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Aurorae Yoga Slip-Free Rosin Bag Review – Plus a Surprise!

Posted May 18 2010 9:22pm

Disclaimer: The generous folks at the Aurorae Yoga company were kind enough to send me a beautiful, luxurious yoga mat from their collection to review. They also sent their Sport Sweat Towel and their Yoga Slip Free Rosin Bag . However, I was not paid to write this review – or even asked to write one.

Thank you, Aurorae!

And…. Hello, fantabulous friends!

How’s your week going so far? Did you have an awesome day yesterday? What about today? Have you had a smoothie? Were you brave enough to try my black smoothie ? ;-)

And I’m tickled pink (hehe) that y’all are so excited about my garden-inspired Meatless Monday recipe: Raw Rainbow Wraps . Those are definitely friendly for a yogi lifestyle, don’t ya think?

Speaking of yogi lifestyle, do you use a slip-free rosin bag as a part of your yoga practice? If so, have you tried Aurorae’s? And if not, would you?

I was pretty excited when I received mine. Of course, I’ve found quite a few yogis seem to think that “extras” aren’t always necessary (like blocks, etc.) but hey, if they enhance your practice and/or motivate you to get yoga-ing, why not use ‘em?! :-D

In this photo, you can see Aurorae’s Slip-Free Rosin Bag fits in the palm of your hand. It isn’t huge and doesn’t take much space. It’s the perfect size to toss in the pocket of your yoga bag – or even your purse! Well, for that matter, I suppose you could even put it in your pocket if you were in a rush or just prefer that method.

Aurorae slip free rosin bag

Before I get busy telling you all the juicy details about this magical little bag, let me refresh your memory…

Remember my in-depth review of the beautiful, inspiring, pink (my favorite color EVER!!!) yoga mat?

aurorae all 3

And did you see my thoughts on Aurorae’s Yoga Sport Sweat Towel ?



Aurorae slip free rosin bag

About Aurorae’s Slip-Free Rosin Bag

If you’re a natural sweater and find yourself slipping on your yoga mat – whether or not you’re not in a hot yoga class – you might be in need of Aurorae’s Slip-Free Rosin Bag .


Well, this little creation can indeed be the answer to no more slipping and sliding on your yoga mat. Who wants to be interrupted when you’re in that still, calm yoga moment?! Yoga poses are meant to be enjoyed, savored – not cut short by sweaty palms or feet!



Product Description (from the site):

Aurorae Yoga Rosin Bag has been developed to aid in the prevention of slipping on your Yoga mat. Similar to gymnasts, tennis players and baseball pitchers, perspiration creates slipping problems when a firm grip is necessary to maximize their performance. Our Aurorae Yoga Rosin Bag increases your gripping power and absorbs perspiration with the slight touch of the bag. The Rosin should be applied to both your hands and feet before your practice and added as needed during your practice. Please make sure to store your Yoga Rosin Bag in the Zip lock bag it comes with to increase its life. We at Aurorae are always looking for simple and cost effective ways to help you improve, as well as enjoy your practice. Remember "It’s Your Yoga". Relax, Enjoy and Namaste.



I can relax and enjoy, can’t you? ;-)



As I mentioned above, this rosin bag helps create a dry, enjoyable experience for you and your yoga mat (well, your hands, feet, and mat anyway!) ;-)



Product Features (from the site):


Did you read that? You don’t have to be bothered with any type of smell – this rosin bag doesn’t have any type of odor.

And for just $6.95, what do you have to lose? ;-)









And it works! How cool is that?!



I genuinely try really hard to find something that some of you may consider a con – but I simply can’t think of anything here. I always try to consider low budgets when I write reviews (I’m a VERY frugal gal myself!) – but this bag merely costs a few dollars.



Aurorae Yoga’s Slip-Free Rosin Bag gets an A+ from Raw Juice Girl!

Great job, Aurorae! :-D


Have you ever tried a slip-free rosin bag? What did you think? Do you love it? Enjoy it? Look forward to using it?

And… the Surprise?!

How would you like to own an Aurorae Yoga set? That’s right! Look for the next post, because I’m launching an Aurorae Yoga Giveaway! Winner will get to choose whichever mat they want PLUS you’ll receive the same Aurorae Yoga Sport Sweat Towel and Slip-Free Rosin Bag that I’ve reviewed.


Off to get that giveaway post ready. Woo hoo!! :-D

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