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(90-Day Detox) Day 50: Kidney Beans and Nacho Chips

Posted Apr 09 2009 6:50pm

Ha. That’s a subject title if I ever saw one. ;-)

Yesterday I ate kidney beans. Yeeeees. Cooked kidney beans.

*sheepish grin*

I’m giggling now, but I wasn’t giggling last night. ;-) I could have been, though. It sure tasted good and maybe I could have just enjoyed the moment and not had even a little, itty bitty feeling about “I shouldn’t be eating cooked food” running through my head. But I admit that I’m not there yet. Not completely.

Check out this letter:

I am facing a plate of nachos.  They are the good kind of Nachos.  They are made with Flour Tortillas.  I, my friend, am allergic to flour.  I have had four or five of these tasty nachos against my better judgment.  My stomach is now very very angry at me.  It’s a shame too because I started my day off on such a great start.

I made a lovely smooth, strawberries, an apple, a banana, and the fresh squeezed juice of an orange with some coconut oil thrown in for kicks.  I VOWED to start eating raw again.  Then my whirlwind life took over.

I had to get to two different banks, sign my daughter up for summer camp, stop by the doll shoppe, run to the post office, pick up my daughter from school, drop her off at home, and then leave for work.

Between my smoothie in the AM and arriving at work, I had eaten nothing.  This is how my days tend to go.  Pitiful really. I got to work, with nothing in my stomach.

I headed for the Hospital Cafeteria where I looked for the most “natural” thing I could find. What did I settle for? Vickie’s Jalepeno Natural Chips, and a sprite?  Why no salad bar or a piece of the available fruit you might ask?  Because non organic fruit/veggies make me sick.

I skipped my lunch break, and had a butterfinger instead.  I mean really.  At this point, why not just indulge?

I need help.

P.S.   I threw away the nachos……they made me sick.

Sound familiar? Resonate with anyone out there?

But take time for an A-HA moment.

Did you spot it? Did you spot the glitch in the system? Did you spot where things went wrong?

I did.

How would RC’s situation have been different if she’s taken the time to address her own needs properly before bolting out of the house in the morning? I’m not saying it’s easy, but I am saying it’s possible when we choose to prioritize ourselves. If she would just take a bit more time for herself in the morning, then what difference would it make for the rest of the day?

Her message really spoke to me, because it’s exactly where I’ve been going wrong, too, lately. I’ve had the kids a lot more  and wrestling with them in the mornings has meant I’ve put myself and my green juices as a second priority. So I wait a looooong time to eat and by the time I’m ravenous, juice is NOT going to cut the mustard and the idea of washing all those veggies turns me off.

I’d like to work on improving that.

I think the way you start your day is REALLY important. Like the sun that rises and sets, I like the idea of giving ourselves rhythms to mark the day–patterns that guide the flow of life as it moves through us. These are things worth creating, in my opinion. So, I’m going to spend this week working up to a new routine for myself in the morning. I know having something in place would make mornings a lot more clear and peaceful for the kids, too. Then I start out eating good foods and want more of the same.

You don’t need to worry about our friend above. She’s routed onto the Body Enlightenment System. One of the best parts of that program is the emphasis on creating a routine/rhythm. Being able to take the time to choose what your mornings and evenings will flow is a valuable thing to do.

As I mentioned, today’s teleseminar guest is Nick Ortner. I’m really excited about what he has to say about EFT and look forward to trying it out in the areas of my life that could use a super boost.

Why is it that we go against our better judgement?

What turns on or off the “control” switch when it comes to making the best choices for ourselves?

How to we get back in the driver’s seat if we feel we’ve lost control?

These are great questions and I’ll be directing a few of them to Nick in just a few moments.

I know reading the message above and having observed myself this week in action, one of the BIGGEST things that throws me off my game is NOT BEING PREPARED.

The washing of veggies and prepping them for juice is much harder to do when you’re ravenously hungry. Wash your veggies in advance. Prep a lot of greens so you’re all when hungry strikes. Menu plans really help with that, too, for some people.

The Dutchman gave me a little gift last time we met. A tea mug (how appropriate given that all our dates have involved tea). On it were written these words, and I’ll leave them with you as I head off to prep for my teleseminar with Nick about EFT:

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.”

Love and hugs,



What about you, Sunshine? Do you have a rhythm, a routine, a process or pattern that guides your day? your week” your life? Do you think it’s valuable to put something like this in place? I’d love to hear your thoughts, as always!

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