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(90-Day Detox) Day 41: Saturday, Sunshine and a Sleepy Diva

Posted Mar 29 2009 4:14pm

What a day!

It started with a run, then a session of hot yoga and a nice morning walk with the kids.

Then some procrastinating and playing about until the afternoon found me sunning myself on a bench in the park while the kids played. It was HOT! It felt like summer was sneaking in already! I loooooved it and feel so grateful for the change of seasons right now. I actually got a bit of color. I wore my new super sexy yoga top and my winter skin got a bit of a pink sun spanking! Kinda nice. Feels good.

Last night’s call with Brian filled me up with some kind of gigantic bliss bubble and I’m STILL smiling from ear to ear! What a beautiful person and how fun to find someone else just right on the same wavelength the whole time. Last night’s call was loaded with reminders for me to live MY bliss.

If you haven’t listened to that call, it’s worth your time. Brian said something about the derivation of the word, “enthusiasm” and it just resonated with me! I looove living with enthusiasm. I love my life! I love how I live it. Even the bumps and burps and scraped knees that sometimes happen, my good heavens life is SWEEEEEET!

I should be finished the detox announcement tonight! That’s going to be very exciting.

Just polished off a tall glass of green juice and the kids are tucked in bed. I think I’ll save the extended dialogues and mega inspirations for during the week. Our next special teleseminar guest is going to be Brian’s neighbor in Bali. Then there’s another boy many of you know very well who will be stepping on stage. Then.. .well, then I don’t know who’s going to pop up and make life interesting, but if you have suggestions, special requests, I’m certainly receptive to your feedback.

Before I plug out to work on the detox announcement, here’s a bit of inspiration that totally touched me today and while it’s being addressed to high school children, the message will hit right smack on the bulls eye of a lot of you who are reading this blog.

I cried. ( Such a sap!)

Then, to finish it all off, here’s a song that kinda says where I’m at and makes me wanna escape into more sunny moments like I had today! It was such a beautiful day, but now I’m realizing my eyelids are awfully heavy. I think I’ll be tucking myself in early tonight…

How was your Saturday, love?



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