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A good Thanksgiving

Posted Dec 05 2009 8:52pm
Thanksgiving turned out so much better than I thought. I had so much fun spending time and sharing meals with family and friends. My husband did all the cooking and I did all the uncooking. Best of all nobody noticed that I didn't eat turkey or stuffing, it was great. The toughest thing was that I am a slow eater and I was always the last one at the table to get done, what can I say greens take a long time to chew.
My Dad enjoyed eating the raw meals I prepared him so much, that he stayed raw until dinner the whole time he was at my house. He said he felt so much more energetic and happy. He also ordered a champion juicer after he tasted the juices I made him with mine.
He also read my copy of Victoria Boutenko's 12 Steps to Raw Foods and is now convinced that the raw food diet is the best diet there is. He talked nonstop about how amazing the book was the whole week he was here. He also told all my siblings about it and suggested they try the raw food diet. Too funny! Maybe by next Thanksgiving my whole family will be raw.
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