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AGAVE — not so good for you after all! (whew! I wasn’t wrong)

Posted Jan 31 2010 4:52pm 1 Comment

Omigosh!  Where have I been?  The truth is out about agave syrup.  I have always had my reservations about agave syrup (something about it being too good to be true, and how I get allergic reactions if I eat much of it).  Why?

Now the Living and Raw Foods site has come out with an article about the unsuitablity of using agave in a raw living foods diet.  (Thanks to Terilynn at the Daily Raw Cafe for tipping me off.)

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Hey, you may want to consider the source of the anti-agave campaign out there. Dr. Mercola is pushing the negative claims, and I can tell you that he either doesn't know the truth or he's creating a false fear to support his own product sales. The truth is that most agave nectar brands on the store shelves are minimally processed, without any chemicals or additives, and, used in moderation like any other sweetener, are perfectly fine. These fear-inspiring articles are blurring data from studies that fed rats mega-doses of synthentic fructose for weeks, causing health issues. Synthetic fructose and the naturally-occuring fructose from the agave's inulin is completely different. I hope you don't fall for the hype. Mercola claims that agave syrup is a product of slick marketing. That's laughable. Agave nectar growers and producers are small companies of hard-working people. There is not agave industry lobbyists, unlike corn and artificial sweeteners have. Really, agave nectar is an organic, low glycemic sweetener that, used in moderation, is completely safe, and there are studies to prove it.
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