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by The Quiet One This is an arti...

Posted Aug 26 2008 10:56am

by The Quiet One

This is an article I [The Quiet One] have recently written. If you do NOT know what chemtrails are, I STRONGLY advise you to NOT read this, and move on to something else. Believe me, you´ll be better off, and you´ll help us all by not accepting their so-called reality. Now go bye bye.

For the rest of you, some may disagree with the above advice. But after reading this article, you will see where I´m coming from. This article may be shared freely without limitation.

Presumably this essay will be read by those already familiar with the phenomenon of chemtrails and/or by those who have an interest in the medicinal / teacher plant from the Amazon called Ayahuasca. But for the benefit of those who may not know much about either, I feel as though I should include a brief overview of each. Within the framework of this basic information I will be better able to share some personal experiences I’ve recently had with chemtrails and the insight into their true nature gained from the use of ayahuasca.


Chemtrails, short for chemical trails, are white lines left in the sky by airplanes. These are not to be confused with vapor trails, which are caused by atmospheric and climatic conditions, and which disappear within seconds. A chemtrail remains in the sky, starting as a thin line, then slowly spreading out. They are usually laid out in grid patterns and as the chemicals disperse, they create what appears to be thin overcast clouds. This can be easily verified visually wherever chemtrails are laid. It only requires that one sit still long enough, about half an hour, to observe the sky. I found that living in Chicago, that they could be seen most frequently forming early in the morning.

Chemtrails have other characteristics which would contradict anyone who would believe they are merely the result of regular air traffic. First, the planes laying them are unmarked and have no lights, which is a violation of FAA regulation. Secondly, they fly in a straight trajectory. Unlike commercial planes that can only be seen as they are ascending to, or descending from, their designated altitude, chemtrail planes can be seen, though usually barely due to their small size, flying at low altitudes. Thirdly, the planes are completely silent, which lends credence to the theory that they are actually UFO’s or remotely-controlled craft shaped like airplanes.

As to what chemtrails are, the internet abounds with theories. And since the US government, both executive and legislative branches, will not so much as acknowledge their existence, let alone their purpose, we only have these theories to work with. The prominent and most logical theories tend to emphasize a malicious intent, perpetuated by entities (either extraterrestrial or within a shadow black-ops government) interested in further subjugation of humanity. Absurd as this may sound to some, for those who have delved into the conspiracy research of David Icke and others, this idea fits nicely into what I call the Conspiracy Worldview. In a nutshell, that worldview sees the bulk of humanity being enslaved, (mentally, spiritually, intellectually and physically) by a select group of entities (and humans under control of these entities) that have, throughout know human history, been implementing systems of control, historically more so in regards to beliefs via religion, but more recently via technology and brainwashing. Again, absurd and repulsive as this may sound to those who have not looked seriously into this worldview, the research and facts that support it make the notion suddenly appear less far-fetched and actually quite logical.

I want to briefly interrupt myself and let the reader know that although I state that something appears to be a logical explanation, the use of logic by the human mind is indeed a limitation, especially when it comes to the paranormal, under which I would categorize chemtrails. For now, I am just laying a basic groundwork of chemtrail research in order to have a context into which to place my own experiences and insight so as to more easily share them.

Going back now to the malicious intent theory, it would appear logical that chemtrails are a form of air pollution, and they are being used to slowly sicken the population. More and more people complain of allergies and asthma. And more and more people experience a dry cough symptom that doesn’t seem to go away. I’ve had that a few times. The doctors call it bronchitis and give antibiotics which don’t seem to help. Some people have suggested the symptoms will be blamed on some fictitious flu bug to be used as a pretense to implement a quarantine. Others would suggest that this is all to benefit the pharmaceutical multinationals who will profit by selling the population various cures and antidotes. And still others believe this is an extension of the well-documented eugenics practice to control the population.

With all conspiracy research, one finds a fair share of misinformation, propagated by what would appear to be sources with ties to the multinationals. With chemtrails you get the “Chemtrails Are Good For You” theory which basically claims that they are being used to help protect us from exposure to UV radiation passing through holes in the ozone layer. There have been samples of chemtrails that have been captured and analyzed. What was discovered was a toxic sludge of man-made chemicals and genetically-engineered bacteria, as well as other unidentifiable substances.(For more details, see these websites: , and ) It is possible that this will become the official explanation of chemtrails in the future.

