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Are you ready to lose weight, ga ...

Posted Mar 03 2009 3:29pm

30dayebook Are you ready to lose weight, gain energy, clean up your diet, let go of debilitating patterns and take your raw food eating to a new level?

If the answer is YES, then you definitely need to be on my next 30 Days To Raw Program which officially starts on Monday 13th August.

Regular readers will know that the 30 Days program is currently THE most life-changing offering I have. With the third group now complete as of yesterday, I am once again moved to make a song and dance about this program because it really is the most powerful raw foods program for "real people" that, as far as I know, exists. And what's more, anyone can do it, anywhere in the world and, in the words of Margaret, 71, who just completed the program for the second time:

"This programme works because you are not rushed into anything. It's completely doable and Karen made it fun."

I couldn't have said it better myself!

What this program is NOT:

* A regimen that prescribes 100% raw food - or bust!

* A time consuming bind that takes all the joy away from the journey

* A "what to eat and when to eat it" program

What this program IS:

* An opportunity to discover masses about your relationship with food (all food, not just raw) in an honest, unbiased, non-judgemental way

* A supportive and inspiring environment where you can show up, be 100% yourself, share, ask, discuss and be guided to make the changes that YOU set for yourself at the start of the program

* A great opportunity to learn more about raw foods, menu planning, how to eat only when hungry and how to feel at peace with your food, no matter what you eat

* A life-changing experience for those who follow it at least 70% of the time

* The perfect grounding for a happy life on raw - to whatever level you choose

* A multi-dimensional internet and telephone based support program that is realistic, self-goverened, fun, easy to follow and truly enjoyable!

Read on for some of the latest real-person testimonials to come in since the course officially ended only yesterday...

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