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Angela Stokes: A Raw Food Success Story for Overcoming Emotional Eating, Obesity & Overeating

Posted Apr 20 2012 7:00pm
Written by Tera on April 20, 2012 – -

- by Tera Warner

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been. It doesn’t even matter where you are right now. It matters where you’re going. No one would have believed about 10 years ago that Angela Stokes-Monarch was going to lose 160 pounds and totally transform her relationship with food, people and life in general.

And while it may seem “easier said than done”, to those of us currently struggling in our relationship with food and self image, as Angela Stokes explains in this call, if she can do it, anyone can!

Angela Stokes-Monarch

Back in 2002, Angela was 23 years old, about 19 stone (266lbs/120kg), UK dress size 26-28 and lost in miserable cycles of a non-existent love-life, uncontrollable overeating and complete denial. But that all changed when she was lent a book, The Raw Family, by the Boutenkos that revolutionized her life. She began eating raw and the improvements in her health over the next weeks were astonishing. She said, “You could almost see the weight burn off me. ­ I’ll never forget seeing my collar bone again for the first time in years; my skin and hair quality improved dramatically, my energy soared and I was filled with vitality and a new hunger ­ for real life.”

Since her discovery of raw food, Angela’s journey has continued and not only has she found happiness, but she’s also shared it and made a point of helping others who struggled as she herself struggled. She now lives an almost completely sustainable lifestyle in Ecuador with her husband Matt. They chronicle their raw food journey and experiences, inspiring the health-seeking community and reminding everyone that no one need face such change alone.

  • Completed and documented a 92-day juice feast
  • Recognized by the Raw Spirit Festival with the Golden Chopstick Award as an “Up-and-Coming Raw Food Leader”
  • Author of titles such as A Juice Feaster’s Handbook, Raw Emotions, and Raw Reform: How to Go Raw for Weight Loss
  • Featured on CNN News, Get Fresh Magazine, Pear Magazine, First for Women Magazine, and many more
  • Angela’s books include:

  • Raw Emotions
  • Visit Angela’s web site here.


    If you have trouble, you can copy and paste this URL into your website browser window:

    Overcoming Cravings and Emotional Eating CourseWe’d love to know what you think of this interview! Simply post in the comment section below and tell us what you think of the call! On Friday, April 27th, we’ll choose one person to whom we offer a copy of one of our programs or e-books.

    Our Cravings and Emotional Eating program is up for grabs.  Just come and share your thoughts about the call and you could win! The selection will be random, so you can feel free sharing your “constructive” feedback, too, of course! We’re just keen to start up a conversation with you!

    Thank you again so much for being here and for having the courage and wisdom to look for solutions and support for eating disorders. If you feel this call may be of support to someone else, please feel free to share it.

    With love and solutions,

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    1. By Heather Baraka on Apr 23, 2012

      i love angela! she is one of my biggest raw food inspirations! i too have lost a lot of weight from becoming a raw foodist and changing my lifestyle. i love that she shares this message with others, particularly about emotional eating. i really really really wanna do this program!


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