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Day 15: It’s Commitment Day! What’s Your Commitment?

Posted Mar 03 2009 3:57pm

Goooood afternoon, Sunshine!

I’m feeling the aches of a body that hadn’t been to yoga in about 3 years. Last night’s yoga session was AMAZING! HOT yoga. I totally looooved and it and am learning the fine art of…


I realize doing yoga and hanging out with Mr. Wheatgrass, that I do not take deep breaths. I barely breathe, in fact. How simple a thing, but how completely I take it for granted. I mean, all this fuss about eating healthy food and stuff, and all I really have to do is BREATHE to oxygenate my body.

The silly things we over look sometimes.

**Public Service Announcement**

We interrupt your regularly schedule broadcast for THISvery important message:



Let it ooooooout through your mouth.

Repeat 3 times.

Then wink to yourself, you clever little thing, you!

**We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.**

I have to tell you all the good news coming down the pipes. I’m oh so soooo excited about Dr. Ritamarie. She and I had a super juicy telephone call and I tell you, I LIKE THIS WOMAN! She said looking at me she sees herself in overdrive. ;-) Hehe! I’ll be making a special post all about her upcoming teleseminar, but mark March 12th in your diaries, because it’s going to be a doozie!

As you know, this first month is all about getting off dairy and gluten. I referred you in the beginning of our 90-Day Detox to the site: It’s loaded with great information about why you would definitely want to avoid dairy products if you’re serious about your health.

Here’s an interesting little nugget of knowledge for you to consider:


Those of you who are struggling to eliminate dairy or gluten would be well advised to learn a bit more about these foods so you understand a lot more of the technical reasons we make these choices. They say knowledge is power, and I agree up to a certain point. Knowledge is only power IF you’re willing to take responsibility for it. But there’s no question that the more you know, the more inspired you are to make changes. Which doesn’t mean we can’t struggle sometimes in the face of things we “know better” but it helps and will definitely give you a boost to inform yourself more thoroughly about the reasons we’re doing what we do.

In the interests of helping you and a lot of other people in the world get rid of their addictions to gluten, we’re hosting a gluten-busting teleseminar with Dr. Ritamarie. I’ll tell you all about it soon, and give you the opportunity to spread the word and let others know about it, too. I often find it’s a challenge to “convince” people of the validity of what I do, but sending them to a teleseminar where a Dr. lays it on the line can go a long way in helping someone to “get it”. People like credentials, and while they’ve never impressed me as much as good ol’ common sense, I understand the need for solid science over hocus pocus. I ain’t no cosmic cucumber raw foodist, I’ll tell you that much. ;-)

Another exciting thing coming up this week is a FANTASTIC teleseminar with Tonya Kay! We’ve been having a lot of discussions in The Powder Room about getting off of medications and Tonya Kay has a fantastic success story about this. So, we thought it would be great to bring her on and have her inspire those of you who may currently be suffering from a chemical burden you’d rather not be carrying.

More on that tomorrow!

If you’re in our high support version of the program, you should have received your latest menu planner. While we do have an entire year of menu planners available for a VERY reasonable price, we took these original menu planners and adapted them for this detox. We’ve included a lot more greens and reduced the fruit content. I’m sooooooo on fire about green juices right now, it’s CRAZY!

HEY!!! Today is commitment day!!!

We said last week that we would have a weekly challenge and announce it on Mondays! Well, it’s that time again, my dear. How did you do this last week? Did you stick to it? What are you committing to for this week? C’mon!! Tell us!

Last week I committed to going to bed in my actual bed every night and I did it. The last two weeks I’ve really prioritized sleep and my whole life has changed. Like a big, beautiful bubble of bliss and calm has just moved in over my world and it’s SO tasty and SO much more fun that being crazy busy. Balance suits me. I like it! I’m going to the spa again this week to continue the self-pampering, but my commitment for this week is YOGA!! I want to go at LEAST 3 times a week for the month of March. I bought an unlimited pass and gosh darn it, I want to get my money’s worth. So, I’ll keep you posted on that commitment and you scroll down and let me know about YOUR commitment, my dear!

Yesterday I made the CREAMIEST TASTIEST hummous EVER. I’ll definitely try and get you the recipe for that. For now, however, I’m sure I’ve dished you up with enough good news for one afternoon. I will, however, leave you with this testimonial that just came in. (See below.) By the way, Sunshine, where is YOUR success story?? I’m waaaaaiting…

Loooove and hugs,



So, I just have to tell you this, because it’s sooooo cute. I came to visit Mr. Wheatgrass the other day and on the table he had written my name and a big heart on the kitchen table with PUMPKIN SEEDS!! Sooooo cute! *blush*

Today’s Success Story

Thank you…. thank you…. thank you!
I was reading the blog… do not know how to respond on there tho… so I am writing to tell u …. I love this 90 day detox… I jumped in late…. and I am so glad I did…. I missed out on the Jan 7 day detox because of losing someone close to me and when I found out about the 90 day detox.. I was late and thought I missed it but you told me I could start late and I did.   This is day….11 for me…. I weigh in every morning so I have lost 15 lbs so far and I am totally delighted. …. I am trying to do 100% raw but my only… hmmmmm hold up right now is salad dressing… I do plan to start making my own natural dressings some where down the road but for now… what I am doing is working but it was YOU that got me back on track …. I was devastated when I lost this person and I lived on ice cream for the whole week after he passed… I kept trying to get it together but went from ice cream to meats and cheese… and just could not seem to do it…. but when I heard from u and u said I could do the detox and start late… I made my mind up rite then and there and here I am… I may be following a bit behind but I am sooooooooo happy.. … I eat fruits for breakfast…. and if I need a snack during the day but for lunch and dinner I have a nice big salad… rite now I have one filled with beets/spinach/onions/carrots/tomatoes/potato/garlic/red pepper/celery and it is soooo good….I can’t wait to try some of your March receipes but I just wanted u to know  YOU  are the reason I was able to jump back in and get back on track… and I just wanted to thank U!

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