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(90-Day Detox) Day 24:The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Posted Mar 12 2009 4:29pm

Oh you little Lovebugs, you!! You don’t even know how happy you make me when I come on to see 28 new comments on yesterday’s post! Oh goodness! Thank you, Ladies.

Now… time for this afternoon’s confessional.

I’m busted.

I ate late, but this time, I HAVE AN EXCUSE so I can weasel my way out of this. Actually, it was my brother’s birthday last night and we didn’t finish dinner and dessert until quite late. It was 11:30 when the last truffle slipped through my lips. However, this morning I am feeling optimistic and here to announce that TODAY the Green Smoothie Challenge started! They’re going to be doing 7 days of predominantly Green Smoothies starting on Saturday.

Well, I’ve been wanting to try a juice feast, so I’m going to do two days of green juices over the weekend. I’m going to try. Before then, I’m going to lead into it by reducing the amount of fat I’m eating and decreasing the amount of spice, salt and heavy foods.

One of the tendencies people have after a binge, or after they’ve “fallen off the wagon” is to run to the opposite extreme and fast. I want to avoid the back and forth roller coaster around binging and fasting because it totally destabilizes the body. I think we serve ourselves most when we find a middle path and stabilize ourselves on it. Maybe I’ll never manage to stop eating after 3pm, but if I could stop at 8pm right now, that would certainly leave me feeling better in the mornings.

So I’m going to spend the next couple days gearing up for a juicy feast treat on the weekend. I’ll keep you posted. Speaking of juicy…

I received this message this morning from someone I care a lot about. It kinda kicked my butt.

Raw foodists can’t make a dime telling people to eat nuts, seeds, fruits, veggies, and sprouts and NOTHING ELSE, so they make stuff up…and push supplements, super foods, and RULES for which most of them have no training to spout about.

It makes me sad every time you jump on another person’s bandwagon and start telling us that they have the answers…when none of them have so far. Your BES is perfect, your 7-day detox saved my life, and this no-stress detox is amazing. But then you listen to somebody else, and soon you’re telling us not to eat after noon, or whatever the newest expert is selling.

You know primates, and we ARE primates.  Tell us what to eat, how to prepare it, and how to listen to our bodies.  I eat before bed every night…it keeps my blood sugar up, I guess, because if I don’t eat, I wake in the middle of the night with a headache, visual disturbances, and the other classic signs of a low blood sugar attack.

Before you, I wasn’t healthy and didn’t know why…I was a vegan, but it wasn’t enough.  I was eating tons of soy and grains.  Now, because of you, I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been in my entire LONG life, and I don’t listen to a single EXPERT.

The saddest thing to me was when your body seemed to be craving, needing what was in tomato sauce, but you refused to listen and “conquered that craving.”   And now you say you need to get the sea salt out of your house…maybe you just need salt.

Animals eat when they are hungry, they combine whatever is there, and they don’t soak stuff….and we are animals.

Just my opinion, love bug.


Now, for the record, anyone who is willing to dish it out to me like that has my utmost respect and appreciation. Seriously. I LOOOVE this.  I think it warrants a response. I think she’s right. I think I should eat salt! hehe… I think there are a lot of people spouting off things they know little about. I try to speak about what I know–community, human behavior, emotions and support and product development. Sometimes I encounter ideas that “make sense” to me. Something that fits in under the umbrella of what I consider “believable and acceptable”. But you know what, I’d like to make something really, really clear here:

No matter what I say, no matter what ANYONE tells you about food, nutrition or LIFE ITSELF, don’t believe them. You don’t need to have “faith” when you have facts. You can get facts by OBSERVING AND APPLYING information. If you want to sit back and read books all day about the benefits of juicing, you will still only be halfway to understanding what juicing is all about. A BIG, BIG (the biggest? maybe!) part of understanding comes from experience. Let THAT be your guru. Then when you’ve tried that and still don’t have answers, you can look deeper.

I’m not writing what I write to be convincing. What I write is intended to be APPLIED! See for yourself. How do you feel when you eat before bed? How do you feel when you fast after 3pm? How do you feel when you eat fruit? fat? fig newtons?

