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DAVID WOLFE ON PEANUT ALLERGY. David Wolfe is answering the question about peanut allergy. Recent Entries

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:35am

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David Wolfe is answering the question about peanut allergy.

source : The Best Day Ever

Dear David: I’m a big fan of all the shows and just wanted to put that out there, I’ve been listening to everything. Quick question is, my daughter has a very severe peanut allergy and we just found this out and was wondering if you knew of any remedy or any solution to that? Is there anything out there for that?

Dave: Okay, that’s an excellent question. These things can change over time, it depends on a child’s age. Sometimes allergies will come and then go. Peanut allergies are caused by two things. One is the, an actual allergy to alfatoxin and a few other mold residues. It’s actually the residue of the mold, not the mold itself that can actually cause an allergic reaction. That’s one cause and then another cause is just a reaction to the proteins in the peanut itself. What I’d recommend is first giving your daughter lots of MSM. That’s a really great way to, if she’s ever having allergies or about to have a real strong allergic reaction or you know she’s going to have something that she might be allergic to in it, just put some MSM in her water. MSM is a powder. It is made out of pine trees and it comes out of lumbar, it’s a by-product of the lumber industry and is found in all living things and is a very powerful chelator of proteins that are foreign to your immune system so when your immune system doesn’t know what’s going on, MSM can help your immune system identify what’s happening and to basically chelate out the foreign protein and it stops an allergy.

There’s another thing too and that is our own urine is a very powerful anti-allergic, hypoallergenic substance and what that means is is that if somebody’s having an allergic reaction, especially if it’s a deadly reaction, I’ve actually seen this one time, there was a guy who came to David Jubb’s lecture almost died from an allergy and David Jubb basically told him, hey, drink your own urine and he did and it saved his life and that’s really important to know in a very severe reaction. So there’s another thing too about allergies and that is, this is basically liver stuff and basically if you’ve looked at some of the research on pesticides and just overall chemical solvents in the environment, a lot of kids now have 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 different pesticide residues that are over the carcinogenic levels at the age of like 5, 7, 8, it’s outrageous what’s happening these days.

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