Beyond the duality of explaining chemtrails, I think we start to get closest to the truth. The good vs. evil approach is very human-centric. Because of our language and our humanism, we tend to become trapped by the limiting belief that we are the species that matters most. What if there are other unknown species at work, or play, who inhabit the planet just as we do, but who’ve been here longer, living in dimensions or at vibratory rates beyond our perception? Just because we can’t see ultraviolet light on the color spectrum due to the limitations of our optic nerves, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Dogs hear and smell so much more than humans whose range is limited for whatever reason. So maybe these so-called aliens, who may have in fact been instrumental in the physical creation of the human species (see the work of Zechariah Stichin) are tinkering with some biological experiment with a detached passivity for humanity.

From our ingrained humanistic belief system this may seem detestable, forcing one to contemplate the possibility of insignificance. Fortunately, there exists a non-dualistic vantage point that is all-inclusive, filled with hope, unconditional love, unerring truth, peace and joy. From this vantage point, all the previously addressed theories seem very dark, i.e., they lead to places that obscure truth. The truth of which I speak is unknowable with language. In fact words seem to be quite a hindrance to experiencing it. But it can be experienced, felt and known by those who have been able to subjugate their ego, their personal desires and their societally-sanctioned belief systems with the assistance of an ancient medicinal-teacher plant from the Amazon called Ayahuasca.

To be sure, there are other aids, plenty, in one’s search for truth. And in the grand infinity of being, each person will find what best helps them, based on their unique journey in life. I must write about what has aided me in my unique search for truth, because that is what I know. And here is where I’ve been shown the nature of chemtrails from a purely metaphysical vantage point. But before I discuss Ayahuasca in detail, I’d like to share my recent chemtrail experiences.

The first time I heard of chemtrails was in 2003. They were explained to me by a young, otherwise completely normal guy I met while in California on a trip. My initial reaction was one of incredulity and I thought perhaps he had gone off the conspiracy theory deep end. But then, as if awoken, I started seeing the chemtrails. At first I noticed them casually. Then I started reading the research on the internet. Suddenly they were everywhere. I’m not sure if I had noticed them before and never gave it much thought, or if I’d been totally blind to them. (A similar thing happened with cell phone towers. Until I knew they existed, I never noticed them. And now they jump out at me everywhere I look.)

Living in Chicago, I started to notice the chemtrails with recurring frequency, oftentimes in the morning as I walked my dog in the park. The sky would usually start out clear and blue. And then I’d see a chemtrail forming, then another, then another. A couple of hours later and I’d look outside. Sure enough, well most of the time anyway, a foggy overcast replaced the clear blue sky. (Which reminds me, a friend had some visitors from Japan ask him why the sky was always so orange.) Seeing the chemtrails would often get me upset, so eventually I had to stop caring, just to get through the day.

But still the nagging chemtrails would always manage to make their presence felt, to remind me they were there and REAL. I would even have dreams about them! This all may sound as if it became an obsession, but I’m not sure if it ever got that intense for me emotionally. It was more of a feeling of acute awareness.

Eventually, I decided to go to Peru to continue working with Ayahuasca, work which had started in 2005 in the USA. I had never left the continental USA before and I was somewhat expecting to experience outside interference to the plan, and also expecting to feel as though I had escaped an insane asylum if I did get out. I had given myself 6 months to save the money I needed, sell all my stuff, and tie up any loose ends. I want to say I was surprised that everything went incredibly smoothly, but when you start to heed the call of Ayahuasca, you start running in circles of enormous protective power. You really can feel it and as a result, you feel less and less fear.

Approaching my departure date, the chemtrail issue was still a nagging thorn in the back of my mind. I really wanted to know what and why they are. And I was hoping my Ayahuasca sessions in Peru would help answer that for me. With this occupying an already cluttered mind, I rented a car and drove to the Denver area. (I had planned a two week road trip for the December holiday season to visit family.)

