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Commit to Fit (Day 6) The Elegant Experience of Exfoliation

Posted Jun 28 2010 8:36am

Well, Ladies, this morning was revolutionary.

I confess that my beloved and I are experiencing some difficult times right now. I suppose this happens in life and love, but this morning I woke up and felt that ache within to go to see him. But, I resisted. I resisted the urge to pack up in the rain on another relationship rescue mission, and instead I did something I have never really done before.

I got up from the couch (far too often my sleeping place of choice these days) and what I did instead was truly revolutionary for me.

In 35 years, I’ve never taken THAT much care of myself in the morning. I look at all the crimped and curled women out there and wonder how they fit time in to pluck their eyebrows and exfoliate. Well, this morning I unveiled the mystery.

They just do it.

They just knock out all the distractions and barriers and to do lists and people and demands and complusive needs to help others that get in the way and they prioritize themselves.

This morning I:

  • brushed my hair 100 times.
  • conditioned it with coconut oil. Mmmm… So soft.
  • brushed my skin a few hundred more times.
  • I exfoliated my WHOLE body with a new beauty scrub from Living Libations.
  • took a hot bath.
  • scrubbed my toes and heels and got all traces of yesterday’s gardening adventure off them!
  • shaved in all the right places.
  • dried off, then lathered my whole body in the Best Skin Ever , (thank YOU, Nadine!!) and followed up with a luxurious eye cream.

I felt like a queen. I felt like me. I put my hair in curlers, picked myself out a half decent outfit–not just my lululemon yoga pants and top AGAIN–and then when I sat down to get started on my computer, I truly felt like a new woman.

And yes, my dear. I did 90 seconds against the wall and 90 in plank. :-) I can feel it toning my muscles and love that my workout session is 3 minutes. That is TOTALLY doable. Anyway, this is a major win for the home team and I just had to share it before starting my day.

How are you doing out there, Sunshine?

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