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(90-Day Detox) Day 23: Emergency Late Night Eating Rescue Procedures

Posted Mar 10 2009 4:22pm

It’s time for emergency measures.

The sudden absence of testosterone in my immediate environment has rekindled a late night love affair with FOOD and it has GOT TO STOP!

I do not need to incorporate more raw food into my diet, nor do I need to get more exercise right now. I don’t need to spend more time on my computer working, and now that I’ve just added another 20 hours a week of part time study to my schedule, I don’t really need to include more time for personal development in order for me to feel my best.

But this eating late at night thing feels like the last great obstacle to overcome. It’s almost as hard as tomato sauce was for me 5 years ago. But I got over that and I’ll get over this, too, but I admit, I need your HEEEEELP! First of all, here’s an interesting little thing for us to bring up right about now:

You will make the most improvement by addressing the things you struggle with the most.

Its’ the theory of “you’re only as strong as your weakest link” kinda thing. It’s true. It doesn’t matter how good your food is or how great you’re exercising, if you’re porking out at midnight, you’re going to feel terrible. So, since I make no claims to be a role model at all times, I am here in confession mode, BIG TIME and just like so many of you have done by hanging around here in the first place, I admit:


So here’s what I’m thinkin’:

Let’s co-write an article, okay? YES! All of us! It’s going to be THE article that liberates women and men from their late night eating attacks. We all have to pitch in and contribute as many ideas as we can come up with to create the complete list of things you can do to prevent late night eating. Maybe we’ll call it:

“The Emergency Guide To Preventing Late Night Eating” or something like that. I’m flexible on the title.

So, on the cover we’ll put something like this:

“It’s late. The sun is down. You’re not really hungry, but you see yourself reaching for that cracker…




We’ll get Paul Nison to help us write the list of all the nasty things that happen in the body when we eat late. It’s probably no coincidence that he and I are working on this project together. I’m helping him design the program that he’ll use to get people on the Daylight Diet and feeling better than ever. I’m doing this particular project because I SERIOUSLY think it is something that gets overlooked and I obviously have a need for help in this area myself.

Some people think they can’t stand up on a soap box and share their knowledge with the world until they’re overloaded with credentials and are perfect examples of what they’re trying to teach. I say, “PSHAW!!! PFOOOEY!!” That’s hogwash. Teach what you love and want to learn more about. Lead and learn yourself. I never get up here and say I have all the answers or that I’m perfect. I just say I want to make myself a better person, too! And then invite you to play along with me.

We can create a community. We can support each other.

No credentials required. And the shared knowledge and experience we have here amongst ourselves will likely astonish you. Let this little article be the proof of that. Let’s co-write this thing HERE on the BLOG! Just wriggle on down to the comment section and SUPPORT ME! Give me ideas of how I can get over this broken-hearted late night eating episode. Then we’ll take those tips and use them to inspire THOUSANDS of other women, too.

What do you think?

Sounds like you just got your first lesson in Internet Marketing for FREE! ;-) Hehehe…

Here’s a sneak peak of what popped in my inbox this morning as we’re designing the messages for his Daylight Diet program. Coincidence? I think NOT!

“I mentioned before that digestion has a cycle, and in order to function properly it needs to be able to finish one cycle before starting the next one.  It makes sense, right?  But how can it finish a digestive cycle if it never gets out of the beginning steps of digestion?  We are continually kick-starting new digestive cycles as we constantly snack and graze.

Basically…your digestive tract is working overtime and multi-tasking!  And when you eat late, it’s pulling an all-nighter.  No wonder you awaken feeling bogged-down, and never feel 100%!  With all that time spent digesting…when does your body have time to rebuild, recuperate, and even detoxify?”


“Guilty as charged, Your Honor!”

Remember how I talked about gradient. Well, the only thing I can afford to put on my commitment list is THIS ONE THING:

Not to eat after 7pm.

I could say 3pm, but I’m committed to taking things on a gradient.

I don’t care if I have to tie myself to a chair, I WILL JUST DRINK WATER after 7pm.

Now, about that article that we’re going to write together. I think we should ALL pitch in and do this. C’mon! It’s your chance to become a published author with little effort. If you include the best tricks and tips you can come up with, then we’ll make you a co-author of this article and put your website in and spread it all around the world.

We can use this as a FREE Bonus when Paul puts out his upcoming program. We can submit it to directories all over the place for FREE to help get women and men off the late night eating train. So here’s what I suggest:

We need to avoid the painfully obvious suggestions like “Sleep.” or “Have sex.” It’s too obvious and if either of those were that tantalizing, we’d not be requiring emergency procedures, now would we, Girls?

So we have to make them CREATIVE. Enticing to clever people like us.

We can even include a list of things you should include in your Basic First Aid Kit - including a candle, a good girlie book, a picture of you when you were looking and feeling your finest. We’ll put together the complete Emergency Kit for Late Night Eating.

You up for that?

If you are, just pop your ideas in the comment box below and we’ll start putting together a rockin’ article  (if necessary an ebook) listing all the best things we have to offer as a FREE support guide for women who struggle with late night eating.

I must be off, Sunshine. I’ve got a date with my pores at yoga, and I only have a ONE HOUR class today because my schedule is crammed tight since I’m serving a raw vegan feast for my brother tonight. Sushi, salads, whipped cream and strawberries. ;-)

You want the recipes? Muahahahaha! You know what to do. :-P

Looooove you like glue! I do! I do!


Today’s Success Story

Now, here’s a bit of positivity to fill the air. This woman is a participant in the Green Smoothie Challenge and she’s a keener cuz she started up before we even said, “Go!” I looove reading messages like this. Hope it inspires you, too!

So I actually started the challenge a few days early and already feel
great.  I have some social events at the end of next week, that I
can’t get out of (wouldn’t want to) that will involve a fancy meal,
but I still wanted to get the benefits of a 7 day detox.

I guess the amazing thing is how calm I feel about the food I’m
consuming, if that makes sense.  There is none of the craziness I
normally feel and almost no cravings.   OK, so I did have a little
piece of chocolate today, but only a small single piece not half the
box as it often the case.  And I didn’t want or “need” anymore.   I’ve
even created my own favorite breakfast recipe.   I call it PBL (Peanut
butter, banana and lettuce), a few bananas some raw nutter butter, a
few handfuls of lettuce and a splash of almond milk).

Just one questions.  Or maybe two:  How many smoothies a day are we
suppose to be having.  I’ve been averaging 3 to 4 a day.  I don’t feel
hungry, so I guess this is enough for me.  But I don’t want to fool
myself either.


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