On my way to Denver, there was no shortage of chemtrails. If they are being used to depopulate humanity, why would they be dumping toxins in the sky above rural Iowa and Nebraska? Is there an ozone hole above Nebraska that needs plugging? Maybe, I thought to myself, they were being used to poison the crops. But there are plenty of poisons sprayed directly on to the crops to effectively accomplish this. That was my logical mind trying to understand them. I asked myself, “How does it feel?” And as illogical as it seems, the answer had to do with ME. They were there because of ME. I didn’t know how or why, but that’s how it felt.

In Colorado, outside of Denver, I stayed at my sister’s for a few days. Most days were naturally overcast and I was too preoccupied with things pertaining to my trip to Peru to notice any chemtrail activity. From Denver I flew to Las Vegas to meet my brother. After a few days we drove to southern California. In the middle of the Mojave Desert, around the border of Nevada and California, we saw a chemtrail being laid out in the distance up ahead. Again, why a chemtrail out here in the middle of nowhere? No population. No crops. It felt like I was having my own personal chemtrail show. This particular chemtrail stayed in view in front of us as it spread out.

After a few days with my family, I needed some “alone” time. I woke up early Sunday morning the day before Christmas and drove to Joshua Tree National Park. The day was lovely, not a cloud in the sky. “What’s the chance of chemtrails over Joshua Tree?” I asked myself. I drove through the park for almost an hour, then parked to do some hiking and rock climbing. After some semi-vigorous rock climbing, I sat down in a recessed area and looked at the portion of sky visible through the rocks. It was a chemtrail assault! I counted 5 planes, the most I think I’ve ever seen at one time, laying out chemtrails. I was utterly dumbfounded. I chose not to get emotional but I was really feeling like I was being followed. This led to thoughts of implants, mind reading and invasion of privacy. Were they trying to freak me out? Were they trying to scare me to the point of paralyzing me so I wouldn’t leave the USA? I gave them the finger (both hands) and stopped paying attention to them.

Besides this strange chemtrail activity, my plans continued to unfold without hitches. My big day finally arrived and I’m on a plane from L.A. to Houston where there is a layover to Panama. I’m seated at a window seat, the plane has leveled off at its maximum altitude, and I’m thinking while looking out the window, “OK chemtrail planes, here’s your last chance to show me your stuff”, though highly doubtful that I would see any this high up. Within three minutes (!!!) I saw a plane, ABOVE the cloud cover, laying a chemtrail. It was so close I could indeed verify that the planes used to do this are small craft shaped like jets, with no lettering and painted red and white. That’s the closest I’d been to one, say 200 feet away, flying in the same airspace as a commercial airline! Reality would have unraveled if I hadn’t become so accustomed to the paranormal in my life. So I sat back and observed.

The commercial plane I was on then veered left toward the recently laid chemtrail. In a state of utter disbelief, I watched as the plane then flew along the chemtrail which was literally just a few feet outside of my window! This seems so bizarre in hindsight but no, I was not dreaming. It’s as if the chemtrail plane knew the actual course of the commercial plane, knew on which side of the plane I was seated, knew I was looking at it out my window, then laid it out for me to observe. I couldn’t believe this was happening, nor could I believe the apparent correlation of my thought with the reality, i.e., how my facetious request was answered.

As for the chemtrail’s appearance from that close perspective, it made a very precise pattern. There was a straight horizontal line of course. Then perfect triangles pointed downwards, each side about 2 feet long. At the point of each triangle was an oval shaped ball about 10 inches long and 5 inches wide. It felt as though I was intentionally being shown all of this for the purpose of understanding it. I attempted to connect my feelings with the chemtrail outside the window, but all I got was the sense that the understanding would be coming later, during the Ayahuasca sessions. So I tried not to interpret or judge what was happening, and resolved to let the understanding unfold. The flight after Houston was uneventful as far as chemtrails go, and I haven’t seen a single one in over a month while in Peru.


There is plenty of information about Ayahuasca on the internet for those interested in delving deeper. Keeping the basic info simple, Ayahuasca is a tea made by combining two main ingredients - Banisteriopsis caapi, often referred to as Yage, which is a vine that is indigenous to the Amazon jungle, and a tryptamine carrying plant, most commonly the foliage of a plant called Chacruna. The plants are boiled for several hours, sometimes with other additives included. The resulting brew is taken during a ceremony presided over by a shaman, or curandero. The experience afterwards lasts from 4 - 8 hours.

