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Beets Beets Beets...

Posted Sep 24 2011 1:05pm
Because of the wonderfulness that is my CSA one of my favourite foods really has become beetroot not sure if that got to do with the fact that there's been massive amount of beets in my boxes for the last few weeks. Beets are often used in peasant style soups and mercilessly pickled in vinegar. There are loads of varieties of beets available if your growing them yourself check out one of the seed banks for some more unusual varieties.

The beets appearing in my box for the last few weeks have been golf ball sized and super sweet; they have been making great additions to meals.One of the simplest and most delicious things to do with them is bake them.

Simple and easy scrub the beets clean place in an oven proof dish with some butter or olive oil and some cloves of garlic, cover and put in the oven at 180 for around an hour and a half until soft.
You can also roast them with other vegetables such as carrots, red onions, swede and parsnips. Simply cut your chosen vegetables into large dice. I've been adapting a Natalie Rose recipe from detox your world for a while as it's so simply and so tasty. I've eaten just as it is or add to simple rocket salads ~ I had it for lunch yesterday with beetroot and thyme dressing on top.

3 large carrots – sliced into thin disks
2 large beets – sliced into thin disks
2 tablespoons of olive oil Sea salt and fresh pepper to taste
Preheat oven to 350f. In baking dish put sliced carrots and beets and cover with the olive oil and salt and bake until the veggies until they become tender, brown and crispy on the edge which depending on thickness seems to be around the 25 minute mark. You can either just eat them hot; they are damm tasty or add them to salads. 

The best thing about beetroot is that it is a true superfood. When eaten raw, it’s a more powerful tonic for your health than a whole bottle of vitamin pills, really it is and it makes a wonderful juice with carrots. If you are anemic then beetroot will support, cleanse and build up your blood and if you are convalescing, beetroot will soon put you on the road to recovery.FYI beetroot is used with carrots for hormone regulation during menopause and cleansing the liver. If your really not convinced yet, then you can use it in place of carrots to make cake!!!
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