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(90-Day Detox) Day 51: The Best Saturday

Posted Apr 12 2009 12:19am

If yesterday was Good Friday, today is clearly the BEST Saturday.

I’m sitting here perched on the edge of my chair, my jacket is still on and the groceries are still on the table, but I just couldn’t hold back from telling you about my day!


You know me! I could go on and on about the details, but it’s the kind of day where everything just falls into place like a puzzle.

Here are a couple things:

I was running the kids in the jogging stroller to the supermarket quite far from our house. It would have been about 40 minutes running. Anyway, I knew the way fairly well, but then as I was running south, I saw a road and thought, “Go this way!” So I turned left and took a path I didn’t know.

We ended up in the boonies–I was sure we’d taken a detour and that I’d now have to add a hefty 15 minutes to my route. Then all of a sudden we stumbled upon the exact place we were trying to go. It was like a dream. The kids and I just looked at each other thinking, “Is this for real?” “Are we MAGIC?”

I’m skipping details, but you just have to take my word for it, the moment was blissfully seredipitous enough that all three of us were dumbstruck.

I feel so “on track” right now–as though life couldn’t possibly get any sweeter than it is. And you know the CRAZY thing…

…in the last 24 hours I broke just about every allergenic rule in the book. (Sorry, Dr. Ritamarie!)

I even drank BEER!


The Dutchman and I decided to go dancing last night and I had a Dutch beer. (I can’t believe I did it, nevermind that I’m actually telling you about it!!) It happens about once every 2 or 3 years that I’ll have an alcoholic beverage. Anyway, the thing that has me just billowing with happiness bubbles is the fact that the beer, the chocolate truffles and the soy-based “veggie dog” I ate in the last 24 hours appear to have had NO ILL EFFECT ON ME WHATSOEVER!


And while I’m certainly not about to start including these things regularly in my diet, I can tell you that I feel FREE from the emotional weight of obsessing about my food. And THAT is a what this detox was designed to bring about in the first place.

OKay, I want to tell you more things about my amazing day:

  • While we were shopping, Mika squealed because the last two days she’s been talking about how badly she wants to find 5 books that she’s in love with. And BINGO she found all 5 at the store tucked in the side of a shelf.
  • I went to the checkout counter (we had basketballs and soccer balls and all sorts of knicks and knacks in our baskets) and the bill came to $284. Because of shopper points that I had accumulated by putting all kinds of expenses on my credit card over the years, I only had to pay $4.28. You can imagine my giggles at that stroke of good fortune. ;-) Like a FREE SHOPPING SPREE!
  • I went outside and was preparing to stuff my jogging stroller full of boxes, stack the kids on top and prepare for the long, arduous journey home (It would have taken me about an hour of HARD PHYSICAL WORK to get the kids home and I would have had to push it to get home in time for the teleseminar that started at 8pm. I was unlocking the jogging stroller when a vehicle pulled up beside me and a man said, “Tera! Let me drive you home.”

It was an old friend I’d not seen for 3 years, but (coincidence?) I had just spoken about him only yesterday to another friend.

I couldn’t stop laughing. Was this a dream? Had someone dipped me in lucky sauce last night? If Dutch beer, truffles and veggie dogs do this for me, then SIGN ME UP, SISTER, I’m having a blast!

Today was the kind of day you just shout out loud spontaneously saying, “I’M MADE OF MAGIC!”

Mika and I just kept looking at each other wondering if it could get better and it just kept getting better and it’s still getting better.

It was truly a magical, spectacularly sensational day. And I’d tell you more about it, but I have two kids to tuck in bed, a teleseminar to attend and work to get done!

A joke from Mika:

“What do boxers like to drink?”



A joke from Sebastian:

“Knock, Knock”

Who’s there?

“The interrupting cow.”

The interrup…


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