As far as can be determined, Ayahuasca has been used for longer than recorded history. The curanderos claim that the plant teaches them how to use it under the apprenticeship of maestro curanderos. Nobody knows how Ayahuasca was discovered. Its discovery is indeed baffling to the Western rational mind, as the chances of randomly stumbling upon this particular combination of plants, and preparing them with the correct proportions and the correct method, defy any statistical probability explanation. Because of the astronomical odds, the explanation offered by the curanderos, who claim that other teacher plants explained it to their ancestors, seems plausible. Conspiracy researchers would suggest that perhaps the information was channeled to them by outside sources or more advanced intelligences. The best way to find out that answer, if it even matters, is to take Ayahuasca personally.

The effects of Ayahuasca are as varied as the number of people who take it. Each experience is unique, based on one’s personal background, beliefs, open-mindedness, sincerity, integrity, emotional maturity, trust and approach towards life. As each individual has a unique combination of these traits, each experience is unique. That’s why I recommend abstaining from reading too much about the details of other people’s experience. It could effect your expectations and interfere with your own experience, unless, of course, you never plan to take Ayahuasca, in which case read all you want.

It seems that it can be generalized that one’s receptivity to Ayahuasca will be more profound if certain characteristic traits, such as integrity, emotional maturity, sincerity, honesty, genuineness of heart and open-mindedness are prevalent. Ayahuasca is a living entity that can read every minute detail about the person taking it. You really can’t hide anything. Once she “reads” you, usually in the beginning phases of the ceremony, she’ll know what to show you, and show you only that which will help you most. If one is sufficiently lacking in any of these core traits or values, the experience could very well reflect that, either in the form of discomfort, experiencing a “bad” trip, or nothing happening at all. Again generalizing, it seems that those who rely too heavily on rational thought processes, or those who hold an overabundance of yang energy, characterized by ego or control issues, will have the most difficulty with their encounter with Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is a very feminine yin energy and that energy can clash harshly with macho bravado. As for those who approach Ayahuasca from the desire to experience a hallucinogenic drug trip, or who have a long history of drug misuse, they may find their experience disappointing.

Of course with Ayahuasca there are plenty of exceptions and practically NO rules. “Negative” experiences can be seen as positive from the correct vantage point. Many Westerners take Ayahuasca too early in life, before they’ve accumulated enough life experience to benefit the most from it. And some people start out lacking certain traits but soon develop them with Ayahuasca’s aid. You may come into it with a rational mind, but leave doubting anything you ever believed in! The point is that every experience is different and needs to be interpreted on an individual basis. How one interprets a visionary experience may mean absolutely nothing to another.

Earlier I referred to Ayahuasca as a living entity which I’m sure is hard for many people unfamiliar with her to grasp. The tendency of the Western-trained rational mind would lean towards analyzing the molecular structure of the plants and how they interact with the biochemistry of the human brain. This sterile, scientific approach can be found adequately explained in a book called “DMT - The Spirit Molecule” by Rick Strassman. Personally, I don’t recommend approaching Ayahuasca with too much foreknowledge, but rather with as completely a blank mind as possible, and with a trusting open heart. Too much knowledge really can get in the way, but I understand certain people come from a background where they would be more comfortable with the knowledge.

Before returning to the chemtrails, a little more info about Ayahuasca. It is illegal in the USA. There are no known fatalities. Its taste is usually considered horrible. It is not to be taken recreationally unless you want your spiritual and physical ass kicked. Besides being a teacher plant, Ayahuasca is used to cure all types of ailments, having shown particularly good results treating addicts of heroine, crack cocaine and alcohol. And last but not least, Ayahuasca profoundly changes the vast majority of people who take it in positive ways.

Unfortunately for the purposes of sharing insights gained from Ayahuasca, words and language are often poor tools. Although there are instances where people hear actual words conveyed to them, most communication having to due with personal matters usually comes in the form of symbols. More esoteric and impersonal information is shared by what appears to be direct telepathic communication and/or showing by means which make the recipient KNOW, with no use of words and no speck of doubt left. SO anything I have to share using language, will pale in comparison to the actual experience of being shown a truth. And for the reader, you will only have your belief or faith in what I say as being true or false, unless you’ve already been shown this yourself (by whatever means). I share this information not to convince anybody of anything, but rather to inspire those with whom it resonates and for whom it might help.

