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Day 5, my last day.Not happy to ...

Posted May 15 2009 10:48pm

Day 5, my last day. Not happy to say it either as it’s going to be SO hard to drive away from this resort. It really has been incredible. If and when I get married there’s a good chance we’ll be coming here! And Luke would absolutely love it...

Fourspirituallaws Anyway, I promised I would tell you about the most awesome book I’ve been reading. I’m about ¾ of the way through and it’s just fabulous. It’s called “ The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity ” by Edwene Gaines and it was recommended to us by Lisa Sasevich, who I mentioned yesterday. She said it changed her life and was emphatic that we all should read it.

Well I’m glad she did stress its importance. It’s amazing. Naturally I suggest you check it out on Amazon and get yourself a copy if you are anything less than happy with your financial situation, but beyond that, honestly it is a very spiritually uplifting book with many just as important messages to share. I can' t think of one person who wouldn' t benefit from reading this book.

Since I started reading the book miracles started happening. We didn’t get charged for kayaking for one. The guy said “Sorry I’ve run out of paperwork so I’m not going to charge you” – that blew my mind as it was so random! Then I found a really good and lower-cost place to get my food and that saved me a ton of money on restaurant and room service charges ever since. I could go on...

So today I continued reading and also getting more sun in... but then I had enough... worried about getting burned! But I do have a nice colour on my face, that’s something! And my legs appear to be a darker shade of pale than when I arrived : )

Right now I am sitting in the foyer area overlooking everything. I know to go back out in the sun would be foolish now so it' s some last minute emails, blogging and shopping before the cab arrives later to take four of us to the airport.

Wow, what an amazing time. Perhaps it has all been a dream...

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