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Can I feed my baby uncooked, pureed apples as a "first food"?

Posted by Pensivevirgo

The first food I made for her was an apple pureed with a little water...yet all I have read is about cooking apples first. I have not come across anything that states whether it is harmful or not to puree an apple (no skin) without cooking first.


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Hello Pensivevirgo,

first the best first food is your milk, 100% breastfeeding in the first 6 month is the best first food a children can get. From the 6th month on you can start giving all kind of fruits, vegetables and nuts but you should chew it and feed it to her with a spoon. This helps your children to digest. Observe her well when you eat when she shows interest in a particular fruit you can offer it to her. Small children can choose their own food when it's raw. There is no danger feeding raw fruits, vegetables and nuts to babies and you don't need a blender - use your teeth!

Happy motherhood



Cooking the apples is probably suggested because that makes them more digestible. Cooking breaks down cell walls, which your child has to do in his tummy otherwise. 

 Eating a raw apple, will not harm your child, unless there are some contaminants (bacteria) on it which would be destroyed when you cook your food. So since babies have weaker immune systems, cooking is generally a good idea. 

 Also, it is generally a better idea to introduce your baby to vegetables first (rather than fruit). Fruit is very sweet and they will aquire a taste for it. When you then try to give them vegetables (especially less sweet ones) they are likely not going to like it. So start with vegetables or you might create a picky eater! :)

 Good luck!


Makes perfect sense! Thank you :)
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