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Day 26: Stage Two: Avoiding Highly Allergenic Foods

Posted Mar 13 2009 4:26pm

Okay, my lovelies. We’re at Day 26 and it’s Friday the 13th. I admit. It’s been a hellish day for me. The kind where the carpet of life just whips itself out from underneath you and you’re left there stunned with sore buns.


Let’s talk about detox, instead, shall we? ;-)

First of all, I want to congratulate you. You’re almost a third of the way through this program. This is exciting. I’ve had a lot of great feedback from people about the gluten lecture with Dr. Ritamarie and just as soon as she gets back to me, I’ll forward all of you those juicy links and articles she was talking about on the call.

“So, what comes next, Tera?”

I know some of you are wondering what comes next. We said t he first month we would focus on eliminating dairy and gluten. So that’s what we’ve been trying hard to do. It hasn’t always been perfect, but we’ve been working on it, haven’t we my dears? And I think we’ve done a pretty good job. Some of you have already reported all kinds of amazing improvements.

Well, well, well.. . it’s about to get a whoooole lot better. We’re going to step it up a notch and take this detox into STAGE TWO!

Now, since this is a DETOX, let’s discuss a bit about the importance of WHY we are eliminating certain foods from the diet. Dr. Ritamarie did a great job elaborating on some of the gluten issues, but let’s take it a bit further into our discussion of detox and why we should be avoiding other allergenic foods as well.

As we learned in yesterday’s teleseminar, some foods cause inflammation in the body. One of the things that this can result in is “puffy ankle syndrome” or an accumulation of water in our tissues.  Water retention. (I admit that I definitely suffer with this when I don’t get enough sleep, when I eat late, or when I eat certain foods. Hmmm… more to learn here, for sure!)

Water retention would not be helpful in the process of trying to detox. The whole point of a deep tissue detox is to ELIMINATE toxins in the tissues. If you accumulate water in the tissues, you’re not able to release the toxins that have been stored in your tissues, now are you? We need toxins to be able to drain into the circulatory system or into the lymphatic system where we can then eliminate them. So since we know that allergenic foods are the cause of inflammation, then we have some exciting possibilities that start to unfold.

Water Retention and Weight Loss

Simply by eliminating allergenic foods from the diet a LOT of people suddenly start losing weight. Sometimes the biggest factor in an inability to release weight is because of allergenic foods causing inflammation and water retention in the body. WOW!!! (Bikini season, here I coooome!)

Along with inflammation, eating foods you’re sensitive or allergic to creates a stress reaction in the body. This stress reaction makes you secrete stress hormones which affect your thyroid, hypothalamus, adrenals and hormonal balance. Your sugar metabolism is also affected by these things which means…


Have you ever had the realization that you are CRAVING the foods you’re the most sensitive to? Perhaps you’ve observed this in others? Many parents of autistic or ADD-labeled children, upon realizing the dangers of eating gluten, are the first to slap their foreheads with the realization that the one thing their children are constantly eating is WHEAT! Same story holds true for dairy, folks! Chances are good that whatever you “just can’t get enough of” is causing you some distress and you may not be aware of it.

Here’s how it works: Think of that flight or fight response when a stressful situation arises. It’s like a buzz, a high, a feeling of being stronger or stimulated. THIS is part of the attraction people have to some of these foods. While the foods themselves are triggering stress responses in the body, including inflammation, these responses are accompanied by a rush of increased energy as the body prepares to “protect” itself from potential danger.

Stress temporarily makes us feel good… temporarily we feel stronger and stimulated. But then water retention, weight gain, gas and inflammation set in. That’s not so pretty, is it? There’s nothing I hate more than those puffy ankles I sometimes get and now I know a lot more why!! So I’m looking forward to the next stage of this detox.

In order to really be able to prepare for a proper detox, we’re going to hopefully be able to

1. Eliminate excess fluid in the tissues and handle the inflammation by eliminating allergenic foods!

2. Reduce cravings, stabilize blood sugar and stop the ups and downs that lead to cravings even after you’ve already eaten.

