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(90-Day Detox) Day 44: The First Rule Of Juice Feasting

Posted Apr 01 2009 2:21pm

Yesterday’s blog post provoked an interesting discussion and I love that things are heating up around here a bit. I so appreciate that we’ve all created a space safe enough to say it like it is. At least, I hope we have. I love that our experiences feed into each other and that we’re evolving our understanding of health and life and living.

I like being held accountable. I appreciate it when Shaun tells me I’m being a goof, or when Karyn corrects me on something. Being challenged is the best way we learn new things. So challenge me! I really try hard to make ethical, responsible choices and stand behind them. I try not to wear too much social veneer or change myself to be who others want me to be. I’m not looking for praise, approval or sympathy. Just looking to get through this wild and crazy adventure of life with the least amount of broken limbs and the most amount of fun and good deeds under my belt. I think life is more fun as a team effort, so I’m thrilled to have you all here and to be a part of this community.

Feels pretty neat.

I made some big green juices this morning. Very good of me, I think, being so proactive and all. But they taste absolutely awful and I’m having a very hard time choking it back. I think I ODed on dandelion. Blllleeeech! I was pleased with myself for getting up early and making a whole bunch of juice, because if there’s one thing I can say I have figured out about juice feasting is this very important rule:

Important Rule #1:  If You’re Going to do a Juice Feast, You Have to Make Juice.

Seems simple, I know, butyou’d be surprised how long it took me to figure that one out. ;-) It doesn’t matter how many times I wash my celery or fluff my chard or organize my juicer on the counter, unless I dirty that beast and start shoving produce through the pipes I will never get any juice. (I can’t believe that I took 5 years to make a green juice eventhough I had a Green Power Mega Machine juicer the entire time.)

Reading other people’s blogs about juice feasting also never got me to make a juice. It was only when someone made a juice for me that I realized, “Heeey, this stuff is good” and from there I was hooked and it became worth the effort.

Also, I think it’s pretty important to make a lot of juice, so that you are really prepared when hunger strikes. If you don’t have enough, I think it’s too easy to grab a banana. Anyway, today is Juice Feast Day 1: Take 245.

I loved Karyn’s email to me about this situation:

Hi Tera,

After I wrote my comment for yesterday’s blog post,  I was thinking some more about juice feasting. I too have wanted to try it. In the past year or so I’ve poured over David Rainochek’s site, read Angela Stokes’ juice feasting e-book and followed Phillip McCluskey’s juice feasting journey. But like you, I didn’t make it a whole day on just juice.

I started thinking about what you (and I) have been writing/learning about…taking things on a gradient, listening to our bodies, learning to do what’s right for our own individual selves… and I remembered a couple of things: There’s a wonderful Native American saying “Don’t push the river”. In other words, go with the flow and don’t try to swim upstream. So I was thinking, maybe those of us who haven’t been able to get into juice feasting haven’t done so because it’s not right for our bodies (at least not at this particular time).  Of course we need to be really clear on what it is that’s keeping us from doing the feast: is it our brains/thoughts, our emotions/feelings or our bodies/physiology?

Anyway, I thought you might be interested in reading Steve Pavlina’s experience with juice feasting (if you haven’t already done so):

Have an awesome day!

Exactly. The fact that I’m not getting through a day of juice feasting doesn’t mean I’ve “failed”. It just means I’m not where I’m trying to be. And when I’m ready and the situation is right, I’ll get there. Or not. Until then, I’m working on it by gradient. :-) And besides, all this talk about juice feasting… I’m DOING A DETOX, for Heaven’s sake. Shouldn’t that be enough? ;)

Speaking of detox, today is a big day. I’ve got quite a few things to get done, announcements to make articles to write, etc. I’m going to announce this week’s teleseminar guest! It’s already happening tomorrow! This will be Daniel Aaron, a friend of Brian’s in Bali who I think you’ll love!

Then we’re having an interview with Brendan Brazier (who I think is a real live superhero!) and  then Mr. Hair of the Year Award, Matt Monarch with a (you can ask me ANYTHING call) and then I’ve got some other playful surprises up my sleeves, but all things will be revealed in good time. Right now I’ve got to hussle my buns and get some stuff done.

Today’s the day we finally release the detox program. Fiiiiiinnnnaaaaaalllly! In the name of playful gests and giggles, my brother send me this and I simply couldn’t resist:

Check This Out for an April Fool’s Day giggle.

Love and snuggles,


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