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Beauty Secrets Revealed – Part III

Posted Dec 16 2009 3:16pm
This week, 2 gorgeous raw divas readily shared their beauty secrets. One of them is the bubbly UK raw star, Kate Magic and the other is the radiant raw chef Angela Elliott.

Kate Magic

katemagicWe were eager to hear about Kate Magic’s beauty secrets! With 3 boys and a successful business, not to mention a sparkly life all around, we were excited that she agreed to share her tips. Here is Kate:

“My favourite beauty product would have to be my own skin cream, which we just launched in October. Like all good witches, I’ve long dabbled with making my own beauty products, and this cream has been many years in the formulation. It contains all my favourite skin foods, such as cacao butter, coconut butter, Aloe, hemp, rose oil, lavender oil, plus a delicate sprinkling of glitter to make you shine like the fairy princess you truly are! It’s called Alpha Dream Supreme Cream, and you can buy it from my website,”

She also shares her favorite non-commercial beauty secret:

“I think maybe a trusty enema bag would be my top beauty product! The gut and the skin are actually the same organ, so any issues in the gut are always reflected in the health of the skin. One of the best ways I know to get that raw glow is to do superfood enemas with ingredients such as hemp, Aloe, spirulina, barleygrass, MSM, cacao and reishi. And of course they are very helpful for keeping you slim, as they remove old matter from the gut. The double bonus is that, in doing so, they increase your ability to absorb the nutrients from your food, which in turn means you need to eat smaller portions as your body is working more efficiently.”

*** Kate is the most experienced raw food promoter in the UK today. She has seventeen years of experience of raw eating, and is raising her three sons on the raw diet. She is the author of ‘Eat Smart, Eat Raw’, the UK’s best selling raw food recipe book; and ‘Raw Living’, a recipe book and guide to the raw lifestyle, both published by Grub Street. Her third book, ‘Raw Magic’, a ground-breaking book of superfood recipes, another UK first, was published by Rawcreation in 2008, to rave reviews. She is Creative Director of the Raw Living website which offers advice and information on the raw diet, as well as an online shop, and she is the proud parent of the Raw Living range of chocolate bars and cakes. She was the editor of Get Fresh magazine, the world’s most popular raw food magazine, for three years. Her fourth book, “Ecstatic Beings,” co-authored with Shazzie, has just been published, and she also has a fifth book coming out in 2010, “88 – the untold story of a revolution.” To follow Kate’s adventures, go to or To visit her raw food site with recipes articles & an online shop go to

Angela Elliott

angela-elliottWe knew that Angela Elliott, the beautiful author of Alive in 5, would have some insightful and original beauty tips to share, and we were not disappointed. Angela shares:

“Every morning I wake up and drink warm water with lemon to keep my liver happy. I make a green juice every morning and often enjoy a green smoothie too.

Also, I eat schizandra berries daily, I eat 100% raw vegan and I exercise every single day. And, I think beautiful thoughts!”

She also loves to make her own beauty products, and will share her recipes for home made cosmetics in her upcoming book co-authored with Shannon Shakaya Breeze Leone.

*** Angela Elliott is the author of Alive in Five, Holiday Fare with Angela, The Simple Gourmet, and more books on the way! Angela is the inventor of “Raw Nut-Free Cuisine” and “The Celestialwich™, and the owner and operator of Celestial Raw Goddess Enterprises. Angela Elliott is an Arizona native. She was raised by a world-renowned physicist/chemist and a gourmet French chef/writer whose occupations enabled frequent travel abroad and instilled in the young Angela a life-long fascination with various cultures. Angela lived in different countries, attended school in two of the countries, and spoke Swedish and Dutch fluently. Angela endeared herself to her lively Irish grandfather, a storyteller of some notoriety, and was encouraged to share her blossoming imagination with her peers. A passion for the arts was inspired by Angela’s grandfather and mother, and instilled in her a lifelong love of literature and writing. Angela has contributed to various publications, including Vegnews Magazine, Vegetarian Baby and Child Magazine, and has taught gourmet classes, holistic classes, lectured, and on occasion toured with Lou Corona, a nationally recognized proponent of living food.

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