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(90-Day Detox) Day 37: Back In Action With Gusto!

Posted Mar 25 2009 4:26pm

Good morning, my little Sparkle Puff of delight! I sure appreciate all the kind words people send me and encouragement to rest. I am feeling much better and I got a lot of sleep, so thanks!

I also used the opportunity of being “tucked away” to move forward on the detox announcement that we’re supposed to be putting together this week and I am SOOOOOO excited. I can hardly wait to show it to you and to kick-start the next stage of deep tissue detox for those of us who will be carrying through with that level of intensity in this program.

Okay, prepare for a mega-update.There’s a lot to say and a day in the bed feels like I’ve missed a week of action.

First of all, I’m going to make a little confession, here and it’s just slightly uncomfortable. My brother would squirm in disgust if I said this in front of him, and quite frankly a lot of other people I know would, too, but I still want to tell you what happened for me, because, well…

…I guess that’s just the way I am. I put it all out there, with the hope that it might help you, too.

So, here it is:

Yesterday when I wasn’t feeling well, I realized there was something toxic brewing inside. It must have come in through the seaweed salad I ate, because I remember reacting to it almost immediately. That or the green vegetables, I’m not sure. Maybe a bug slipped in through my celery juice. I don’t know, but it sure didn’t feel comfortable.

I spent a lot of time hugging the toilet bowl, but that didn’t seem to do the trick. Nothing would come out and I’m just not good at “forcing” that particular issue. So I waited and allowed things to move through a bit. When I was sure they’d moved “further down the track” then I did…

…an enema!

Yup! The “Big E” as Jimmy likes to call it.

Now, maybe it’s no coincidence that this week we have our special guest with Michael Perrine where he’s going to tell us “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Poop, But Where Too Afraid to Ask.” I am the one who gets to put myself out there and ask the rosy-cheek questions. (I can take it. ;-)) Anyway, I know it’s a subject of controversy and the reason I’m bringing it up is because for a long time I advised people against it. For a long time I just regurgitated what people told me about it.

I used all the excuses that “it’s not natural”. We’re just “not supposed to” do that kind of thing. It’s the exit door, not the entrance, blah, blah, blah.

I heard fear tactics like “I know someone who did an enema and never took another natural bowel movement again!”

I’m sorry, I’m not totally convinced about that one, and fear-mongering isn’t my style. The next time someone tells me something like this I’m going to ask WHO, WHERE and How do I get in touch to ask them a few questions myself.

Fortunately for me, my commitment to base my truth on experience over indoctrination has allowed me to expand my horizons. That and the realization that there’s very little about how we live that is natural these days, so “natural” doesn’t serve as justification not to do something anymore.

It’s not “natural” to wear clothes, but if I tell the police that when I’m walking nude in the street, I’ll still get arrested.

I don’t look out my window and find seaweed, chard or pineapples growing. If I had to live “naturally”, I’d have died a very loooong time ago. So this isn’t just about being “natural”. It’s also about doing what makes sense TO YOU, given your conditions and situation in life and then having the courage to try things and find out for yourself what works.

As much as I would have loved to have given birth to my son “naturally” I’m quite certain either he or I would have died on the table if science hadn’t been there to help us out. I’m all for nature and natural living, but I think science and the “unnatural” world has its valuable contributions to society, and the fact that you’re even reading this in the first place is proof of that.

I’ve lived in the jungle before and tried to lead a “natural” life and those of you who know me closely, know it didn’t work out so well for me. I’m okay with walls, with internet and YES! even high heels and lip gloss. There’s nothing natural about these things and I’m okay with that. :-)

I want to feel good. I want to live a fulfilling life and make the world a better place. I want to learn, grow and share ( love you, Fred!) and do whatever I can to make things work in my life and in the lives of those around me. So that’s why I’m coming out of the colonic closet to say that experience has now shown me that flushing the intestinal tract with water is far, far, far more comfortable than suffering with toxicity and constipation.

I am a believer!

