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Day 2 of a 30-Day Juice Fast–and AMAZING GRASS!!

Posted Jun 17 2009 7:11pm

Yesterday I shared with you that I started a 30-day juice fast - -even though my juicer burnt out on me! And… I forgot to drink my lemon water yesterday morning!! Want to know why? Because I had a cup of coffee!! That’s one of the reasons I knew I had to just go for it and start this juicing journey: coffee+Raw Juice Girl doesn’t = a pretty cup of fantabulousness! :-( I really don’t even care for coffee–honest! I started drinking it again after recent stressful events –and now I’m saying good-bye to it (again)! So, I started the day off right today.

Lemon Water


Lemon Water Recipe

What goes in:

  • juice from half of a fresh lemon
  • a cup of hot water (heated in a tea kettle)

What you do:

  • squeeze your lemon juice in a cup
  • add the hot water
  • toss in the lemon itself–if it’s organic

Sip and enjoy!


About half an hour or so after the lemon water, I had 8 ounces of the strawberry-blueberry juice I made up.


1 tablespoon of E3Live (Yum-O!)

Note: I sipped on a cup of coffee. (Baby steps. :-) )

About Coffee

Most folks frown at drinking coffee during a juice fast (honestly, I’m one of them!) but I won’t be drinking coffee for the duration of the fast. I have found that if I sip a little coffee (during the times I’ve drank it), the first few days of a juice fast, it’s way easier to eliminate coffee from my diet than when I’m eating. I believe this is because of all the nutrients that are hitting my blood stream and also the fact that a juice fast just motivates you mentally and helps you focus on all aspects of better health. So, if you’re a coffee drinker or even a soda lover, the first week of a juice fast is a great way to beat the habit.


I had 8 ounces of green juice.


For a “snack”, I had an herbal tea concoction (that my Mom made) with a slice of lemon and a packet of Stevia Balance (at around 1 p.m.)–then I kept feeling empty, so I had 8 ounces of strawberry-blueberry juice (at around 3 p.m.).


I’m posting this at a little after 4 p.m. but I plan on having another 8 ounces of green juice probably around 6 p.m. or so.

Of course, besides the lemon water and juices, I had plain water throughout the day. Two down, twenty-eight more to go! ;-)

Overall Feelings

Yesterday, I had a slight headache. Today, I haven’t had a headache; I have felt hungry all day long, though. This is totally normal for me on day 2. I think I’ve felt this way on every juice fast (or water fast) I’ve ever done. So, I expected it.


As I was polishing this post, I heard something outside–it was the UPS man!! Yay!! We all know what that means. :-) Guess what today’s package contained…. I’m waiting… Okay, I’ll tell you: It contained samples from Amazing Grass. Eeeeek! I’ve been seeing this company’s products on blogs all across the healthy blogosphere and I was really wanting to try them! I’m so excited!! There’s also going to be a fantabulous contest (sponsored by them!) coming up in the near future–so stay tuned…

Look at all those goodies!!

(I even got a pretty green cup like Kath’s!)


Thank you soooooooooooo much, Amazing Grass Team–you rock!!  :-)

Upcoming Contests Featuring These Fabulous Companies

  • 2 books by Nomi Shannon, The Raw Gourmet (These two books have GORGEOUS photos and the recipes are amazing!
  • 2 Food Matters DVDs (Haven’t had a chance to watch this one yet, but do check out their site–they have a RAWsome message to share!!)
  • Detox 4 Women by Natalia Rose (I read this book last night and it’s awesome; it really helps you understand water retention, etc!)
  • Living Tree Community (Raw almond butter and organic coconut mango persimmon butter!)
  • Oh Nuts! (raw macadamia nuts and pecans) <— These are seriously delicious nuts–and they’re JUMBO sized!
  • E3Live (Green-tasting (which I don’t mind!), but I REALLY notice that it’s making me feel better. It was definitely put to the test through my recent stressful events!)
  • and MORE!

You’ll definitely want to stay tuned!

So… be sure to subscribe to Healing with Juices’ Feed for free updates. You can get free updates to your email as well ( sign up here ). You’ll also receive inspiration, juice and smoothie recipes, and juice fasting tips and encouragement to help keep you motivated toward your ultimate health–and more personal posts about stuff that’s going on in my life. ;-)

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June, over at An Apple A Day is currently running more than one contest!

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