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"Can’t Hardly Wait" for Pop-Tarts

Posted Sep 14 2008 3:05pm


Now, this may not seem to be a romantic post for you, but it is for me. I’ll explain.

Around the time that my husband and I first started dating, a little movie called “ Can’t Hardly Wait ” came out (we watched it so many times since then; I think I lost count as to exactly how many). Although a far cry from Oscar-worthy, it struck a cord with us.

Maybe it was the music (now that would be a “cord”). The soundtrack is packed with songs from our youth (you can even hear “ Lucas with the Lid Off ” during one of the party scenes. You have to be within a certain age-bracket to remember that tune). We both own a copy of it.

Sad, but true, it also has a Barry Manilow theme running through it. I hate to admit this guilty pleasure, but I own his greatest hits. (Did I just admit that?) I think it stems from his Super TV (this was pre-cable for those not old enough to have experienced it) concert I watched as little kid and later s eeing Jennifer Aniston’s character sing “Copacabana” in a fluffy pink bridesmaid dress in an episode of “Friends.”

Anyway, I’m getting really off track. The main reason we could relate to the film was that we really could relate to it. The main characters were, in fact, us.

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