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(90-Day Detox) Day 86: Piling up on probiotics

Posted May 22 2009 7:52pm

I never really gave much credence to the whole probiotic thing. I think some disillusioned doctor once upon a time told me that it was all a bunch of hog wash. Well, if that hog wash is the reason my bowels are singing a happy tune this morning, then roll me in mud and call me, “Porky!”


Day 86. Maybe if I pull that old Day 86 1/2 trick this detox will never end.

But alas, all good things must come to an end. (Just so that other, better things can happen, too!) Can’t wait to show you the Raw Mom Summit!

I had a date last night. A date with Mr. Right. :-) We got together to watch the Moulin Rouge because it’s got a redhead with blue eyes and the prince in the movie is a writer. Mr. Right could also be Mr. Write because he’s a writer, too. Anyway, I started this meandering blog post with the intent of talking about PROBIOTICS! You know–the food that’s filled with little critters that are good for your bowels!

Well, last night, when I showed up at Mr. Right’s place, the table had been set as a surprise and LOADED up with treats from our local raw food restaurant. And yes, that sweetie McGee had even bought me some PROBIOTICS!! Kombucha was my “wine” on the side! If you’re not including the following foods in your menu these days, I propose you get on the good bacteria bandwagon and make it happen:





Home made fermented seed cheeses and stuff!

hmmm… what else? The others escape me, but you get the idea. I’ve been doing my best to include a lot more of these in my menu and I’m really quite happy about it. I can feel it makes a difference. I’ve also been dosing up on chlorella.

So… I think we should do a special teleseminar with Angela Elliott on fermenting because she’s the QUEEN of fermented foods. She really knows her stuff. Speaking of Angela… she’s coming back on Monday for a redo of the last teleseminar we tried to do on how to survive as a raw foodie in a cooked food family!

Did you check out this week’s issue of Health in High Heels? Did you get it in your inbox? Was I too risqué with that subject title? You know me, I’m such a word goof, I sometimes get carried away. Let me know if you think it was too much.;-)

I’m off to get the kids! Tonight I’ve got some packing to do and bills to pay and lots of things to get in order before I move next week! YIKES! I can’t believe I’m moving!!!

Hope you’re having a fabulous day. Remember that we’re going to start a final green smoothie challenge on sunday. Even if you just do ONE day of green smoothies, that would be great. Let’s just finish off with a team boost of green lovin’!

I’m sorry this isn’t more interesting, but tomorrow I’m sure divine inspiration will strike again. Right now my clock is strking that it’s time to go get the kids.

Really do hope you’re having a spectacular day!

Smooches and sunshine,


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