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Back to Basics

Posted Jan 21 2011 5:06pm

Eating your way to vibrant health I am finding can be a reality.  With the rise of life threatening diseases that are proven to be caused from our industrialization.  Much is to be said of the necessity of getting back to basics.  Eating and living as close as we possibly can in harmony with the land where we live.  Growing or purchasing produce, groceries, and products that are produced as close to our homes as possible.  Minimizing our pollution impact from our goods coming from over seas.  Foods we are eating having fresh ingredients loaded with nutrients, instead of being processed and produced in some factory somewhere.  Our meals fully prepared in our kitchens or those of loved ones, family and friends.  Bringing us once again that close vitally important intimate connection with our land, food, family and friends.  Creating vibrant healthy lives that we have somewhere along the way of industrialization lost site of and forgotten that it is even possible to feel good and healthy everyday.

I am living proof that waking up and listening to the signs my body was screaming at me and doing something different than what society was telling me was good for me has made a tremendous difference.  When my body was breaking down and feeling like Sh** all the time.  Changing my diet to fresh ingredients, getting more rest, eliminating excess from my life in terms of things I thought I had to do and instead doing things that were really important in the grand scheme of things like having more fun, enjoying as much of my life as I can as well as the people and planet surrounding me.  This is where the transformation began and has been a treasured grateful addition in my life ever since.  Vibrant living is possible and oh so worth it!

Best Wishes!

Cathi Schroettner


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