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Commit to Fit! (Day 2) Try “Callanetics”! My favorite exercise video from high school!

Posted Jun 24 2010 1:52pm

Okay, so before I type another sentence, I’m going to get up against the wall and do my plank.

Did it. :-)

In fact, I did both. The plank and the wall sit, and while neither are enormous acccomplishments of athletic performance, there is a sense of achievement I feel within. At least I did THAT much.

I feel so good when my body is strong and fit. So much more confident. Last night I was in the subway station when I asked Mika to count to 90 for me. While I sat there turning red in the face, I recalled my favorite workout DVD from high school. “Callan Pinkney’s” video “Callanetics” . What a riot! Remembering those workout clothes from the early 80s. I did that video so many times, I’m sure I have the script memorized by heart.

A little google search brought some great results, Ladies. I found some excerpts from it!!

Since we’re doing a 10-day commit to fit adventure, I thought I’d try and find a couple little things we could add to our 90-second fitness routine. Check out this Callanetics Intro video . This is the first few minutes of that beloved video I used to play every night! (I couldn’t count the number of times that I fell asleep listening to that music while doing the final poses!)

This first video will give you a sense of who she is and what cool 80s make-up and hair job she had. ;-) If you’ve got a few extra minutes, listen to this. The truth is it was all about having a great shape. It’s about getting the nice lifts and curves. There are moments in the other sections of the video (not in the intro) when she shows different images of women as they progress through the exercises. The lifting and tightening, etc. It’s a hoot!! If you have a few extra minutes, definitely watch the intro.

If you’re tight on time, then I suggest you do the Warmup section! (It’ll take about 10 minutes.)

I found the mostly complete warm up section here. Just do these first few exercise. While I’ve been doing the plank and wall sits, I’ve been CRAVING these arm exercises. The second warm-up exercises on this video are the ones I’ve been CRAVING! Try them and let me know what you think.

Oooh! I just did a little

Last night I went for a decent bike ride with the kids. (I’m always so impressed with how they keep up.)

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