For the last 26 days we’ve been focused on eliminating Dairy and Gluten, so there’s no secret about that! The body’s response to dairy is very much like the response to gluten we heard Dr. Ritamarie discussing in yesterday’s call. Of course, we get to add to that the  additional toxins that the cow who sacrified the milk has collected in her lifetime. Any breastfeeding mother knows that toxins are passed through the milk. Well, just think of all that puss and the antibiotics and stress hormones running through the average dairy cow. Mmmmhmmm… that aint gonna make for tasty detox treats, my dear! Get OFF the moo juice and the Wheaties! That’s what we’ve done for the last 26 days.

Then next foods you’re going to want to eliminate as we move into the second stage of this detox are:

Peanuts, Soybeansand Corn

Who doesn’t love a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? These days you even say the word “peanut” in a modern school and you’ll have epipens popping out at you from all directions. These little legumes are lethal for some and it’s no wonder. Peanuts and soybeans are VERY highly allergenic legumes that you will definitely want to avoid during this detox program. They create the same inflammatory and immunogenic responses in the body as the other two culprits already identified.

With all the other nuts you can choose from, just get over peanuts. Here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about peanuts. Ignore all the good information ;-) and skip down to the section on safety. Remember, we’re not here to debate the potential health benefits of this food, we’re trying to eliminate all highly allergenic foods from the diet to reduce inflammation, water retention and prepare the body for a deep tissue detoxification process.

Eat other legumes like lentils, chickpeas and stuff like that.

Soybeans have been rumored for all kinds of nasty things, but the important aspect we’d like to address here is that it creates a very similar reaction in the body that caseing (dairy) and gluten create. It snaps on to opiate receptor sites in the brain! Ouch! Add to that the fact that soybean and corn are both highly genetically modified crops, we have all the proof we need to choose to eliminate these from the diet. Foods that are genetically modified contain genetics that change the production of proteins.

In our call with Dr. Ritamarie, we learned why we should avoid soy sauce and now you have another good reason! Soy, for the next 6o days is out, out, out! Don’t you dip your sushi in soya sauce, my dear. Do your best to eliminate these foods and give your body the BEST chance possible to reduce inflammation and retention of fluids.

Some of these foods aren’t easy to avoid, I understand that. Let’s take corn, for example. Things like corn grits, corn flour, popcorn, corn syrup, etc. is in all kind of foods lurking when you least expect it. It’s in supplements in cereals and in all kinds of foods you wouldn’t expect to find it it. It’s also a highly genetically modified food, along with soy, that we should avoid because these foods create reactivity of the immune system.

Here are the other highly allergenic foods we’re going to eliminate for the duration of this program:

Yeast-based Foods

For the purposes of this detox, we’ll be avoiding all yeasty foods. Like breads and things. This includes sourdough, too!! While nutritional yeast could be eaten once a week MAX, I recommend avoiding it COMPLETELY!

The other things to eliminate are ANY FOODS you eat every day and any food you really have a hankering for. The kind of food that you CRAVE big time. We’re going to want to run with the possibility that these foods may be potentially allergenic for you.

Eggs and other nuts or seeds that you might eat every day.

Anything that you eat every day can create problems and sensitivities. We should rotate what we eat. If you’re going to eat it, eat A LOT, then avoid it again for a week. It’s probably better to avoid it during active detoxification.

As Dr. Ritamarie said yesterday, anything you eat every day is a potential source of allergic response. We should keep a wide variety of food in our diets and be willing to rotate foods leaving at least a week between potentially risky foods.

Anything you find yourself eating EVERY DAY, then for the purposes of this detox, let’s try to avoid them. Develop a rotational diet. Rice, almonds, sesame, etc. are potential culprits to be on the look-out for.

Other foods that cause you to react.

Be on the lookout for any food that you have a compulsive craving for, or, on the other hand, any food you KNOW you have a specific reaction to when eating. Strawberries, kiwis, potatoes, tomatoes etc. might be specific triggers for YOU personally. Anything that YOU know is a problem for you, should also be avoided.

Last but not least…

Flesh foods.

I know that nature could provide fish or foul and in some cases this may be acceptable to eat, but because of the degree of hormones, antibiotics and stress hormones that these animals are eating, it really doesn’t make sense for US to be eating their tissues while we’re trying to detox our own. The heavines of these foods isn’t ideal for our detox situation and so we also recommend that they be avoided.

So, now the BIG question is:


Ah ha! For that my dear, you’ll have to wait for tomorrow.


Oooh! it’s 22:22 on Friday the 13th. Sending out love and snuggles,


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