In order to unravel the chemtrail mystery, one has to begin with certain premises. For me, these insights were gained or verified as true by Ayahuasca. First, everything that has life is spiritually eternal. Humanity included. We don’t die. We don’t go to Heaven or Hell. We return to our HOME after physical death where we are loved dearly and welcome with open arms. There may be impediments getting HOME after the termination of the physical form, but nothing can prevent it. Secondly, we are here, incarnated in a physical form with its obvious limitations, for one purpose - to learn. Not as in knowledge from books, although that may be part of it, but to learn about various energies from life experience, from interacting with others and by allowing ourselves to evolve along our path, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Thirdly, we all come from the SAME source. We all have the same source of life and breath. We are all connected in this way. Even though it often seems we are separated, that is just an experience to help us learn. Fourthly, we are all here by choice and the amount of courage required to commit to this experience on Earth would make a lion seem timid. Fifthly, nobody needs to be saved, including the planet. Everyone is already saved, the planet will save itself (it certainly needs no help from humanity!) and it is not anybody’s duty to change or help anybody else or the situation we seem to find ourselves in as a species. Everything really is under control! The only thing you need to change is the vantage point of your own perception. Sixthly, dualistic thinking is a hindrance to understanding. There is no good vs. evil. They are one and the same, dependent on each other, balanced by yin and yang energy. To experience the good in life, it can only be seen against a backdrop of evil. Evil is the teacher of good, good the teacher of evil. And love is the lesson learned AND the source of the lesson!

These inspiring words come not from a simple faith I adopted from a New Age book I read. They come from a knowing that can only be gained from a communal experience with a consciousness that is beyond limitation. For those who may not yet feel they’ve had such a communal experience, (you have - you just don’t remember), these words are just words. They may resonate with you or they may be cynically critiqued. But in order to really KNOW them to be true for yourself, Ayahuasca is a guide, for those ready and willing to go.

In this context, chemtrails can more easily be seen for what they really are - just part of an elaborate game that was created to help us learn. (Of course it is more convincing to be shown this, than to hear it from somebody else.) The whole Conspiracy Worldview that is unfolding in the consciousness of many, as reflected in the work of David Icke to the Matrix movies, helps to create certain emotions that contribute to a mental and spiritual experience. This experience is created to help us get from point A to point B in our consciousness. How else can the 9/11 experience be explained? There are so many staggering inconsistencies and obvious lies surrounding 9/11, it’s hard to accept intellectually that they are merely unintentional, or that the forces behind the experience were stupid enough to leave so many glaringly suspicious loose ends dangling. And what about the Secret Brotherhood Black-Ops New World Evil Alien theory? How does that tie in? Again, it’s leading us out of one way of thinking into another. But here’s the trick. We have to experience Point B, this new way of thinking, in order to leave Point A and arrive at Point C. We can’t skip Point B and jump from Point A to Point C. But more importantly we can’t get stuck on Point B! Point C is where we want to be! By mentally and emotionally accepting as true the Conspiracy Worldview, we experience it emotionally, mentally and spiritually (which, being the aspects of our eternal nature, is more meaningful than any physical manifestation could be). It then becomes a belief system around which we base our life, choose our words, and make our decisions. This belief system, like all belief systems, religious or otherwise, serves to close the mind and the heart. It’s an elaborate trap! We just freed ourselves from the trap of Point A, so Point B seems like freedom in relation to where we just came from. Point B seems like the real deal. But it’s just another trap, albeit a necessary one, because unless we get ensnared in this trap and figure out how to escape, we can’t get to Point C, which, for all we know may also be a trap. Is not this the best way to learn? By experiencing traps and limitations then getting ourselves out of them?

Now here’s the kicker to all this. We’ve moved on from Point A to Point B. What about all those still hanging around Point A? Are we to bring them along with us? From our vantage point, they may all be stuck in Point A. But that’s dualistic thinking. For all we know, they may already be at Point C! Or they may be here on Earth to play an entirely different game with different rules to learn different lessons. Who says we all need to learn the exact same thing? If we are all connected, then it makes sense that we would spread ourselves out to explore as much as possible. Point B isn’t for them. And Point B is probably just one of many methods to arrive at Point C. Point B is the method I apparently needed to leave Point A.

