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(90-Day Detox) Day 22: Time To Take Inventory on Your Improvements

Posted Mar 09 2009 4:28pm

Wheatgrass is overrated. ;-)

Okay, okay, no need to diss wheatgrass when my social life doesn’t pan out as I’d hoped. Until boys come with batteries and instruction manuals, I think I better focus on myself again for a while. ;-)

I admit that it’s not necessarily that they require manuals as much as the fact that I realize I am an unusual breed of woman. The single-mother, self-employed, raw food, redheaded variety humanoid doesn’t come around very often. Add to that my unusual view about life, what it is and how it all works, and you’ve got yourself a verified odd ball. But I like it that way. I’ve lived and learned and experienced far too much in my life to be tantalized by the overrated pleasures some seek between the sheets. The things that light me on fire, that stimulate and excite me for more than any convulsion of muscles ever could is the pleasure I get from diving into the passionate pursuit of LIFE and LIVING IT!

So, I accept my destiny as a spinster if that’s what life has in store for me. And yet, who knows, maybe my green prince will come in riding a flying saucer and scoop me away! Either way I’m having a blast and life just keeps tasting sweeter and sweeter the more I play the game my way.

It’s a challenge, I find, to live your truth–to be yourself in the face of all temptation to mold yourself according to the needs or expectations of others. Like writing POOP on my blog yesterday required a mini battle in my head.

“Should I or shouldn’t I? What will they think?”

The silly filters we wear to protect ourselves or to protect others from us? I dunno which way it works, maybe both. This afternoon I’ve simply got the urge to be filterless in the bare-naked wonderfulness of being.

You know the thing I love the MOST about meeting a new person is to look them in the eyes–right in the middle of the eyes–the pupil–where they hide the best parts of themselves. It’s like in that little window of nothingness I see all sparkle and life and possibility. Some say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and if so, I believe it. Especially the pupil.

What if we could just look at someone and just love them for what we see in that perfect little pupil. What if all the thoughts we have about what he’s wearing, how fat she is, what her hair looks like, or what he thinks of your clevage… what if all that “chatter” just fell away and people looked at each other in the barenakedness of being. What if we evaluated each other for the sparkle-quotient in our pupils! Wouldn’t that be some kinda wonderful!

So, commitments, huh?

I know I stated my commitment was to do a green juice every day, and eliminate salt. I’m going to have to take the sea salt and Bragg’s out of my house for the week if I’m to succeed. Anyway, I’m working on that one with gusto, but it aint’ easy for me. But I’m not going to beat myself up for it and I’ll tell you why…

Looking back it’s only been three weeks and already so many good things have fallen into place. What about you, my dear? If you were to take inventory on the improvements you’ve noticed, what would they look like. (yes, daaarling, that’s your cue. You’re getting soooo much better at leaving comments. Keep it up! It keeps things interesting around here!) The things that have fallen in place for me:

  • I think I’ve lost a few pounds I didn’t need. I feel great in my skin, and my “skinny jeans” slip on no problem.
  • I have reintegrated yoga into my life. That feels AMAZING. (I think that may be the reason the skinny jeans fit like a charm.)
  • I’ve upped the green intake in my life. (For that, Mr. Wheatgrass, I will always be grateful.)
  • I’ve treated myself to a trip to the spa TWO TIMES!
  • I’ve been getting a good night’s sleep almost EVERY NIGHT! I don’t fall asleep on the couch anymore like an overworked goof.
  • I was interviewed on tv.
  • My house feels a bit more orderly and best of all…
  • …there’s a peaceful sort of serenity about things for me right now.

I feel good. :-)

What’s to come from here, I can only guess, but my deary me, we sure have some great things lined up for you this week and in the weeks to come. I mean, we’ve only been at this for 3 weeks. We’re 1/4 of the way there. Wow!

I promised to write a bit about juices and I will start by saying there is a section in our ebook, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Green Smoothies, all about green juices. If you’re not familiar with them, you don’t need a juicer to be able to make juice. The other great place for you to get the low-down on juice is at this site. David and Katrina Rainoshek just kicked off another 92 day Juice Feast on Saturday. You can participate at any time. This time around, David is going to be juice feasting on the weekends. I’d like to try and devote one day a week to just juices as well. I’m not sure. I’ll try one day and see how that feels. Gradient, dahrling. Graaadient. ;-)

Anyway, they are the mecca of all things juicy, so if you’d like to learn more about juicing, I definitely recommend you check out their stuff. Also, you’ll notice in their resources that the type of juicing Katrina likes best is with a blender and a nut milk bag! Simple and affordable. That’s my kinda style.

I promised myself to make a green juice today and have been distracted by granola and Crudessence’s little spirulina balls! Yum! Yum! The chef that put together our menus for this program’s high support version is going to be coming onboard in a much bigger way featuring special recipe books on GREEN CUISINE! I’m excited to introduce you to her, but you’ll have to wait juuust a bit longer. ;-) I think we’ll show her off as part of the Green Smoothie Day Challenge starting up this week.


Did you hear that??

It’s THIS WEEK! And tomorrow is the last day to sign up.Oh sheesh! We better sound the sirens! It’s nearly St. Patty’s day and I’ve got to get in the spirit of things around here.

By the way, speaking of incentives, word on the street has it that I scored another beeeeautiful Blendtec blender to give away and I might just be doing it this week as part of the GREEN SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE! (Hint, hint!!) So you better sign up, you little Sparkle Puff! Also, if you care at all about the whales, then you’ll be happy to know that $3 out of every $5 registration goes to save the whales. We’ve already donated some big bucks to the Sea Shepherd organization and look forward to donating a lot more in the years to come!

We’ll have a big announcement to make this week regarding the next stage of this detox program. This week’s call with Dr. Ritamarie about gluten is going to be AMAZING and I strongly encourage you to sign up for that call so that you don’t miss out on your opportunity to listen to it.

She and I will be ironing out the bugs and getting ready to announce the deep tissue detox. It will be a 6 week program with some very exciting content. I spoke about it quite a bit in the support teleseminar for those of you who registered for the high-support version of this program. I look forward to filling you in on this a bit more as the week progresses.

For now I must be off because I’ve got some green smoothie lovin’ to send out to the participants of the Green Smoothie Challenge. I hope you’re planning to be one of them, my dear! ;-)

Love and hugs,


P. S.

Don’t forget to take inventory on your improvements!!! You can do it, Diva! Post that progress! What you put your attention on expands! Celebrate your victories no matter how small and more will quickly follow!!

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