Now, granted, I don’t know everything about it, perhaps there are risks, things I should be concerned about. But there are risks to constipation, too, and risks to worrying about the risks of constipation. And where I do not know all the story, I can seek answers and THAT is why Michael is coming this week on Thursday to answer our questions.

I encourage you to visit his site and check out some of his resources. (and eh hem, you can check HIM out while you’re at it.;-)) I think you’ll be more than impressed with this character and I do hope you’ll join us on Thursday for the scoop on poop and much, much more.

:-) (Just couldn’t resist, sorry!)

Now, that’s all out of the way, what other juicy things do I have to share?

I suppose that’s quite a sufficient update, except for the fact that I forgot to mention, my date with Brian Johnson has been reschedule for THIS Friday at 9pm EST. I’ll make that call available again and change the links on the original announcement. Anyway, just pencil that one in your calendar, because it’s going to be inspiring.

I’ve been observing some things and I’m very excited about pushing a few buttons with him to ask him some questions about how he does it all.

A Really Neat Thing Is That…

…because the power went out at Brian’s place, his friend Daniel Aaron dropped me an email to let me know Brian couldn’t make it to the call. Turns out Daniel is *hold your britches, my dear* an expert on “the joys of the all aphrodisiac diet” and much, much more. He runs a yoga training center in Bali and I’ve so enjoyed my connection with him and was SO, SOOOO inspired by some of the things he’s doing that I’ve decided I’m moving to Bali!!

Okay, just kidding, but I know some of you wouldn’t put an extreme move like that past me. Nor should you.;-) He he…

Seriously, though. He’s going to be our teleseminar guest next week and you know, I’m SUPER excited about this. And while I might not be moving to Bali YET, I am wheeling and dealing with some close friends about the idea of doing a retreat there. We’re torn between Bali and Hawaii. Anyway, we’ll keep you posted, but that’s for later in the summer.

Here’s a quote from Daniel’s website that got me thinking in a BIG way. I loved it:

“Work does not kill you, food does. God does not kill you, food does. Food is your first and last enemy. If you take in more than you can handle, it takes all of your energy to digest it.”
( Yogi Bhajan )

I’m not going to show you his website yet, and dont you go googling his name either. Just busy yourself with checking out Michael Perrine and hang on to your shorts for that super inspirational call with Brian, and then I’ll show you all the juicy stuff Daniel has to offer.


Guess the silence had gotten to me, huh? I seem to have purged a prolific expression of my thoughts for one day and so I will leave you with a few of your own thoughts, well, the thoughts of program participants like yourself that take the time send me their thoughts, expressions and appreciation. But before you get started, why don’t youclick this link and get the musical soundtrack to this part started up:

What You Have to Say About Things


I meant to write this yesterday (Saturday, end of GSC) but it just didn’t happen!  I did indeed make it to the finish line of the 7 day Green Smoothie Challenge and I feel great!  I feel more centered physically and emotionally.  Not noticing many detox symptoms either, but I was eating mostly raw before the challenge.  But this was a great way to really focus on the greens and I have been telling people how it cuts down on most all cravings, amazingly! But it does make sense if greens are one of the most nutrient dense foods available.

I have discovered during this challenge how much I enjoy collards and mixed baby greens in my smoothies and have really increased the green part of the fruit:greens ratio!  Thanks so much for offering these challenge!  I am now signed up for the 7 day free detox, printed out the materials and organized them into a binder notebook and excited to get started!  My focus will be on cutting down on oils and using fats a little less!  And drinking plenty of water of course!  By the way, yesterday I spent a whole 45 mintues with my Omega juicer, juicing the heck out of some veggies that needed to be used and made nearly a whole quart of pure veggie juice, including a whole handful of parsley!

With much green goodness thanks,


I love this lady, she just hits me up with doozies all the time and yet insists she has nothing to say to the world. Check out this one:

This has most definitely been a week from Hell, but I never once wavered about how I was nourishing myself.  No wine, no pizza, no pills, no Hershey’s (or even Trader Joe’s 85%) chocolate.  I just kept on doing what you taught me to do…and it worked!