So I guess this whole essay is for a small minority of us that got stuck at this Point B, feeling the dark energy accumulating inside of us because of our emotional attachment to dark ideas, incapacitated by a sense of helplessness and a disconnectedness from everyone, including those we would despise, thanks to the elaborate Conspiracy Worldview, a belief system that forces us to accept in our hearts the enormity of evil. There are probably more than a few ways out of the conspiracy quagmire, for those who are ready to leave it. And there really is no option but to escape it’s shadow. Some may not be ready just yet to escape and that’s fine. But for those who are, here are a few suggestions to consider.

1) Stop dwelling on the stuff. Every time you read about 9/11, alien abductions, chemtrails, cell phone towers, etc. you reinforce their existence in your life. By acting on your fears or concerns, let’s say, by trying to protect or save yourself or others, you are reaffirming in your being the notion of duality, of separateness from Source, and keeping yourself chained to a belief system.

2) Since your physical surroundings are a reflection of your inner world, do something drastic to shake things up and get out of your mental rut. For instance, move to another city. Or sell your belongings and move to South America. If you’re in a relationship that’s been serious for awhile, break it off! Do it in a way that isn’t hurtful, but rather say, “Hey, it’s time for me to move on. I love you, I care about you, and I thank you with all my heart for everything our relationship has taught me.” Sure, there will be tears and an intense emotional response, but I guarantee it will be for everyone’s best interest. Besides, where we’re going we’ll have little use for codependency.

3) Thank David Icke or whoever your favorite conspiracy authors may be. They do not even realize the enormity of their service. It goes way beyond what they themselves imagine! It is instrumental, valuable, and needs to be here. But when you are done with it, time to move on.

4) Stop cluttering your head with useless knowledge. It can be a very sticky obstacle. There are only a few books which are essential reading. Everything else will keep you running around in mental cul-de-sacs. One is the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tsu. Also the Essene Gospel of Peace (books 1-4). Other books I would recommend that are based highly on these are “Infinite Self” by Stuart Wilde, and “Cleanse and Purify Thyself Vol 1 and 2″ Richard Anderson ( ). Guilty of head-cluttering are movies and television of course.

5) Pay attention to your body. Find a healthy diet that works for you and that you can accept and keep. And then be willing to let your diet and exercise habits evolve. Don’t get stuck on one thing for the rest of your life. Keep moving!

6) Stop judging others! When you judge someone else you are really judging yourself and allowing yourself to be judged by others. I know this sounds like something Mr. Brady would tell his Brady Bunch kids. But it’s true. Would you like to experience the true freedom and happiness of being yourself at all times and not caring what others think of you? Well, you can’t until you stop seeing others as anything other than the courageous souls they are for incarnating on Earth to learn by experience from this crazy school of life.

7) Drink Ayahuasca and learn how amazing you are!

For those who aren’t ready to escape Conspiracy World, come back to this essay in a year. You may be feeling rather yucky by then. Or annoyed by the chemtrails chasing your tail. And as for those pesky chemtrails, are they evil? Ha! Are they good? Yes in the sense that they are here to help us learn. Who created them? Do we really need to know? It is very likely that we created them. It is also very likely that we were involved in the creation of 9/11 and the New World Order. How did a bumbling idiot end up in the most prestigious position of (so-called) worldly power? I think it may be because we thought it would be quite entertaining. The level of irony is high comedy indeed!

In conclusion, the chemtrails have only one purpose; to reinforce the belief system of the Conspiracy Worldview (what I’ve been calling Point B in our evolution of consciousness). We needed the chemtrails to get to this point and to help us get beyond it. And others will need them in the future to forge a similar path. When we can move on to Point C, we’ll thank them for helping us get through Point B, for helping us learn invaluable lessons. And after we’ve moved on, when we see them in the sky, we’ll feel gratitude that they are helping others. Where we’re going, there is only Love. So if you find yourself loving the chemtrails, George Bumblebutt Bush, and the New World Order, you’ll know you’re almost where you most want to be — HOME!

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