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Day 7: Easy Does It Every Time

Posted Feb 23 2009 11:17pm

Today is Day 7 of our 90 Day Detox. 90 days is a long time. I thought I’d include a picture of the dreamy wonder boy I had a date with this week. ;-) He he… Just kidding. But this picture is important and I’ll explain in a moment. First…

Yesterday I dipped my spoon a few times in the “Cream” of Broccoli Soup I made for the kids, so that’s my official cheat for yesterday. If you want the recipe, it’s a knockout and y ou can find it here! If you’re not on the 100% raw path for this adventure, this is a great vegan soup that is loaded with greens or whatever good veggies you have in the house.

I sure noticed how it threw me off to eat late the other night. Today I started off with some nibbles of grawnola, but I’d like to stick to water for the rest of the day and evening. I’d like to get back on track to eating first things in the morning and stopping in the afternoon.

3:00pm would be my last meal target.

Do you wanna try that with me tomorrow, Sunshine?

Here’s a very, very, very valuable piece of information that will really help you in life and help you if you’re going to take the 3:00 pm challenge with me this week:

Where you struggle to control some area of your life as you would like, simply approach the situation on a gentle gradient and soon you will have it handled.

It doesn’t matter what the subject is, the approach is the same. It can be a nasty relationship with your ex-husband (I love you, Jason!) It can be a office desk with clutter out of control. Food addictions, personal obsessions and phobias all fall under the same rule. Take change on a gradient. If you can control a small area of something and increate your control by a gradient over time, you’ll eventually master that area of your life and you’ll get it! (Whatever it is you’re trying to get, that is!)

Let’s take the example of eating late. Well, if this happens to be your main area of difficulty, something that you REALLY struggle to control, then gradually move toward your target on a gradient. Don’t jump from porking out on midnight corn chip sessions to expecting yourself to finish your last meal at 3:00 pm. Start creeping toward your target. You’ll get there.

If you’re not sure that you can make it at 3:00pm for tomorrow’s last meal, then how about if you eeeease and creep your way there with me this week? We can just stop eating an hour earlier every day. Then on Friday, you can stop at 3:00. If you think you can do 3:00pm right away, then go ahead! I’m going to try.

I hope you’re still wondering what’s up with that hot stallion above…

On March 7th, my brother, who I TOTALLY LOVE AND ADORE, has invited me to celebrate his birthday with him at a WRESTLING MATCH!! CRAZY! You should see the Facebook invitation he sent. I can’t believe he’s inviting me to get drunk and go wrestling. First of all, a few thimbles of any alcholic drink and I’m on the floor. We’re going to be shopping at second hand stores and dressing the part. Making posters and wearing greasy, neon t-shirts.  It’s going to be the strangest thing I’ve ever done and while a big part of me is completely repulsed by the idea, I loooove the strangeness of it all.

While the chances of me burping back beer are slimmer than he might like to think, I’m thrilled to be included in such a Trashy Adventure in spite of all my eco-obsessions! I’ll keep you posted when it gets a bit closer!

Speaking of wrestling and raw divas… this is so funny! When I first started this adventure, I had no idea that there were some hot wrestling babes known as the “Raw Divas”. Seriously. Anyway, it would perturb me that when people googled “Raw Divas” it came up wrestling babes everywhere. Well, Google says that we win the search engine war. At least, in text we do. While the first 2 listings in Google are our sites now, Google images pops in some hottie photos right on top. Anyway, for March 7th, maybe I’ll wear my “Raw Diva” hoodie and people will think I’m cool! ;-)

There’s something really important that I’d like to address tomorrow. A kind of detox that doesn’t get discussed very often, but amidst all that we’ve been doing, it’s the thing I’m most committed right now to “releasing” in the name of detoxification.

I love what we’re doing here, because it’s not just about the food.

I hope you’re doing well, Sunshine. I loooove it when you leave me comments. It boosts me, too. It really does. Like the little “Go, Tera, Go!” that I need to continue and make this my priority.


Tee RAH! Tee RAH!

Today’s Inspirational Story:

(I know I owe you another one from yesterday!) This comes from Alissa Geurink who has been an incredible support to our community and programs behind the Diva curtain. Here’s a story that is at the heart of the things that matter most to me in life–getting people off psychiatric drugs. There are few things that spark my inner fire than knowing people are being put on psychiatric drugs. The fact that the innocent are the primary target through school systems is the kind of thing that would make me a popular writer on Mike Adam’s website. The guy kicks Psych-butt and I love him for it. Around here I try to keep things more positive, rather than rage against the evil of the world. It’s not that I can’t see it, or am not aware of the things that are going on out there–it’s just that I believe that what we put our attention on grows… validate what you want to create more of in the world. There are enough merchants of fear and choas in the world. ‘Round here we like to keep it poppin’ with good vibrations. So give it up for an incredible sister with a powerful story of tranformation: (loooove you like glue, Alissa! Thank you for all you do to support us ’round here!)

