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Bite Bags Review: Reusable, Eco-Friendly, and Fun!

Posted Dec 21 2010 5:48pm

Disclaimer: Christine Fiske, of Bite Bags ( ), sent me two bags to try out. I was not paid to write this review.


I’m super excited about the opportunity to share my thoughts on Bite Bags with you. You know I love living an . So, when Christine was kind enough to send me a couple of bags, I was ecstatic. I love the design, the thought of reusable bags, and everything about them. Let’s get to business shall we?!

About the Company

Bite is a fairly new company. The focus is walking lightly on our precious Mother Earth by “taking a Bite out of plastic.” By using – and reusing! – Bite’s produce and food storage bags, your decreased use of plastics (sandwich/snack and produce bags) will add up to a healthy dose of preserving our beautiful environment.


“Not very long ago, Bite was born with a mission to make grocery shopping and sustainable food storage more fun and eco-friendly at the same time. We believe and live by reducing, reusing, and recycling. Keep an eye on Bite’s upcoming product lines in 2010.”



 Take a Bite out of plastic! 

Bite reusable produce bags are durable, machine washable, and lightweight!

Consider this: The average shopper uses an estimated 260 plastic produce bags each year! We’ve made it easy to stop wasting this harmful plastic with our stylish and versatile reusable bags. Bite Reusable Produce and Snack bags are the stylish way to snack and shop in style while helping preserve the Earth!

Bite Sustainable reusable bags site



Heart & Soul of Bite

Christine Fiske seems like an amazing lady with an even more amazing passion for fighting the use of plastic by promoting reusing and recycling – not only of her products, but just in general. And she even sent me a personal, handwritten note!



“Christine has always wanted to combine her interests of creating an impacting difference in the world and running her own business. It began in college when, as a business school student, she started pondering how to combine creating a meaningful business that would leave the world a better place. That dream finally came to fruition when she realized her ideas for sustainable food storage products and created Bite’s first line of Reusable Produce Bags.”

  reusable bags






About the Bags

Bite bags are fun, versatile, eco-friendly – and so much more. You can use the smaller ones to pack snacks for lunches or just for food storage in the fridge. Take the bigger produce bags along to the farmers market and/or grocery store to cut down – or eliminate! – your use of plastic bags at the checkout line.

“Not very long ago, Bite was born with a mission to make grocery shopping and food
storage more fun and eco-friendly at the same time. Have you ever reached for a plastic produce bag at the store, or worse, a plastic baggie in your home and felt guilty that you were contributing to the endangerment of mother Earth? Well, we did, and we were determined to change that!

We’ve created bags that are not only chic, but transparent, durable, lightweight, closable, machine washable (yes, really!) and versatile for a number of other uses (including lunch packing, toy organizing, toiletries toting, and snack stashing!) Past customers RAVE about their bags!”

Bite Bags



Bite Bags have a draw string top to ensure the contents don’t fall out or roll away. They’re designed in bright, cheerful colors that reflect your personality. They are lightweight, easy to store when not in use, and will fit easily in your purse, tucked away in your car, or even in your pocket!



Bite Bags are not only kind to Mother Earth – they’re kind to your wallet!



The only con I can (seriously!) think of, is this: I want ALL of the different styles and sizes! :-D



I find Bite Bags to be absolutely smart, reusable, and eco-chic – just like Bite advertises! They’re not only fun to look at and use, but it’s great to know I won’t be wasting a crazy amount of those plastic produce bags at the store anymore. Woo hoo!

Bite Bags, I give you a big, fat…


Keep up the fantabulous work!


More Bite

You can find Bite Bags at the following cyber locations:

Bite Sustainable reusable bags


Do you enjoy reusable bags? Have you tried Bite? Do you strive to live sustainably? If not, do you think it’s something you might take baby steps toward in 2011? Feel free to dive right in to the comments with some juicy, green conversation. Feel free to ask questions. I’ll do my best to answer or you can contact Christine directly here .

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