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But we live longer now... longer than ever before!

Posted Aug 18 2009 10:18pm

Start talking about how processed and diseased up our culture is not and you are bound to hear this statement. "But we live longer now. So how could our current lifestyle and diet be so bad for us?

I never had a good, short, impactful answer to this question. I had an answer, a strong one, but my answer would take 15 minutes to work through.

Luckily Dr. Andrew Weil chimes in on this very statement, and more, in his article today featured in the Huffington Post:

"The cold fact is that while Americans live more than 30 years longer than they did at the turn of the last century, public health measures such as better sanitation, immunizations, better food and water, and safer and less polluted workplaces account for 25 years of that increase; medical intervention, only five years. A recent study showed that in the 1990s, only about one in 16,000 Americans had his or her life saved or significantly extended by improvements in health-care technology."

Makes sense to me!

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