It worked because it’s the right thing to do, to eat like this.  To listen to our bodies and provide the things it really needs.  My son spent time in Nepal, in the Peace Corps. One thing that impressed him is that the people where he was stationed have no word for “want,” but several words for “need.”

I think, as a country, we’d be a lot better off if we did, bought, ate, lived more of what we need and MUCH less of what we want.

It’s time to make juice, and later a smoothie…and probably another one tonight.  I’m loving the simplicity of them and feel no need for fancier meals.  I’m grounded and at peace, and you showed me the way.

Thanks again, love.

Now, this is pure love and enthusiasm in 1s and 0s. ENJOY!!

Hi Again Tera,

Well, I’m on a Diva inspired roll here!

I’m reading Leslie Kenton and Cherie Calbom and
I am SO ready for the Deep Tissue Detox.
Bring it on Sistah!!

I love the Gradient concept.
I realize that that is just what I’ve been doing on my raw food/optimum health journey BUT
instead of patting myself on the back for all the progress I’ve made, I was beating myself up for
not being “good enough”!

So, for my fellow travelers on this journey….
When I started “going raw” about a year and a half ago, I couldn’t imagine how I was ever going to
“give up” cookies, ice cream, candy….
Then a few months into it, I was rarely eating those foods but couldn’t imagine how I was ever going to
“give up” crackers, chips, bread….
Then a more few months into it, I was rarely eating those foods but couldn’t imagine how I was ever going to “give up” cheese, yogurt, kefir
Hmmm… thinks there’s a pattern emerging here :o)

Now…although I do occasionally partake of a less than optimal food choice, most of the time the foods I eat are raw, living and plant based.
Now…although I do occasionally crave a less than optimal food choice, most of the time I crave “weird” things like kale or parsley (REALLY…. I DO!!)

This morning, while reading over the last few days of Tera’s blog posts, I had an A-HA moment:
I wasn’t “giving up” anything, I was “letting go” of those things (food, possessions, habits, relationships) that no longer served me. Wow! How liberating. Yeah, I’ve got a way to go on this journey but wow, I sure have come a long long way in a very short time.

Thanks Tera
Thanks Diva Friends!

Oh … I have to share another recipe.
Here’s what I made last night for dinner.

I’ve named it my “ Diva Inspired Detox Salad”
(Sorry about the lack of measurements …. my food preparation tends to be more art than science)

Large handful of sunflower sprouts
Large handful of arugula
Small handful of dulse
2-3 stalks of bok choy
1-2 green apples (granny smith)
Sprinkling of raisins
Drizzle of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
Lemon juice (I used a half slice cut maybe about 1/4″ thick)
Fresh ground pepper to taste

Place the sprouts, arugula, dulse and bok choy leaves in a bowl & cut into small pieces (I use a pair of kitchen scissors and cut everything pretty fine)
Dice the bok choy stalks and toss ‘em in
Chop/dice the green apples and toss ‘em in (I include everything - core, seeds - just not the stem)
Sprinkle on the raisins
Drizzle on the olive oil
Squeeze on the lemon juice
Grind on the pepper
(Do a little dance while you’re doing all this — so much fun!)
Toss and enjoy!

Bright blessings,

And with that, my lovelies… I’m on my way to purge what little bacteria might still be wriggling about in a sesssion of (you guessed it) HOT YOGA!!! Mmmmhmmm…Love you!

YOU!! What are you going to do to make this day the best day ever? And what do you think off all this chatter-whacking I’ve just done! My goodness gracious!!! Look forward to hearing from you…


DON’T wait on the world to change! Get up and change it yourself!


Jimmy wants me to do a bulleted list to that he can do a cool new trick on the blog. Here’s a list of all the things I can do to make this day (here’s to you Wolfie) the BEST DAY EVER:

  • Go to hot yoga
  • Buy a whole bunch of greens and load up on fresh fruit and veggies
  • Do my hair and get myself some new, styling yoga pants
  • Snuggle my muffins with 1000 kisses
  • Have a phone conversation with someone who inspires me
  • Pee. No, really. I have to go pee, now!!! Byeeeee! Love you!!
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