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A Day in the Life of Dhrumil Purohit

Posted Sep 14 2008 3:01pm


Via Issue 50 of Get Fresh!

Dhrumil (Dhru) Purohit is editor and team lead of the web’s most popular raw food blog, We like it Raw. He is also Chief Community Officer and creator of Give it to me Raw, a rapidly growing online-community for hip people who love raw food.

What I don’t hear first thing in the morning is a noisy alarm clock. I got rid of that sucker 4 years ago. It’s one of the best choices I’ve ever made. Instead I wake up when I wake up. I sleep on the floor with the crown of my head facing east, so that means I’m usually up the same time the sun rises. My grandmother, who lived by the principles of Ayurveda, was big into that sort of stuff. When I was younger I thought it was all mumbo-jumbo and old-school Indian logic. Now, after studying and experiencing these practices first hand, I realize just how on-point my elders were.

Once my eyes are open I usually lay on the floor for 5 to 15 minutes. Two years ago I heard a spiritual teacher named Adyashanti say that the deepest practice of meditation is to simply let everything “be as it is”. This is my opportunity to do just that. It really allows me to let go of anything I was holding onto from the day before. So-called failures, negativity, doubt or any other excuses the ego uses to protect itself. Just taking time to acknowledge those feelings is enough to remove or greatly reduce the fear inside. And with the fear out of the way, now I have an opportunity to really make magic happen and inspire others in the process.

7:30am: Morning routine - I’m centred, present and ready to create my day. But first things first, I need to take care of my body. That’s where my morning routine comes in. I have to admit, I stole much of it directly from David Wolfe. Four years ago he invited me to stay with him in NYC and help him with his speaking tour. It was then that I understood first hand how important a morning routine was.

Teeth: Surprisingly, many raw foodies have teeth problems from too much sugar. Cutting down on a high-glycaemic diet is key. I’ve also found that brushing with a mixture of 3% food-grade hydrogen peroxide works wonders too. It gets to the root problem, the bacteria. I take about 5 to 8 drops of it and put it into glass filled with 1/2 an ounce of water. I stir the mix with my brush and then get to brushing, rinsing thoroughly afterwards.

Water: I’d say that one out of three raw foodies is still dehydrated. Up until two years ago I was one of them. Now I start my morning off with a litre of spring water with a tablespoon of MSM, two teaspoons of organic lemon and a pinch of sea salt. Water also helps stimulate a bowel movement.

Skin: I start with skin brushing. I can usually knock it out in three minutes. If I’m traveling and forget my brush then I’ll use a dry organic cotton towel. After a good brushing, I hop in the shower and use a mild organic soap. A little organic virgin coconut oil on the skin adds to that raw glow.

The goal isn’t to be perfect, just consistent enough that you’re constantly growing. I used to rush into my day and just starting doing, but now invest time into my internal world first - both spiritually and physically. Eckhart Tolle said it best, “Your external world is a direct reflection of your internal world.” When you make your internal world a priority, naturally your external world unfolds beautifully.

8:30am: Creating the day - I spend 90% of my working day on the computer. That’s why it’s important to me to create my day before I hop online. I do this by taking 30 minutes to set my outcomes for the day on paper. Outcomes are different than to-do lists because they focus on intention rather than just getting things done. My outcomes always come back to larger goals that I set for the week, month or next 90-day period. Once my goals are on paper, I update my schedule on the computer and just fly baby!

9:30am: Team - Everything from We like it Raw to my internet consulting company, DBoost, is run by a team. Before we get started on projects we take an opportunity to check-in with each other via group chat or conference call to see where we need to collaborate. This morning check-in also allows us to share personal insights and talk about larger vision. World-transforming vision!

11:00am: Get juicy - My first meal of the day comes in liquid form. Usually that means I’m blending up a green shake or superfood elixir. My standard green shake has a Brazil nut milk base with maca, acai powder, raw chocolate (sometimes), organic raw honey, Raw Power protein powder and one of the many high-quality green powders out there.

12 noon to 4pm: With purpose - Right around noon is when my real work starts. My work takes shape in 45 to 90 minute sessions. I have a kitchen timer on my desk to keep me present and keep my work purposeful. I also turn off my cell phone, home office phone, email notices, chat applications and anything else that could be distracting.

During this time I could be editing a podcast for We Like It Raw, scoping out designs for a DBoost client, posting Shannon’s latest recipe on Give it to me Raw, writing a proposal for a new business venture, reviewing Shannon’s amazing recipe posts, sourcing a product to sell or sending projects to our overseas teams.

4:30pm: Get ripped - Breaking my day up with a workout session does wonders for my energy. And since I primarily work from my home office, it’s easy for me to step away to invest time into fitness. For the last four years I was in and out of the gym, but recently I started on a home workout system called PX90 and I love it! It’s really important that raw foodists, especially males, do some sort of strength training. It’s easy to lose mass when you first go raw. Working out, with the raw right diet, can counter that and build serious muscle.

6:30pm: Breaking bread - Most of the first half of my day is spent working alone. In the evening it’s nice to mix things up by getting together with family or friends for a big kale salad. When I’m at home in Delaware that means dinner with my business partners Nirav, Mihir and Neel. When I’m in New York City that means dinner at Pure Food and Wine with the We Like It Raw entourage, Anthony and Philip. If we’re lucky, Sarma Melngailis will join in.

8:00pm: Winding down - Evenings are an opportunity to connect with family. You can usually find me either a) hanging out with my lovely sisters or b) visiting my original raw food mentor, Mr. Nature love. Nature and I chat about everything from the latest Kanye West track to our thoughts on Vladimir Megre's Anastasia.

11:00pm: Thank you! - I close my day by spending an hour or two writing two types of emails. The first are connection emails. These emails are introduction messages sent to two people who are on the same wavelength, but have yet to be introduced. The second type of email I send are gratitude emails: short and sweet personal messages that I send to my network of friends thanking them for being incredible.

Midnight: Stillness - My day ends the same way it started, in stillness. I lay on the floor with my eyes open staring at the sky - just letting everything be as it is. Enjoying in the bliss of having my external world be a reflection of my internal world.

This week we're celebrating Get Fresh! Magazine's 50th issue. Keep a look out for "A day in the life of..." Shannon, Philip and Anthony later this week. You can pickup your copy of Get Fresh! at your local Whole Foods Market.

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