Find out for yourself. You can sit there all day and read about the benefits of green food, but until you ditch the doughnut and pick up some dandelion, you’re not getting further ahead. I resonate a lot with Paul Nison’s philosophy not because I’m putting him on a pedestal, but because late night eating is something that I really struggle with. I don’t feel good when I wake up in the morning having eaten late.  I don’t feel good when I watch myself eating as if I’m not the one in control late at night. I tell the world about him, because it is real FOR ME according to my experience and observations.

Yes! We can have “cravings” for things and these can come from real need. But I think we can also have cravings that come from the effects of toxins circulating in the system, from parasites, and from emotionally stimulated triggers that register with our past experiences. Corn Bran cereal will always say “high school” and “bad gas” to me, no matter what. A cigarette, no matter how much we crave it, will never be a good thing for our health.

I loooove you, S, for telling it like it is and I know she knows me well enough to know I’m somewhat easily seduced by some men’s big ideas.  I think in this case I’m still keeping both feet on the ground, my dear, but thanks for looking out for me. Should anyone else have felt that I’d claimed a new guru, let it be known that if late night nibblets are your thing and bring you a spring in your step then ENJOY! I see nothing wrong with that.

And if you see things about what I do that irks you or upsets you, I’ll hope you’ll tell me, too. I don’t have a need to be “right” about things. I’m here learning as I go just like you. But I really think we learn the best when we open ourselves up to clear communication with each other. I’m grateful for this message today and when I check in with myself, it helped me to stay on track–to stay me.

Today’s Success Story

Since S kicked my butt (in a good way), I thought it would be appropriate timing to put up her testimonial. You see, even though she puts me in my place and tells me like it is, she still loves me like glue, too! She’s an incredible woman who, like many of you, has been willing and brave enough to share a great deal of herself with me in the back and forth emails we manage to carry out around here. I do not hide myself from the front lines of this business. You write to me, I’ll answer. I think that’s important and I intend to keep it that way as much as possible.

The fact that I do this means my biggest payment is letters like this one below. My big pay check is the creation of powerful relationships with other women (and some men too, Bob) all around the world and knowing that something I did changed their lives or saved their lives.


This is the story of S–The Dog Rescue Lady.

Every spare penny she has, she puts toward vet bills and saves the lives of some extra-special critters in the world. She’s like an angel, but for dogs. It’s pretty neat. Due to some harsh life experiences, the kind that take real GUTS to survive, S was diagnosed with clinical depression and hypertension. I’ll let her tell the rest of the story from there…

“I was put on Trazadone…later Wellbutrin was added…as well as three different high blood pressure meds each day.  I was taking shots for allergies, and I had arthritis in my hips and knees, as well as tinnitus and painful shoulders from two separate rotator cuff injuries, with restricted movement in one shoulder.  I was also overweight.

I read about Alicia Silverstone doing so well on a raw food diet (I had been a vegetarian for years) and so I did a search and found The Raw Divas (Thank FSM!) and did your first free 7-Day Detox. At the end of the week, I had lost 12 pounds, the tinnitus was gone, the pain in my knees, hips, and shoulders was gone, I was able to get off two of the three BP meds…and cut way down on the third.

I immediately started the BES and felt so amazing, that I slowly weaned myself off the antidepressants (and the third BP med).  I stopped taking allergy shots and while I do still have some allergies at different times of the year, I’ve not had to restart the shots.  I lost a total of 30 pounds.  All of that was wonderful, but the best was how I felt…I was no longer an old woman.

When I saw my doctor, after about four months, he was stunned at the change in me, and said to keep doing exactly what I had been.  So I’m still 100% raw, still off all my meds, and still feeling wonderful.  You see, Tera, you saved my life…and continue to do so.  And because I’m okay, several more dogs have been saved.


You see, another person who got off medications because of the Body Enlightenment System. WOW! Remember, I have a DVD that I make available on my website because I really, really want to see it get in the hands of others. You can check it out here.

Just last night, I got THIS in my inbox:

Subject title: “I owe you my life!”


