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Day 8, Let’s Talk About Weight!

Posted Jun 23 2009 5:49pm

Note about yesterday evening: I was hit with tiredness out of the blue!! I was having a great day, feeling energetic, alert, etc., and then it just hit. That happens to me sometimes during these longer juice fasts. That’s my body telling me it’s just needing me to slow down a little and allow it to rest. I even took a 10 minute power nap! I ended up going to sleep earlier than usual but I didn’t sleep that well. That happens sometimes too but it’s the first really restless night I’ve had on this 30-day juice fast. Also, I ended up having TWO brown juices for my dinner juice(s) last night–they’re truly pick-me-ups (and I needed that)!

Today’s Details

I was surprised after not sleeping well that I’ve felt okay today–not fantabulous, not super energetic, but an “okay” I can be happy with. I haven’t taken photos of my juices today because I’ve had errands to run and have been gone for part of the day. But I do have photos for you!! :-)

Oh, and I haven’t felt hungry today either. The digestive system is getting some Zs!


My day started out the same as always: With a cup of hot lemon water. After that, I had a glass of cucumber juice. It’s so refreshing, I knew that’s what I wanted for breakfast today!

I put some more cucumber juice in my E3 Live cup to take with me and also grabbed a container of water with one tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar so I wouldn’t be thirsty or get tired while I was running errands.


For lunch, I had about 16 ounces of my brown juice (if you’re just tuning in, it’s only brown because of the beets mixing with the greens).


For a snack, I had my tablespoon of  E3 Live and also a glass of herbal tea with lemon. Yum-O! ;-)


For dinner, I’ll probably have a green juice.

As always, rest assured I’ll have had plenty of good old water and herbal tea before day 8 ends!

Reader’s Question

I receive this question from readers a lot: Will juice fasting help me lose weight? I addressed this question with an article at Raw People: Juice Fasting for Weight Loss. But I’ll discuss it here, too. I have lost weight during various juice fasts I’ve done–anywhere from 20 pounds up to 30-ish. I’m not following my weight on this juice fast because it isn’t about weight loss for me, it’s about cleaning my body and getting back on track after falling off the 100% raw food wagon. I confessed to the cooked foods I ate: Confessions of My Not-So-Raw Moments. The foods I ate weren’t all that bad and it was during an extremely high-stress situation (losing 3 young family members and almost losing my Dad). So, I have forgiven myself and moved on. I am 100% raw right now because of the juice fast, but before I started this juice fast, I was only 90%+ raw and although that is still excellent and I should be proud of myself (and I am), it isn’t the 100% raw status I was striving to maintain.

So, this juice fasting journey isn’t about losing weight for me (although I won’t be upset if it happens!), it’s about enjoying the serenity of the fast and being in tune to myself spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

The answer to the question: Yes, many people do lose weight while juice fasting. Like I stressed in my article for Raw People, though, losing weight isn’t at all what juice fasting is about. If you’re heavier (200 lbs and up) you may lose 30 pounds or more during a 30-day juice fast. That’s from my own research. You may even lose around that much if you’re a little under 200. And some people have lost 50 or more pounds during a 30-day juice fast. It all depends on your body, that you’re not limiting your juice intake, that it’s 100% raw juices you’re drinking–and not storebought, etc.

But if you lose weight on a juice fast and don’t transition from the fasting mode correctly and just go back to eating junk, then you’ll gain all of that weight back!! Sorry, but it’s true. :-( You have to target the root of why you’ve gained weight before you can successfully keep it off.

As you’ll see in the photos before, I’ve lost a significant amount of weight. I didn’t start juice fasting until I’d already lost around 50 pounds or so, but raw juices and juice fasting have been a huge part of not only my weight loss, but my maintenance.

Before & After

More before and after photos are available on my Before & After page.

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Until tomorrow… happy juicing!

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You’ll definitely want to stay tuned!

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