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Contest Giveaway: 3 DVD Set — Raw for Thirty and Raw for Life

Posted Apr 15 2009 12:25am

The time has arrived for another contest!! Everyone say yay! ;-)

What You’ll Be Getting

The winner of this contest will receive the following DVDs. There are 3 DVDs total. The first is Simply Raw and the otherscome in a 2 disc set as part ofRaw for Life: The Ultimate Encyclopedia Of The Raw Food Lifestyle. This is such an amazing set of DVDs!

Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days

On to the review…

Simply Raw

Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days

First, let me tell you: The information in the DVDs you’ll be winning in this contest is unbelievable. Talk about inspiring, motivational, heartfelt, sincere, educational…. The list just goes on and on!

The DVD, Simply Raw, is about reversing diabetes in just 30 days. How? By eating only Raw for Thirty days. The theory is that by consuming 100% raw foods, your body will find a harmonious balance and then your blood sugar will stabilize itself–at minimum improving significantly.

Simply Raw gives you a peek into the journey of six Americans who are battling diabetes. Some of them are also battling obesity. While staying at The Tree of Life in Arizona, under the supervision of Dr. Gabriel Cousens, the six individuals (with various diabetes levels and insulin problems) were carefully monitored and cared for.Looking into the lives of these people and watching their struggles, their honest attempts, and then more struggles as they tried to make it through the 30-day program just broke my heart. I’ve been obese morbidly obese. I know the pain. I know how discouraging it can be to wake up every morning with a heavy person weighing your life down and feeling like life is hopeless and like you can never, ever achieve the healthier, slimmer body you so desire.

I also used to be on diabetic medication because my blood sugar was atrocious. I related so much to the stories these people shared in this DVD. It was almost as if I were living my own morbid obesity and blood sugar problems all over again!

So, I absolutely believe in the power of raw foods and know from person experience and my own journey that blood sugar can stabilize. I’ve lost over 100 pounds and am now eating 100% raw food–no more diabetic medication for me!

Let’s learn about the other 2 DVDs….

Raw for Life

Wow, let me just say that I’m so glad I had the opportunity to watch these two DVDs in the Raw for Life set. I love gleaning from the wisdom of anyone who has been on a path I’d like to travel. In these two DVDs, you’ll learn from 30 Experts including: David Wolfe, a Raw Food Expert, hear from Woody Harrelson (yes, actor Woody Harrelson!!) about his opinions of raw foods, and even Dr. Fred Bisci shares an incredible about of his wisdom and beliefs (he’s Matt Monarch’s inspiration, remember??).

There’s no way to cover everything in these 2 DVDs so I’ll just highlight some of what you’ll be watching below:

Disc 1:

  • Starting Out on the Raw Food Diet
  • Weight Loss
  • Detox and Cleaning
  • Raw for 30 trailer
  • Wisdom of Eating Raw
  • Photo Gallery

Disc 2:

  • Nutrition
  • Rejuvenation and Longevity
  • Spiritual Aspects
  • Recipes from Leading (Raw) Chefs (Not only do you get to see the recipes, you get to watch Raw Food Chefs prepare them!!)
  • Photo Gallery

If you’ve been stuck in an unhealthy rut, whether it’s diabetes, obesity, blood pressure problems–or even if you’re thin but just want to feel healthier, be more fit, and have more energy you will probably never be the same after watching these 3 DVDs.

I also want to add that I simply ADORED the colorful graphics, photos, and music!

Contest Rules

You’re allowed FOUR entries for this contest:

  1. Leave a comment sharing why you’d benefit from owning a copy of this Simply Raw and Raw for Life. (Don’t just say “thanks for the contest”–I do not publish those type of comments because they seem like spam and aren’t fair to the other contestants who leave a thoughtful, genuine answer.)
  2. Do you Twitter? Tweet about this contest and then leave a comment with your Twitter name.
  3. Share this contest on your blog, linking back to this post. (The pingback will be counted as your third entry.) If you don’t see your pingback, just email me at and let me know. It may have gone to spam for some reason.
  4. Add Healing with Juices to your favorites on Technoratori. Comment the fourth–and last–time to let me know, with a link to your technoratori profile to show you added us.

Contest ends Sunday, April 19th, at 9 p.m. (Central Time) Get all your entries in and have fun trying to win!!

After this April 15th contest ends, you’ll be competing for raw nuts, goji berries, raw nut butters, and more–so don’t miss out on upcoming posts!

Be sure to subscribe to Healing with Juices’ Feed for free updates. You can get free updates to your email as well ( sign up here ). You’ll also receive inspiration, juice and smoothie recipes, and juice fasting tips and encouragement to help keep you motivated toward your ultimate health–and more personal posts about stuff that’s going on in my life. ;-)

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