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Conscious Eating, Oprah and Cleansing

Posted Aug 24 2008 6:41pm

All of the blog entries up to this point were written rather hurriedly each morning before taking my daughter to school. A lot has happened since I last wrote but I do not have the time yet to do it justice. I don't want to rush the writing because I can learn a lot from the process when done with awareness. So the big updates will have to wait.

In the mean time, things have come full circle. Intuitive eating is about understanding that your body knows what it needs and when, and relearning to listen to that intuitive instruction (the way many of us did as children) when it comes to eating/consumption (could be applied to all areas of life, no?).

Eckhart Tolle briefly touched on the topic of conscious eating in The New Earth webcasts with Oprah. They're all available free online if you're so inclined. I have been listening and relistening to them. They are brilliant and helpful in so many ways.

Eckart said, you cannot overeat if you are eating consciously . It's as simple as that. You can overeat if your mind is in the past or the future or a daydream. But to sit and consciously eat, you must be present, pay attention to the entire eating experience and accept that moment when enough is enough.

The other day, Oprah had the author of the new book Quantum Wellness on her show. It's about conscious living. Conscious eating. Cranking life up a notch, step by step. Oprah said she realized that conscious eating is not just about how you eat and how much, but what you eat. What happened to that food before it reached your plate? Specifically, how were the animals treated that became that meat or dairy product? She indicated she is looking into vegetarianism.

I couldn't be more delighted that Oprah is onto this topic. She's doing a 21 Day vegan cleanse right now and blogging about it:

For me right now, overall, about 85% of my diet is fruits and vegetables. I feel like I've almost entirely cleaned up what I eat, and now it's time to dive into the conscious realm where, well, enough will be enough with how much I eat, and I can let go of the push to eat what's on the plate regardless of how much (how little) my body truly needs. In other words, I've circled the wagons and there's nothing left to do but stop eating so much. My body needs less than I'm taking in.

Cheerio o my deary o's.

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