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Day Five on this Master Clea ...

Posted Feb 04 2011 8:52pm

Day Five on this Master Cleanse!  Yippee!

Interestingly, this has been the week that my students wanted to talk about food: what cool food have they found in New York City; what food do they miss from their country; where can you get the best hamburger in New York City; what interesting food have you eaten this week; what is your favorite dish, etc. and so forth.

I have found this interesting in that my stomach has done the requisite call-outs, and I have thought about eating, but, each time, I have just as quickly forgotten about that mouth-watering information I have heard.

Today, I came home with  a serious jones for some kind of food. I went to the blender and blended up some more “lemonade”.  Case closed.  I think that is so cool.  I am not really hungry – it  is all in my head each time.


Today, I woke up sneezing big time. It was “serial sneezing”!  Then I felt slow all morning, and I got another sneezing fit.  Could be I am catching a cold, or it could have be My Blogs en some kind of “healing crisis”.  Whatever… (I’ll carry some Alka Seltzer Plus tomorrow, in case it continues)  Right now I feel okay.  I did have a sneezing fit right after I made up the last batch of lemonade – I think I must have touched my nose with a finger right after I put the cayenne into the blender.

So, what have I been doing during my Master Cleanse? Ha ha! I have been looking at other raw food websites and blogs!  I have been reading recipes there.  I have also been editing/proofreading/formating two recipe books.

Is that hard? I just asked myself that question this afternoon.  No, it is not difficult, because I am fasting and I know I am, and I know I am not hungry.  Still, I know the end will come soon, and I will be able to eat solid food again.  Then, I will try a few of the recipes I have seen

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