and water. It’ll work even better (really!) than a commercially made product and it won’t give you a daily dose of toxins or disrupt your endocrine system!


new approach to weight-loss, alternative weight-loss, holistic weight loss, natural weight loss

Get some Zzzz’s! Sleep is so important because our bodies detoxify and regenerate at night, when we don’t have other tasks to take care of like walking, talking, eating, digesting, dealing with stress, etc. When we don’t get a good night’s sleep, we don’t get a chance to detox.

So how can we sleep better? Our bodies produce the hormone melatonin when it gets dark out to help us fall asleep. Holding backlit iphones and laptops to our faces minutes before bed can reduce the production of melatonin, making it much harder to fall asleep. Try turning off the electronics well before you plan to be in bed and you’ll feel the difference in your ability to fall asleep, stay asleep, and feel rejuvenated in the morning. Most importantly, you will be giving your body more quality time to detoxify.

Some extra powerful tips: Tell your body it is safe to release fat by introducing clean household products and lowering your chemical load. Help your body to release the toxins already there by consciously working on your sleep, moving that body, eating powerful cultured vegetables and hopping in a hot sauna. Make sure to re-hydrate after sauna trips with water, lemon & minerals.


Explore the Fundamentals of Deep Tissue Detox in our Women’s Wellness University program designed to help those who require extensive cleansing take it to the next level. This 8-week intensive protocol includes full menu planners, coaching support and is preceded by many weeks of pre-study and training. This is our most comprehensive course and a prerequisite for all those who wish to come on board as part of our growing network of coaches and health care professionals. Working on a slow, gentle gradient of a long period of time, this program is gentle, doable and starting soon! Get started on your next Women’s Wellness University program here!

How can you lower your chemical load? Tell us below what one thing you can change today!

Meet Brenna Ortner

new approach to weight-loss, alternative weight-loss, holistic weight loss, natural weight lossBrenna Ortner is the creator of Healthy Little Bit, a blog that educates & inspires women to live healthy, energetic & fulfilling lives. She is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (AADP) and guides women to thrive in their bodies. Her coaching style is based on bio-individuality, pleasure eating, and that every little healthy bit counts. You can feel calm and confident, lower or eliminate sugar addictions and find the real energy you’ve been looking for. Together we’ll work to heal the root cause of your health challenges so you can start living a happy life with your body working for you, not against you. Brenna specializes in PMS, mood imbalances, infertility, low libido, low energy, inability to lose weight & menopause.

Twitter: @healthylilbit
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