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(90-Day Detox) Day 63 Today is Earth Day! What Can You Do?

Posted Apr 23 2009 12:22am

Generally I believe in putting my attention on the things that make the world a better place to be. You won’t likely catch me engaged in a conversation about conspiracy theories, because I’d rather just get busy planting more flowers or sorting out my recycling.

Today is Earth Day. There are times and situations that call for more extreme measures. ;-)

On my Facebook account I’ve been leaving a few links to videos that I suggest people watch. And I can leave a link or two here, in case you’re curious, but don’t spend your day reeling in the negative information about how the state of things on our planet is beyond repair. Don’t spend as much time investigating the problems we have created for ourselves as you do msking choices that address these problems.
There’s no shortage of things you can do to take the next step toward a sustainable lifestyle and while it’s easy to point the finger at the bacon and egg eaters of the world, you could just as easily point it at yourself and ask,

“What more can I do to take responsibility for the health of our environment and humankind?”

Frreeeeakin’ big question, isn’t it! And I admit that not all people are up for the challenge of asking themselves, nevermind answering it.

Supreme Master TV has a pretty neat idea. They recognize that the planet is in crisis, and rather than disperse into a whole bunch of different ideas, concerns, etc., they have simply ONE mission: Convert people to a vegetarian diet because THIS ALONE would handle 80% of our toxic burden on the planet.

THIS IS WORTH WATCHING. It really lays out some statistics at the end. It gets to the point. I’m sure there are more graphic versions and some with less subtitles, but I figured this would do the trick, and on the same page are dozens of links to similar resources, too.

If you’re having trouble finding reasons not  to choke back another piece of pizza, then google some John Robbins videos.

They say that even after people have stopped trying to help themselves, they still can be motivated to help another person. Interesting idea! Let’s use it to our advantage and inspire the world to take Responsibility for our health and the sustainability of life on Earth.

I know I do A LOT to be more environmentally conscious, but there are little things I let slip here and there; a light on, the heat too high, etc.  In honor of Earth Day I wanted to point my finger at my own nose and ask what I can do…

Happy Earth Day, Everyone!

What are you going to do to make a difference? Personally, I’m going to spend the day reflecting on that question very seriously, and then I’ll get back to you.
Green is the color of my Love,


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