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Creamy Celery Root Slaw with Truffle Infused Cashew Cream

Posted Jan 22 2011 4:35pm

IMG_3641 (500x333)

Glad you all liked those kale chips !

It’s Saturday, and guess what that means? It means I get to sleep an hour later, workout a little longer, and then…see clients and do physics problem sets (I see a downward trend in that sequence). Saturday also happens to be the day before my grocery run each week, which usually means that I’m busy using up the last of my leftovers and finding fun things to do with vegetable odds and ends. Translation? Few new recipes get made in the CR kitchen on a Saturday.

For that reason, I thought today would be a good day to remind those of you who don’t feel sick of me simply from reading my blog to check out my monthly column in VegNews . I always try to share a fun and creative recipe, and I love writing it. This month’s issue features my friend Kris, who’s book, Crazy Sexy Diet , was released this past week:

IMG_4644 (500x333)

And on the inside, you’ll find my recipe for a decadent raw, vegan winter recipe: celery root slaw with truffle-infused cashew cream. This is not a cheap recipe: between the cashews and the truffle oil, you’ll be spending a buck or two. But suppose you have a winter birthday, or a winter anniversary, or it’s Valentine’s Day, and you happen to be a raw foodist: this is a good recipe to spend money on. Truffle oil, if kept properly in the fridge, will last, and a tiny bit of it goes a very long way, so it’s not a bad investment. It also tastes divine, and I think that the cream sauce in this recipe does, too!

IMG_3647 (500x333)

IMG_3642 (500x333)

Rich, elegant, and raw vegan—what more could one ask for? Check out this month’s VegNews magazine for the recipe!

Happy Saturday, folks.


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