How do you respond to THAT one?

It’s humbling, you know, to realize that your actions have such a great impact. It spurs me to reach farther, to give more, to persist in spite of the obstacles in my path. Obstacles no doubt put in place by my own limitations.

To those of you who take the time to write in and tell me what you think, I am grateful. Whether it’s good news or “bad” news. Whether it boosts me up or kicks my backside, I’m grateful. Without these I have no way to gauge the efforts I put out there.

I know we can’t please ‘em all, but it sure would be nice to please a lot of people. Here’s the rest of that success story email I received this morning. Hope it inspires you.

Dear Tera,
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for hearing my plea and acting upon it.   I want to meet you someday (I will), and I can’t wait to share my story with you.  We are miles apart - CA, USA to CAN, but I feel a connection to you that I haven’t experienced yet.  I will give you a few insights into my background ….

I am 50 (something!), and was born and raised into a chiropractic, natural health family.  I have been taught (from birth)  much of the information you teach - yes, it was common knowledge throughout the natural health community back then, but very few were exposed to it.  With a few exceptions, nothing was shocking to me, however many things were clarified.  It was as if everything I questioned that didn’t quite seem right in the past, was finally addressed.  I have had my cynical moments, and at one point in my life, lost respect for the movement - due to some uncomfortable feelings and the observation that many in the “birkenstock” crowd did not look and act very healthy, despite all of their efforts and claims of healthful living.

Finally, I was able to realize that the knowledge that my parents had just had to be tweaked.  I wish they were alive today to realize that they were, indeed, so close but some of the things they thought were right were actually detrimental.  My mother fed me books on acid/alkaline balance, fit for life, and so many others - she idolized Dr. Shaklee.  She was right most of the time - so close to the truth, way ahead of her time, but not quite there.

I stumbled upon Dr. Ritamarie’s website while on the VitaMix website.  (My parents had a vitamix when I was born, and I now own a model 5000, plus their original.)  Eventually, I was led to your site.  You have both played a role in my rejuvenation and recovery.  The time is right for me now, however I wish I would not have wasted so many years of my life.  Thank you for inspiring me back to my true calling.

I think you are a genius. Through your website, you are appealing to the healthy, sexy female side of this movement. You caught my attention, and make me want to join in your joyful, energizing, positive way of life.  I am revitalized, inspired and motivated to once again be the vibrant, healthy person I know I am!

My absolute appreciation,

Do one thing today…

…think of someone you have NOT yet told about the Free 7 Day Detox, or the $5 Green Smoothie Challenge, or the Body Enlightenment System. It’s already been proven that these programs CHANGE LIVES. Today I took a bus and just looked at people. I really looked at their skin, their hair, their bodies and their eyes. And I thought to myself, “ Gee Whiz, Tera. You’re probably the only one on this bus that knows what to do to get rid of all the inflammation you see all around you. If you could get these people to drink green smoothies for a couple days, you’d change a lot of lives.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

You don’t need to wait until you have a degree in nutrition before you show people how to operate a blender.

C’mon, Woman! The world needs you. Let someone know about these super simple programs and maybe they’ll send you letters like the one Jeni just sent me:

Hey Tera,

I think we met at raw spirit last summer….Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that after a miserable winter of totally falling off the raw wagon (more than ever before), I did the 3 day smoothie detox and carried it on for 10 days.It really got me out of the foggy rut that I was in and helped me to drop 7 of the 14lbs that I’d manage to aquire!

I’m back on track now and feel loads better.
It’s funny, even though we know all the right stuff to do when we  relapse, sometimes we need a little help from our raw friends to get us back on the path, and thank goodness for them!

Raw love,

xsx jeni xx

Thank goodness for you, too, Sunshine!


Love you like glue, I do, I do!!



PLlllllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssseee don’t forget to sign up for tomorrow’s teleseminar with Dr. Ritamarie! T hat’s going to be a DOOZIE! I am so excited. Tonight I’m going to be early just so I feel totally revitalized and refreshed for this AMAZING CALL! xoxoxo

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