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A Festival, A Sandwich, + Lots of Laughs

Posted Sep 18 2009 10:41pm

You may have noticed things have been pretty quiet here the past couple of weeks. I am behind on reviews and contests but I assure you, I have good reason: I’ve been very, very busy helping my mom with back-to-back festivals. Besides the actual setting up and selling (which makes for very long days), I’ve printed and fold hundreds of brochures, and also business cards, labels, and other stuff. Phew!

I set this post to publish so that by the time you read it, I’ll have already put in several hours at our latest 3-day festival.

And I thought I’d give you a peek into the last Bakersville festival we set up at.

Mom took this while I wasn’t paying attention!


Our Soap Lady, Judy Riggs!

Judy Riggs + Michele

With the (framed) article I wrote about her!

Judy Riggs + Michele Tune

Oops! Caught stealing tea samples! LOL

Michele, back of pioneer outfit

Sandwich with a Story

veggie sandwich

Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I try to avoid bread like its the plague. You also know that I lost over 100 pounds basically adhering to a low carb lifestyle. So, it’s only when I’m in desperate situations (or when I feel I deserve a splurge) that I’ll dig into the carbs without hesitating.

I ended up starving before the day was over at this past Bakersville festival (first week of September). I had taken raw veggies, herbal tea, and water but I needed more. My only (healthiest) option: a veggie burger on a bun. So, I eventually decided to just go for it. By the time I got to order mine (actually, my mom went to get me one while I watched our booth), they were sold out of the veggie burgers. So, she brought me back a bun with 2 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, some onions, lettuce, and pickles on a bun. I’m serious. NO. VEGGIE. BURGER. And I was STARVING! LOL – So, I dug in and was chowing down and thought “hey, I should take a photo of this sandwich and tell this story on my blog” so I did just that.

Later on, we were taking our tent down and packing our stuff into the trailer when one of the ladies who had a booth nearby came over and says to me: “Did I see you take a picture of your sandwich earlier?”

I told her yes.

And she asked (with the funniest expression on her face) “ Why?

I lost it. I’m serious. I was hee-hawing I was laughing so hard! The look on her face cracked me up. She couldn’t understand why on earth I’d take a picture of a sandwich. LOL – I tried to explain to her that I have a health blog and thought it’d be funny to share with my readers that I got a veggie burger-less “veggie burger” on a bun when I rarely ever even eat bread and live a high raw lifestyle. It was just so funny. I wish I had a photo of the look on her face. Of course, not all people have even heard of a blog. I take it she hadn’t. The more I talked, the crazier she thought I was! LOL

Ah well, at least it provided you all some fun entertainment. I splurge on a veggie burger and don’t get my veggie patty. *sigh* Raw Juice Girl can’t win for losin’! ;-)

I have LOTS of reviews and contests coming up, so you’ll definitely want to subscribe if you haven’t already! :-D

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