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(90-Day Detox) Day 76: In Women We Trust

Posted May 10 2009 11:07pm

Today is Mother’s Day.


Since this is a site devoted largely to addressing the health and emotional needs of women, on a day like today I’m not going to be very shy about celebrating them.

I’ve had a good dose of femininity this morning.

Some raunchy poetry, some feminist tunes by Vanessa Daou and some of my FAVORITE songs of all time by Ani Difranco. I love, love, loooove her. Here are my FAVES:

Little Plastic Castle

As Is

32 Flavors

Blood in the Boardroom

These come from the days when I had a buzz cut and an earing in my nose. ;-) We all have to have a funky, punky side and Ani Difranco definitely speaks to mine. If you get the chance to check these out with their lyrics you likely won’t be disappointed. But then again, that depends on how much you’re in communication with your funky, punky side, Girlfriend. ;-)

For my Mother’s Day present I got a poem to melt my little French-speaking heart from Mika and a BEAUTIFUL drawing of a home from Sebastian. Jason (the “ex”) made me a great little card, too. THESE are the best presents, ever.

I gave myself some time playing the piano this morning. That was a treat.

I’m giving myself clean laundry and a green juice today, as well. Tomorrow we kick off the 3-Day Green Smoothie Revival. I may keep my posts here a bit shorter in the interests of keep that blog going for a couple days, so you’ll want to pop and check out the Green Smoothie Blog. I’ll remind you. :-)

Leading up to the end of this 90-Day detox, I thought we could do 3 days on, 3 days off. We have TWO WEEKS LEFT!! Let’s plough through to the finish line feeling better than ever. I recommend doing 3 days on Green Smoothies, then 3 days off. If you can do green juices, too, that would be great!!

Sunshine, I’ve got a special Mother’s Day announcement I’m hoping Jimmy can help me with. Shannon Leone and I have been up to some exciting things and we wanted to show it off on Mother’s Day, but it looks like it might happen a day or two later.

Tonight is our teleseminar with Angela Elliott on how to stay raw in a cooked food family. Hopefully she’ll have some good tips for us this evening. Here’s a link to the announcement about this again, in case you missed it. We won’t be sending out reminders again, so make sure you pencil it in your calendar. I’ve got some bok choy to wash and green juice song in my heart, so I’m off for now. Don’t forget to think about what commitments you can make for the remaining two weeks of our detox! I’ve not yet decided for this week, so I’ll announce mine later.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a mother or not. You’re a woman! Celebrate life, love and the power to create both of those things in the world!

Make this YOUR day!

All my funky, punky girlie love!


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