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(90-Day Detox) Day 35: The Only Way Out Is Through! Part 1

Posted Mar 25 2009 4:26pm

Okay, lovebuttons. I know this is a late night post, but there was a parents’ meeting and a meeting with my new landlord and a hot date (and I do mean HOT date) with my pores at yoga!

I just HAVE to tell you what happened to me yesterday as I was walking and smiling and strutting my happy green stuff in the street. I was coming out of somewhere… oh! Having bought my groceries at the health food store. I was pushing the jogging stroller, loaded with fruits and veg, and I walked past a couple of men who were Italiano and chatting away…

…I smiled and just walked right past. When I was about 3 stores down, one of them yelled out at me at the top of his lungs,



It’s that special? I felt happy the whole day for that one! Just another example of how you can make someone feel so good, when you’re brave enough to say what you think when you think it. That just made my day! :-)

Today was pretty great, too. I did two great things for myself today:

  • I RELEASED a project I had been ify about. I’d been thinkin’,. wonderin’, tryin’ waiting to see if and how I would make something happen and today I said,


In the nicest way possible, of course.

Here’s what became my affirmation for the day:

I CHOOSE to prioritize the projects and people that GIVE me strength and that excite and empower me and I RELEASE the rest to the wind.

Eventhough having released this project meant losing some significant opportunities, I just had to go with my GUT and not my brain and SET IT FREE.

So I did and I’m sure I’ll be really glad about it eventually.;-) It did hurt a bit, because there are always costs involved (emotional as much as financial) when letting go of something, but you know what they say about doors and stuff…

…you have to close one door before you can let another open.

So, here’s to promising possibilities with projects and believe that inspire me to be the best I can be and have the most positive impact on the world.


  • The other thing I did for myself was I prioritized ME! I went to my yoga class even though I was heavily tempted to come here and do my late blog duties. I let the guilt go for the late blog post and just sweat myself to bliss by going to yoga!!

So overall, I’m feeling empowered. Voila today’s themesong:


I’ll be putting up the announcement very soon for our teleseminar with Michael tomorrow! Remember, this is going to be YOUR opportunity to ask questions, so once that announcement is up, you better start sending me all your questions and concerns. ASK ANYTHING!!! He really said we could ask ANYTHING, so let’s do it!

You can leave you name out if you’d like it to be anonymous. That’s totallly fine. On the call, just so you know, I won’t say something like,

“Umm… Michael, Stacey in Winnipeg, wants to know if poop should sink or float and why?”

;-) Love you, Stacey.

Okay, here’s another reminder that FRIDAY is my rescheduled date night with Brian Johnson. PLEASE, you do NOT want to miss that call, it’s going to be AMAZING and I’m so looking forward to it! There are more things up the pipes, but I think we’ve got enough to worry about for now.

It’s time for some emergency support, bu t since this is getting long and juuust in case you’ve been waiting for my post, I’m going to continue it and put the rest up in another post. I have A LOT to say and so I may as well keep it going. A sequel.

Stay tuned and in the meantime, check out Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin on that theme song I told you to start up!

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