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Commit to Fit (Day 7) Meet Pete and Check Out Some New Exercises!

Posted Jun 30 2010 9:07am

OKay, Ladies. Our friends from Vook managed to hook us up with some video entertainment for the final leg of our 10-Day Challenge. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been so inspired by your little comments. Just knowing you’re out there expecting me to be here, too, makes me get up against the wall.

Yesterday I didn’t manage to make it happen, but I totally agree with Isobel on the fact that getting them done first thing in the morning is key.

Rhythms. Rituals and predictable patterns. These are the kinds of things that really help anchor us to our commitments. So, I’m going to try doing it first thing in the morning after my new beauty routine.

For the fitness, I did manage to get a bit of a bike ride in yesterday, and since my boyfriend and I are feeling all warm and fuzzy again, well, I’ve been feeling fairly physically active in general. *blush* *wink* I would LOOOVE to talk more about the tools we’ve been using to improve our relationship and communication. It’s REALLY exciting. I’ve been working more and more with communication and relationships because I see what a difference it makes in people’s well-being. When our relationships and communication are out of what, everything is out of whack.

Anyway, we’ve been working with an amazing person here and last night just got me so excited and inspired. I’ve decided that I’ll be doing a communication “cleanse” in August. I was working on the different elements of this program last night and I can’t think of a time I’ve ever been THIS excited to do a project.

Oh sure, I love detox and weight loss programs and other things like the WISH Summit. But this communication “cleanse” is just dynamite. There’s no way to fail. There are no fancy ingredients or machines or supplies or shopping lists. You just need to muster up the courage to look at your relationships and communicate! Observe how you are in relationship to other people then do something about it. I am SO excited about it and promise to keep you posted as August draws near.

Since this is our fitness challenge, though, let’s check out this video from Pete and see what the king of fast fitness tips has to say:

Meet Pete:

WOW! Did you see those crazy new exercises that were NOT in our assignment? I want the vook! I want the vook!!!!

You are a total RAWKstar for being here. I love doing these with you and I’m TOTALLY excited after having watched this video about trying out the other exercises in Pete’s Vook! I think I should count for a free copy, too, don’t you? ;-)

We’re getting ready to re-release the Body Enlightenment System after a long time out at the spa, and I’m really feeling like Pete’s going to be the PERFECT fitness coach for that program! Love this stuff!

And love you, too, Sunshine! Keep going! Doesn’t watching this video just make you want to get up and try something else?




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