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Change Your Life From The Inside Out With Help From Our Vibrant Body Enlightenment Coach, Melissa Opie!

Posted Jun 02 2014 7:00am


by Chere Harbridge

We are so excited to be bringing you a series of interviews with our amazing coaches!  Over the next few months we will be spotlighting some of these lovely women – giving you all an opportunity to ‘get to know’ some of our rockin’ team here at Body Enlightenment!  First up - Super, Vibrant Melissa Opie spills the beans on how she views the world around her!

Name: Melissa Opie

Location: Asheville, NC (but not for much longer!)

Occupation: Life coach/health coach/ballerina

Describe your average daily menu:  

Mostly plant-based, raw and/or cooked depending on the season. I’m always striving for the balance of listening to what my body needs and also not being too uptight about a particular diet. But I genuinely LOVE my fruits and veggies! I’m a dork like that;)


How do you usually start your day?  

 I like to start my day with some sort of loving connection with my husband. (A nice hug! Eye contact! A kiss!) Then I move on to oil-pulling/teeth-brushing. Next, I make a nice cup of tea or smoothie, something to eat. I like to do my “morning pages” which is like a 3-page “stream of consciousness” writing practice. It helps me to get out all the noise taking up space in my head. I find it to be more effective than meditating as it centers me AND prompts me to take action in my life.


What are your best tips for boosting your self-confidence when you’re feeling low?  

I like to be alone when I’m feeling low. I find blasting some great music and dancing my heart out to be an effective remedy in boosting my self-confidence! Slowing down, going for a walk, paying attention to the magic that’s all around me, and a self-date to a bookstore/cafe are some other things that I find helpful. Go find that spark of aliveness within you!


Who most inspires you and why?

Anyone who honestly looks at themselves, looks at their fears and their obstacles, and unapologetically chooses to overcome them to make their dreams come true. I’m inspired by the courageous people who get uncomfortable, who own their failures and mistakes. And I’m completely, totally, breathtakingly enthralled those who take personal responsibility for their lives, to make it their own, and make it go right. Why am I inspired by them? Because it’s SO hard and it takes an enormous amount of guts!


What unusual things do you keep in your purse?

I actually don’t have a purse! Well, what I mean is that I travel light, and bring with me only the bare necessities. I usually unpack my purse at the end of use, and pack it again when necessary with only a phone, keys, and a book. Maybe a gel pen and a pretty notebook too:)


Where did you meet your spouse/partner?

At a Ron Paul convention in Minneapolis in 2008. Somehow, out of the 10,000 people attending, we found each other:)


What do you believe is most holding women back from having the health, confidence and life they really desire?

I believe that it’s paradoxically complicated and simple at the same time. Everyone has their own reasons for feeling limited and small and unworthy. I hear so many excuses! But I’m curious about what’s really behind the excuses? I think that fear is a big one. Whether it’s fear of failure, fear of success, fear of being uncomfortable, fear of spending money, fear of themselves and their own power, fear of what others will think, fear of being bored, etc. But fear is not necessarily the enemy. We must find a way to use that fear to propel us into taking action and not let it paralyze us.


Do you believe in your dreams? Will you share one with us that you’re currently trying to manifest in your life? 

I completely and unconditionally believe in my dreams. I live to make my dreams come true. Currently, I’m working on taking my coaching practice to the next level. My desire is to serve, serve, serve my clients so profoundly that their lives are deliciously amazing and being lived on purpose.

What do you most want to share with the people who will read this article?  

You rock my socks! I’m so happy that you’re here with me in this crazy life, and I want you to know that you matter. I want to talk to you, get to know you, be friends with you, and (if you want it) support you. Sweet friend, you have one wild and precious life. xoxo!


Can you describe an average day in your life?  

My average day consists of studying, coaching, time outdoors, food preparation, time for myself, and time with loved ones.

melissa250x166What do you do to restore your batteries when you’re feeling worn out or overwhelmed?  

During those times when I just need a time-out, I literally take a break from everything. Even if it’s just for 20 minutes, it’s super effective to drop everything and do the opposite of what “makes sense.”


Is there anything about yourself you’d like to work on or improve that you don’t mind sharing with us?  

The way that I treat the people in my life whose love I take for granted. My husband, my family, my closest friends. It’s too easy to spaz out on them for silly things and not even realize how beautiful and precious these relationships are.


What’s the last book you read?  

Currently reading “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. Last book I read is “The Prosperous Coach” by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin.


What’s the last fruit you ate?  

an apple! Yum!


When was the last time you spoke with your mother?  

Today. But it was via text, does that count? Actual phone call was a few days ago.


3 things you’d do with the money if a $1000 landed on your head from the sky.  

 Ooooh! I would most likely use it to pay rent, (boring and practical) but I’ve always wanted to take voice lessons. Also, I would want to experience a spa for the first time (I’m a spa virgin!) and I really really really want to visit my Grandparents in Japan.

Tell us more about what you’re involved in right now.

I’m involved in Body Enlightenment’s Executive Coaching program, and I’m gearing up to attend the Live Leadership training in Montreal next week. I’m also involved in Integrative Nutrition’s Holistic Health Coach training. Something that I’m specifically passionate about is healing the gut. Food intolerances, food sensitivities, food allergies, gut flora imbalances, etc.

Why is this important to you – what drives you to do what you do?

 This is my life’s purpose. To serve others profoundly through the art of coaching. It gives me immense pleasure to help support the brave souls who overcome and accomplish amazing things in their lives. Just the simple act of one’s belief in themselves and in their vision is enough to catalyze monumental achievement. A person who takes on the support of a powerful coach experiences alchemical life-changing growth that reverberates on and on. I have witnessed that in my own life and in others, and it gives me butterflies every time!

How has your desire to serve others  changed your life, and/or the lives of those around you?  

Ha! My life is unrecognizable from a few years ago. I was in existential crisis mode. BAD. I could not do anything right. Or so it seemed. I couldn’t make decisions (important or otherwise), I wouldn’t let myself eat the right things(even though I knew how), I was afraid, stuck, frustrated, and comfortably resorted to the cycle of self-sabotage. I was always looking for that thing to make me happy and complete me. I was losing touch with myself. Pity party!

But alas, enough was enough. One fateful day, I hired my first coach. I was really scared, but I was way more scared of the crappy life that I was letting myself live. Something HAD to change immediately. Well, my coach kicked my butt, and the rest is history:)

Because of this, my life has transformed. My relationships, my understanding of myself, my environment, my choices and actions in creating the life that I want to live… I’ve never felt such happiness and freedom. It wasn’t easy, it’s still not easy. But it’s SOOOO worth it!

melissa150x225Melissa Opie loves to get to the heart of the matter. A super vibrant Holistic Life and Health Coach, she pulls you out of “stuck-land,” reignites your true passions and cultivates your own inner wisdom.
Melissa Opie is excited by the strange and cute things in life. She has a weakness for long pretty skirts and floppy sun hats. Even after being trained in all the dietary theories under the sun, she still loves to eat delicious-nutritious food that makes sense to her body and she will help you find your power foods too.


How would you like to wake up feeling excited about the amazing day ahead of you? Do you want to feel the confidence of living your life on purpose? Are you always procrastinating to-do lists and goals that seem impossible to reach? Do you want to experience profound transformation and feel a meaningful connection with those around you?
Well, guess what?  Melissa is choosing one lucky client to embark on her 6-month Love Your Life program for free! Email Melissa and tell her you’d like to change your life!
If you’d like to connect with Melissa, her website is melissao

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