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(90-Day Detox) Day 72: A Green Smoothie Revival and Commitment Time!

Posted May 04 2009 4:50pm

Whoooooa! They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you sure can teach an old dog old tricks. ;-)

I rediscovered Green Smoothies yesterday! It’s amazing how we know what we’re supposed to do, can get very enthusiastic about an idea, jump on board and then completely forget about it a year or two later. I mean, they call me the Green Smoothie Queen and I won’t confess how long it had been since I’d had a green smoothie!

This morning I blended myself up a mega batch of GREEEEN LOVE and it felt SOOooooo good. :-)

You know, it’s funny because I’ve been doing a lot of reading… and I think I even told you I was going to come up with some articles about cooked food and the benefits of raw and stuff like that. A very good thing to do and I’ve been doing some great reading, but sometimes it’s great to just come back to what makes sense.

One of the things we’ve been talking a lot about lately is how to communicate effectively about something important to you with other people. When you have a message that you’re passionate about sharing, how do you most effectively share that message with others? Well… this of what is involved in explaining “raw food” to people and compare that with thinking about what is involved in explaining “green smoothies” to people.

I became convinced this weekend that the best way to spread the word about health and nutrition is by telling people about Green Smoothies.

I took some great steps forward in preparation for my detox yesterday. I cleaned out all the cupboards at home. Got rid of the cooked food and bought loads of fruits and veggies and greens. Then…

…came to spend the day at a friends house. And, uh, well I found the tomato sauce! Anyone who knows me KNOWS I have a weakness for tomato sauce. But anyway, the cool thing is that…


Just after two days of tightening my belt loops a bit and being more disciplined about my eating habits, MY CYST IS GETTING SMALLER!!!

YIpppeeeeee!! Just getting in more green smoothies! I swear I think Green Smoothies are the answer to so many health issues–especially if you’re willing to CHEW THEM!!

This is going to be a VERY busy week. I’m going to have to buckle down and be focused. It’s also Monday so it’s time to renew my commitments for the week, so here goes…

I commit to:

  • –having a productive week. Being focused and getting a lot of great things done for the company.
  • –making green smoothies EVERY DAY! And hopefully some green juices, too!

You know I told the kids that for the next 6 weeks there would be NO cooked food in the house and they are TOTALLY on board. My little munchkins are great. I’m sure they’ll start protesting it once they realize I was serious, but in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the freedom of clean cupboards and a fridge that reflects back to me the things I consider worth putting in the body.

Okay, my new groove invited me out for a movie this evening. So I’ve gotta get all perdied up and ready to go.

Let me know how your week is starting off and what you commit to this week.

Looove and hugs,



As we approach the end of the 90-Day Detox i would loooooooooove to have your feedback on what you think I should do on the blog from here. Would be great to hear your thoughts and ideas on how to keep this place a community hub. Even though attendance has petered out a bit in the comment section, I still get a lot of email from people that I know are reading the blog and following along.

Off to the show and dreaming of popcorn… ;-)

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