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Calling All Overworked, Stressed-Out, Multitasking Women! Elwin Robinson to the Rescue!

Posted Oct 07 2010 6:26am

Hey there, Hard-working Superwoman!

I’m really excited to share with you an interview with Elwin Robinson of Lion Heart Herbs . You can read all about him and see his helpful videos on his website! All you multi-tasking women out there having a hard time making time to prioritize your green juices and feel stress-free will get a lot out of this call!

I decided to interview Elwin for a few reasons, and I share a bit of the story at the beginning of our call. Here are a few good reasons to tuck aside some time, or just play this outloud in the background while you’re puttering in the kitchen. There’s loads of inspiration and you’re bound to steal a health-boosting nugget or two from this call!

  • If you’re wondering what to think about all these raw vegans going back to cooked, animal-based foods and would like another explanation/solution, listen up!
  • Find out what the real, physical cause of exhaustion is! (It’s not your work schedule, your to do list or your lack of sleep!)
  • Why waiting to get health advice until your sick or suffering isn’t the way to go–You can prevent illness easily!
  • Why there’s a lot more than just genetics involved in determining a person’s body type!
  • What are Taoist herbs and how to use them to balance an overstimulated or exhausted body.
  • How to “educate” your immune system instead of stimulating it.
  • Why if you’re not getting what you need from your food, you can get it from herbs!
  • Why changing your diet, exercising and “cleansing” are NOT the most important things to do first when trying to regain your health! (There’s something else to  Feo order for “cleansing” to be effective.)


Elwin is a veritable fountain of fabulous wisdom about health, herbs and well-being! You can check out his article called “Feeling Crusty? Crabby? Steamin’ Mad? Your Liver Needs to Cool Off More Than You Do!”

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