When you are on anti-depressants you are treating the symptoms and not the cause. There are several things that can trigger depression from a life changing event to a change in your diet. All of my life I feel like I have suffered from depression. I just did not feel right. Life in general did not click. I managed it pretty well for a long time, often times that would include putting up a fake façade and hiding in the crowd. I started to lose it when I had a year of changes. It was 2002: the year after the terrorists crashed into the twin towers, the year that I got married, the year I moved to a different city, the year my mother died, the year my brother died, the year I started to lose it. I think I pushed that back in my head and didn’t give myself enough room to cope with all of the changes. I went on with life.

A couple of years later, hormones entered my body as I started gearing up for the biggest change in my life – A child. That was it; after Alexander (whom I refer to as my little angel – different story) was born I went into a huge depressive state. It was not a matter of coping – it was hitting me hard. I felt all of the changes that occurred flood back into me. At that time my job was shaky, and I was butting heads left and right with my mother-in-law. I also felt the past depressive state come forward too: all of the feelings that I had all my life – the feeling that life was not clicking, not being worthy to be on the same plane of existence, feeling ugly, fat, the list goes on. I went to the doctor and explained what was going on (at that point I did not want to live). She put me on a high dosage of Lexapro. This helped me to cope with some of the issues that were going on in my life. I tried to go off of it about 6 months after I went on it, but found myself going right back on it. According to the doctors Lexapro is not addictive, but I found myself needing to take it otherwise I would get dizzy and fuzzy minded. I wouldn’t have control over what I was saying. That was about 2 ½ years ago. About 4 months ago, I wanted to get off the stuff. I felt that I was walking around like a zombie; I was in a constant state of “whatever”. I started losing my creativity. I wanted my passion and fire back, only without the ups and downs of my depressive state. I wanted to look in the mirror and love the person staring back at me! I wanted to be the me that I have always wanted and dreamed to be!

They tell us depression can come from a chemical imbalancement. I have explored gluten and dairy free options before and I knew that I had felt so good when I wasn’t eating wheat or dairy. I thought why not give it a try. During my research I came across the raw lifestyle. It clicked. I knew it was going to be an uphill battle with lots of protesting and questions from my meat eating husband (I think we had one of our biggest arguments over raw food), but I wanted to give it a try. And I did… I got tons of cook books (okay, un-cookbooks) and went out grocery shopping for raw food type substances. But it never happened. I was too addicted to cooked food and by that time to wheat and to dairy. Some time in the fall, I received a flyer for the Body Enlightenment Systemt hrough one of my raw food websites that I joined. It looked pricey, but I knew that this would be the push that I needed! It was a support group for people who wanted to get a better lifestyle through raw foods. I would even get a buddy! Someone who I could get a hold of when I felt like eating a donut! This seemed like an amazing program so I spent the money and joined up.

It is now about 2 months after the program ended. There is a new program starting up in March. I have never thought twice about the money I spent. Going on this program has been the best decision I have made. It connected me with so many wonderful people. Some helped me, and I know that I have helped others. Eating the way that the BES showed us allowed me to lose about 10 pounds and slowly go off of Lexapro! To this day I do not regularly take Lexapro, I am off it and I feel great!!!! But most importantly I feel like I have a grasp of what life is. I feel connected to it and know what path I should take. Every day I wake up smiling and ready to give a big hug to who ever wants it. I can’t help to giggle in the morning when I blend my green smoothie. People have noticed and have asked what my secret is:I tell them the BES system!

making a killing

making a killing

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you, or someone you know, are currently taking psychiatric medication, I think really think you should see this. It’s a DVD called, Making A Killing and my only professed Raw Food hero, Mike Adams is a shining star feature in this DVD. (He’s even on the back cover, which is what made me pick up the DVD in the first place.) This DVD is a reality-shattering film. It totally uncovers the psychiatric drug story for what it is.

Watch it and get a whole new perspective on life. Buy it, watch it, then leave your copy on a coffee table in the waiting room at the doctor’s office when you’re done.

There is a way out and people deserve to know this.

One more good reason to go dairy and gluten free!

I loved this film so much I ordered a case so that I could help get the message out there. You can order your copy HERE! (only 96 copies available!)

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