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Bikini Competition Journey - My Way

Posted Mar 24 2012 7:57pm
Yes, I'm still here.  I haven't posted about this just yet because I needed some time to wrap my mind around everything, digest everything and decide what's best for me.

As it turns out, what's best for me is listening to myself and not to any of (for the most part) well intentioned people who have given me their opinions, comments, 2 cents, etc.  I really appreciate the advice everyone has doled out, but I just can't take any of it...

Here's the thing.  I know exactly how I want to train for this competition - and that's as a raw, whole food - non-processed, plant based fruit and veggie eater.  Why?  Because I know that's all I need.  That's what makes me feel amazing and alive and healthy.  I know it in my core.  I know it like I know how sand feels on the bottom of my feet.  I know it the same way I know the sound of a crashing ocean wave.  I know it like a heart beat.  The funny thing is, I still asked for if I didn't know.
I talked with my BFF Jodi the other night, trying to figure out why this was the case.  How could I doubt myself and ask others for advice on something I know through and through.  She said, "because you means a lot to you...and..."  and...I'm terrified of failing.  Terrified of saying I'm right and I know this, and it works, and then failing.  My good friend Phil reminded me that it's okay to have a fear of success.  It's okay.  But that even though I may feel it, I don't have to give into it.  As he said, "I'm going to a badass."
I'm in the middle of completing my Certification in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University.  The things I have learned about the effects that animal protein has on disease and diabetes and cancer cell growth are so HUGE that I can't ignore them.  I just can't.  No, I'm not a meat eater.  But I am an occasional fish and egg eater.  The information I learned however has really been just insane throughout this course.  The facts, the scientific studies, all of just reinforces what I already know to be true.  That a plant based diet is sufficient.
Now here comes the protein would think it wasn't coming, but when I tell anyone in the fitness industry what I'm doing, they tell me that I'm not getting enough protein.  Here is what protein is not.  Protein is not meat.  Protein is a complex chain of amino acids and enzymes.  Where do animals get their protein?  They eat it, in the form of plants.  Look at a gorilla.  

Look how FREAKING HUGE and muscular and powerful a gorilla is...and tell me what he eats.  Plants.  Fruits.  He's not grillin up bacon on a Saturday morning with his gorilla family, and he could kick all of our collective butts.
Anytime I eat a raw fruit or a raw veggie I am eating straight amino acids and enzymes.  BAM!  I didn't have to get it through eating a dead animal that already ate the plants.  I just ATE THE PLANTS.
Trainers want to talk about macronutrients and how my protein needs to be higher.  One person commented that skinny girls don't win these competitions.  Someone who has never met me in person.  Sure, I'm on the fit side, but I'm not "skinny".  I run, I workout, I have muscle. You should see my legs people.  I did 180 lbs on the leg press at the gym last night.  That's right, I lifted your brother with my legs over and over and over again.   I haven't had red meat in YEARS.  I can't even remember the last time, it's such a blur.
So here's the deal...and my point about why I am doing this in the first place.  Any jackass (pardon my French) can drink egg whites and eat chicken all day long for a few months and lift heavy weights and get a spray tan and win one of these competitions.
What the hell does that prove?
That they look great on the outside?  I'd love to show them a mirror of what their insides look like.
Did you know we all have potential cancer cells inside of us?  We take in carcinogens every day from pollution, chemicals, the stuff we put on our skin, the processed food we eat, the air we breath and sometimes those carcinogens attach themselves to our DNA and form a super strong bond.  Well, our awesome rockin' bodies sever that messed up DNA and it gets excreted. BAM! Gone! doesn't always get all of it out.  So there are these potentially nasty cancer causing cells just floating around our bodies...minding their own business...not actively doing anything...unless we give them the tools to do something.
Think of it as seeds.  If you had dirt in front of your house and you wanted to grow flowers, plants and grass you would throw a bunch of seeds down.  Now what happens to those seeds if you don't water them, if they never get sunlight, and if they never have the right environment to grow?  Nothing.  Nothing happens.  They just sit there.
That's like those bad cells in our body.  Just chillin'.  Unless... we flood them with animal protein.  Dairy protein.  Then guess what happens.  You got it.  Diabetes, cancer, heart disease.  Boom boom boom.
This competition for me is about being healthy and being very fit in a very healthy way.  It's about sustainability.  I'm not going to eat some crazy "diet" just to win or place in a competition, and then change to an "off season" diet after.  How is that healthy?  It's not.
I don't eat processed vegan food, I don't eat tofu or soy.  I'm not going to eat a bunch of egg whites.  I'm going to eat my fruits, my veggies and my greens.  Gorilla style.
This may not be the way for everyone (and I know it's not because several of  you have let me know that I will fail doing this, thanks, but no thanks) but it IS the way for me.  I'm not interested in comments from anyone telling me what I should be doing when it comes to nutrition.  I know too much.  I've read every book.  I've seen all the documentaries, I've been living a high raw plant based lifestyle since 2008 and now I'm almost at the end of my certification in plant based nutrition from Cornell - the program developed by Dr. Campbell (Forks Over Knives and The China Study, anyone?) so I know.  I know what I'm talking about..and I'm not afraid to stand up and say it.
I know the truth about food and how it affects our bodies.
Is going into training mode for a competition like this scary?  Sure.  Especially when everyone else who has done it or is doing it thinks I'm crazy for doing it this way.  But what they don't know is that a LOT of people have done it this way. There are raw vegan athletes galore and I'm beyond excited to join them.  Just google raw vegan athletes.  It's no short list.
Check out this video from the rawkin' fitness star Erin Moubray.  This girl is my hero.  I love her.


Take that.

I'm going to go eat an apple.

I'm going to win...
Like a badass.

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